Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress is the top blogging site on the internet and has almost 60 million users! In fact, you are currently reading a blog hosted on wordpress open source CMS right now!

WordPress is a unique (and free) open source CMS (content management system) that is used by millions as an application to publish their blog. WordPress utilizes PHP and MySQL and can be altered depending on which WordPress you use.

One of the biggest confusion for newbies is the difference between ‘two types‘ of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org . When it comes to setting up your blog site you need to carefully examine the features of each of these before you continue as they have striking differences.


The basic difference between WordPress.com and WordPress self hosted solution (downloadable from WordPress.org) is that your blog will be hosted on the servers provided by WordPress (an organization started and run by Matt and wordpress is free) and you can enjoy all of the preset templates, easy to use control panel, and efficient blogging tools as you create your own site. Below is a list of the main pro’s and con’s for WordPress.com:


  • Free and easy to set up with tutorials and guides available.
  • WordPress automatically backs up your blogs, updates itself, guards against spam, and has a secure login.
  • You host on WordPress servers which is much easier since you don’t have to maintain it.
  • WordPress uses hundreds of servers so your blog will likely never go down.
  • You can get additional traffic from various features on WordPress such as ‘blogs of the day’ and more.


  • You can’t install plugins (plugins are an EXTREMELY useful tool and add limitless customization and personalization).
  • You have to pay a significant amount of money for a ‘premium’ account.
  • Your domain name will be a sub-domain, so the URL will look something like : <subdomain>.wordpress.com , which may not suit you if you are planning to start the blog for official / professional intent.
  • And yeah, you cannot have ads on the site, not even Google Adsense.


The downloadable WordPress package from WordPress.org is for people who are a bit more technically savvy and have their own means of hosting. It is generally used by people who want a successful site and plan on using ads, and a lot of customization instead of the standard blog. Take a look at the pros and cons below:


  • You are able to download Plugins! These are an incredibly useful feature as they can literally have ANY function!
  • Limitless customization opportunities with downloadable themes, ability to completely create your own theme, and plugins that can add buttons, forums, and even customize each page.
  • You can use your own domain and rid yourself of the annoying ‘WordPress.com’ brand.


  • You have to host your site yourself which generally cost anywhere between $5-$12 a month or more.
  • You have to back up your blog and manage all of it yourself without the aide of WordPress
  • If you have a high traffic site then your private server might not be enough to handle it and will crash.
  • If you have no skill with computers and applications like WordPress you will likely mismanage your blog and it will fail.

As you can see there are significant differences between both WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Each one maintains strong positive features but you, as the user, need to identify your specific needs and choose one wisely. Whichever you decide will limit your blog in certain ways which could be good or bad.

How Can I Create Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot / Blogger Blog?

You Can Create a Widget for Your Recent Posts In Blogge:

With the help of widget for recent posts, you will make it easier for the visitors to visit to your latest posts.

There are two ways you can create a widget for your recent posts in Blogger. One is by using FeedBurner and the other one is by Blogger Gadgets. In this article only the feedburner is discussed so let’s see the steps for it.


  • Click on Feed after you have signed in to FeedBurner account.
  • Click on Publicize, you will get it from Blog’s feed menu.
  • You have to enable the BuzzBoost service.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • You can either choose the post titles with or without summary.
  • Go to Layout then Page Elements then add a gadget and then you have to paste the code in HTML/ JavaScript.
  • Click on Save option to Finish the process and your work is done.

How To Enable / Disable Captcha Word Verification For Blogspot Comments

For Blogspot Comments You Can Disable or Enable Word Verification

To keep the blogger blog free of spam, you should enable word verification. The captcha process or word verification is kind of a test which you have to pass in order to post any comment. This makes sure that your blog is free from spam. You should enable word verification as it is highly recommended to all the bloggers.

Let us find out how can we disable or enable captcha process or better known as word verification for the blogger BlogSpot. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to do so:

  1. Go to your blogger’s dashboard.
  2. Go to setting of the blog, then click on comments and then you will find an option to either disable or enable word verification for blog comments.
  3. Save the setting after setting the value to Yes.
  4. Your work is done.

Make your blog spam free by enabling it.

Website Traffic Down During Christmas And New Years Eve?

