Battle of the tablets: Apple vs. Blackberry

There are die hard Apple fans and hard core Blackberry followers. The tension between these groups is so thick you could slice it and it is all because of the latest tablet computers that have been developed by these corporate giants; the Blackberry Playbook and the iPad 2. Each of these groups claims that their tablet computer is ‘the best’. With fantastic features on each of these different models, it can be hard pressed to stand on one side or the other. So this epic battle of tablet devices wages on as many seek to answer the question: “Which one is better?

We all know that Apple devices are famous because of iTunes and the App Store. This gives any Apple device a +1 automatically. Also, with their new iCloud feature coming this fall there is an even bigger draw towards Apple products.

In order to get a thorough viewpoint on which one is better you need to, of course, examine the specs. Below is picture comparing visually comparing the two devices, and below that is a table comparing the specs side by side.

Playbook on the left, iPad 2 on the right.


I Pad 2 Playbook
Tablet Size 9.7 inches 7.0 inches
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Camera 0.7 megapixel rear camera 5 megapixel rear, 3 megapixel front

Operating System

iOS BlackBerry Tablet OS

Media Output Capabilities

HDMI only HDMI and business presentation


$499-$699 $499-$699


As you can see, despite all of the hype about Apple, iTunes, and all of the other features of the iPad 2, the Playbook hits back. Hard.

So the winner is….


Blackberry Playbook order online in India.

Blackberry Playbook In India

Blackberry Playbook In India – Design, Pre-Order And Availability

Now, your waiting is over as Blackberry is all geared to hit the Indian market with its latest tablet. This tablet has been awaited since it was launched in US on 19th April. It has been fully loaded with smart features that make it must-have gadget for professionals and non-professionals. 

The pre-ordering date of this unique gadget in India is on 22nd June.  However, people would surely like to know about its specifications and features before finalizing the decision to buy this tablet. Here we have compiled some compelling and prominent features of this device that will help you to compare it with other tablets.

Specifications and Features: This tablet has almost all required features of current technologies found in their other counterparts –  

  • It has candybar design with 194X130X10mm dimensions and 400g weight
  • It has 7-inches wide capacitive Touchscreen with WSVGA 1024X600 pixels and various sensors such as Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer
  •  The processor of this gadget is dual-core with 1GHz speed that works on the Blackberry OS.
  • It has 5 megapixels camera on back and 3 megapixels in front with capacity to capture video 1080 [email protected]
  • It has 1024MB or 1Gb RAM and comes with three variants – 16GB/32GB/64GB/ internal storage capacity
  • It has V2.1 + EDR Bluetooth connectivity including Wi-Fi and HDMI
  • It has standard Li-ion battery
  • Other miscellaneous features – FaceBook app, Social Networking, WebKit, Flash player, POSIX, and Multitasking

How to order Blackberry PlayBook tablet?

In order to obtain your piece of this latest tablet, you could either send a message or visit the outlets. Customers will get a free HDMI cable and leather pouch with Blackberry tablet.

  • SMS Playbook to the given number 56070 to get information on the nearest outlets
  • Now, visit the store and make enquiry about the Blackberry Playbook
  • You will be provided with a form or coupon to confirm your advance booking. Make sure that fill it up properly.
  • There is two copy of the coupon – One, you have to give the retailer for the confirmation of your pre-order booking, and the other copy of coupon will be retained by you.
  • The pre-booking has started from the 9th June, and it will continue to 22nd June. So, hurry now and book your blackberry tablet in advance and avail some free accessories
  • Now, buy your Blackberry tablet from 23rd June onwards, by showing your coupon copy to the retailers at the outlets
  • You will be sent gift accessories to the mentioned address on coupon. Therefore, fill up the coupon form carefully with accurate and legitimate information.