In one of the previous post, I wrote about website traffic being down around ThanksGiving and Black Friday. I noticed that I’m recovering the lost traffic, as everyone’s back to work and ofcourse that means they are back in front of their computers, which is a good sign for webmasters ! 🙂

However, you should  be aware that another biggest  holiday season is fast approaching… Christmas and New Years ! And this time around, most users are away for about 10 – 14 days, that is from the last week of December, it’ll be till first week of January before they settle down properly. This again means, 2 weeks down time for your traffic numbers, which also means that it’s down time for your earnings.

How low do you think my websites traffic will be down during Christmas and New Years??

Well this is a tricky question. The reason being, different websites behave differently during this year. Gift websites, gadgets websites, holiday websites and other entertainment websites will do really well. However, websites like TechBuzz may not perform as usual, since TechBuzz delivers content related to technology, and who on earth would want to stick in front of their computers, trying to find a solution to their problem during Christmas / New Year ?? 🙂

However, here’s a rough estimate of what you should expect in the next two months.  Assuming that you have regular traffic through out the week, expect your traffic to be down by around 30 -40% during the last week of December and 1st week of January. Now if your earnings too dip in a similar fashion, then in the next two months, you should see a 7 – 10% dip in revenues when compared to the other months.

As I already mentioned, this data is based on my previous experience. Your site might perform different!

How To Add Subtitles To YouTube Video – YouTube Subtitle Maker

Adding Subtitles and Captions to Any YouTube Video

They would hardly be any people who do not socialize over the net. Chatting with friends, uploading photographs and videos, and blogging are some of the basic activities. YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular streaming videos website, and it has thousands of visitors uploading videos everyday. The videos could be ranging from funny clips, business presentations, family occasion videos, animated tapes, commercial advertisements, music videos and lots more.

Many a time, when we upload videos in certain websites we are not allowed to add any subtitle or caption to it, and also the procedure to do it is very tedious. This never is the case with YouTube. Uploading videos and adding captions and subtitles are very easy here. This feature makes it easier to share videos globally.

Subtitles make it possible for people to understand the language of the video. The video would not become popular globally if people are unable to follow the language of the video. If the subtitles are provided in any known or common language, then all the people across the world can easily view and follow it. Usually the subtitles are provided in the international language, English.

Captions are useful when the videos cannot easily convey as to what they are about. In some of the funny clips, the subtitles might not even be according to the language that people are talking, probably in a language that is unknown to many.

YouTube allows its users to add captions and subtitles to videos that have already been uploaded. The procedure for adding the captions are subtitles is quite easy. YouTube provides a step by step guide to direct you through the various processes for adding additional information to your videos. The steps are simple and you don’t have to be a computer expert to follow them. The step by step guide can be found at the YouTube’s Help Center.

Subyo is a web service which allows users to access the videos from YouTube to add additional information to it. Users will have to register before availing the features here. As a matter of fact, you could also add your website links to your videos and attract interested prospects.

Watch Demo here.

How Can I Improve My Blog Rankings And Become A Better Blogger

Three Factors Can Make You a Better Blogger

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. If you want to be a better blogger, if you want to achieve success through blogging, then you just need to follow the three words rule. These three words are like bible for the bloggers. So, if you really want to know these three words and be successful in making the blogs, then just keep on reading it.

Those three words are:

  • Relevant
  • Powerful
  • Inspiring

It might seem to be simple words with uncomplicated meaning but that is not true. In the blogging world, these three words have got the greatest importance. Let’s find out what it is all about.

1. While you are creating your Blogs, you will need to make sure that you focus completely on the niche you choose. If you waver away too much from your main topic, you might distort the readability and value of your Blog. Then their contents might not interest the readers, and you will see your Blog traffic thinning down or becoming scarce.

2. Each and every word that is used should be in its right place and must be used properly with meaningful purpose. Don’t just scribble anything that comes to your mind. In case of sensitive and volatile subject, you have to use various significant words that suit the accuracy of the sentence.

3. Last but not the least, here comes the most essential and the inspiring part. There are two different kinds of writers, one who is good and another, who is great. The only thing that differentiates them is their writing style.

To be honest, writing an inspiring article brings the about a world from a writer. If the reader moves on thinking that it was nice after reading your article then you are a good writer but if the reader actually does what you have asked them to do through your article then you are a great writer.

Try to follow these three simple words and write mind-blowing Blogs

Looking for work from home opportunity? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

What Are Trackbacks And How To Send Trackbacks In WordPress

Things that you should know about trackbacks

If you have liked any post by different authors and you are very much interested continuing the discussion, then you have to inform the concerned author about it. Informing any other authors about liking their posts and participating in the discussions is known as trackback. In wordpress, you will get a built-in feature whereas in blogger, this task needs to be done manually.