The estimated Price of the Blackberry PlayBook Tablet could be 35,500 INR, or it may vary a little from one retail shop to another. There are several online retail stores that offer this gadget at excellent prices. Some of them are,, and 

Conclusion: This latest gadget is seen as a big competitor for the iPad 2. Almost all the features are quite similar in both tablets, especially on browsing and speed features. However, there are some specifications that are different and unique to BlackBerry Tablet. Basically, it would depend on the user’s requirements while making the choices between them.

As far as our understanding goes, the Blackberry tablet will give a huge competition to the iPad2 with its latest features and unique design. You might want to compare their specifications on each feature, and then make your selection based on your personal needs. While the IPad2 might be a great fun gadget, we feel that the Blackberry fanatics will prefer this new toy for their official purposes.

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Are you having difficulty in watching some digital movies on media player? Just read this article which will help you.

When surfing on internet, sometimes we get some very interesting digital videos which we like to watch again and again in our leisure time but sometime our browser does not support with that version of Media Player and we become very desperate to watch that video but waiting for that video to download online casinos will become one more torture when your internet is giving you a slow speed.

So what is the solution to get those digital videos? Yes, of course, there is one solution and that is FreeMake, a free video proselyte for the Windows users which has many useful tools.

The users of FreeMake get more comprehensive features unlike other video converters. The features of FreeMake are as follows:

• It is very easy to proselyte videos into most famous video formats such as WMV, 3GP, MP3 DVD, AVI
• automatically upload selected videos to YouTube, burn files to DVD
create DVD photo slideshows with melodious background music
Convert audio/video files which are supportive to various devices of multimedia such as iPhone, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, and Xbox.

Apart from all these features, FreeMake contains the following special editing features like rotate, cut, join multiple videos and store them into one file, and flip.

Download Freemake

Where Can I Download UberTwitter For My iPhone For Free?

Until recently, Blackberry was the only Twitter recipient, where their tweets crossed a number of 10 million per day. This was possible by the solely for Blackberry users UberTwitter client, which was downloaded by more than 9 million users. Of course, it may now be a changed story, as a version of UberTwitter is reachable for iPhone users who can tweet joyfully with this client on iOS mobile platform.

UberTwitter is grabbing the opportunity and making best use of the increasing number of Smartphone users who are choosing the iPhones. UberTwitter says, Beta of this iPhone app will allow regular Twitter facilities such as –direct messaging; re-tweeting; tweeting; links with tweet from inside the app; and open a new window within tweets.

A special facility mainly for iPhone UberView is designed to take full advantage of its features. You can tilt the phone horizontal and the app adjusts to the nature, cutting the screen into two with tweets on the left and linked content to the right. The only troubling feature is that UberTwitter encourages ads at the bottom of the screen engulfing most of the space.

The number of iphone users who are peacefully enjoying its benefits after having downloaded the Beta version, exceed more than 10000. By using a button on the screen, tweeters can now easily send feedback and suggestions on mods to UberTwitter which can be practiced in future releases.

All of Blackberry features are not yet utilized into the iPhone release, but will be included very soon. iPhone tweeters look forward for the launch of the finalv.10 version assumed to release by mid December. Here again UberTwitter proves its supremacy!

[Download iPhone app]

Chief Executive clinching deals on the move – RIM BlackBerry 7100g

So you are a constantly-on-the-move head of a large multinational corporation and your job necessitates that you need to have powerful computing abilities, communication tools and entertainment aids with you wherever you are. But you can’t carry bulky gadgets and hence want a compact device.

Your should go for the mobile which can be said to be the king of the mobile world, the Blackberry 7100 g. Priced at about $399 the 7100g offers you everything that you might desire in ultra-compact size giving you style as well as power. Surprisingly, the 7100g doesn’t have a built in camera. But it makes up by being capable of handling ten e-mail accounts, has a built in speakerphone, onboard memory of 32 MB, a complete QUERTY keyboard and completely wireless in terms of bluetooth capability. As a CxO on the move this phone can take care of all your secretarial and administrative tasks.