Now, let us see how this things work. It is a duplex communication, which allows transfer of communication from end to another. With the help of trackback you don’t need to send any personal mails to the author, trackback takes care of these things.

  • Suppose your blog name is ABC.com
  • While browsing through the WebPages, you liked a post on XYZ.com
  • Now you want to post an article on the same topic and add some more information on your site ABC.com
  • After making a post in your site, that is ABC.com, you need to send trackback to author’s site, which is XYZ.com.
  • Then, all you need to do is to publish your post. Once your post has been published it will automatically search for author of XYZ.com site and automatically send a trackback. Isn’t it simple?
  • Your SEO efforts will yield better results with this methodology.

There are certain things that you should bear in mind while using trackback as mentioned below:

  • Trackback feature should be on the blogs of both the parties.
  • In order to send trackback successfully you need the trackback URL of that particular post. Remember, trackback URL and post’s URL are not same.
  • In trackback field of your blog, you have to mention the trackback URL of the site where you like to share your post

If you are a wordpress user, then all the above procedure are present by default. You don’t have to do anything manually which saves time and is a plus point.

How Can I Create My Own WordPress Themes For Free

New WordPress themes are unleashed every moment with the new WordPress Theme Generator

If you want to make new themes in your WordPress then try the new WordPress theme Generator. By default are many themes out there which are being provided, and you are just bound to use one of them, because there was no way out of getting exactly the one you actually desire.

That is not the fact anymore. With the WordPress theme generator you can create all new themes just like you want it. You don’t need any experience with html or PHP to create it, and all you need is your creative ideas.

So stop wasting your time in finding for cool theme and just make one for yourself. You can make it just the way YOU want it.

The things you are permitted to do in the WordPress generator are mention below:

  • You decide how many columns you want.
  • Change body size.
  • You locate the sidebars.
  • Make a change in the menu layout.
  • Apply your own imagination and make creative background colours, or even images of your choice.
  • Give your own colours to texts, title, link, border, and link mouse over, menu mouse over, menu, menu line, categories, footer and what not!

Well the list is not over yet, and to find the rest, you could check out the WordPress theme generator.

Tips To Get Blogs Listed In Blog Directories At The Earliest

How to place your blogs in blog directories list?

It is very important that you have your blog registered or placed in the blog directories list. It becomes essential and a must thing to do when you are planning to earn a little extra cash by blogging. If you want to accomplish an ultimate exposure of your blog and show positive results, then your blog should be listed on the blog directories.

There are many people on this earth who prefer to find things at their finger tips. Just like yellow pages, the blog directories work on the same lines. Most of the users tend to visit blog directories to find any faster and accurate blogs. So it’s better to list your blogs on the blog directories.

What should you do to submit your blogs on the blog directories? You will be required to provide all the necessary details that concerned party will be looking for and submit the form. It’s the similar process to register your blog on each and every blog directory.

It really doesn’t matter whatsoever details they ask for. The main thing that you should bear in mind while submitting you blogs is that whether your blog will be accepted sooner or later by the admin of the blog directories.

If you want your blogs to be accepted by the blog directories then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Do not cheat, but instead try to provide with correct information as much as you can.
  • Make sure your blogs are in the correct section. It should match your keywords or should contain the desired section’s topic. Don’t worry about the time it takes, the wait is worth it.
  • In case you are being asked for the reciprocal blog then make sure you do that.
  • While you are registering ensure that your email address is correct and accurate.
  • That is all you have to do to get your blog listed on the directory.

If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment on the same and i’ll ensure to include them in the list.

7 Most Important SEO Tips For Newbie Bloggers

7 SEO tips to comply before posting your article

The most important part of Blogging is posting quality contents. A blog gets credibility from its quality content and also uniqueness. No matter how many posts you make, if your blog does not have quality content, then it doesn’t mean anything, and your website traffic will still be somewhere around zero. On other hand if you make very few posts with great quality then traffic will be on the higher side.

Sometime presentation matters, because if you don’t make your ice cream parlour look like one, then no one will stop by. Same theory applies over here. To do so you have to make sure that you have decent knowledge about SEO, because this is what that will make your Blog worth reading.

Follow the 7 tips of SEO that are being mentioned below before you post or publish your article:

  • Title of the post: this is very important. Like eyes speak the word of heart, the same way your title would provide the essence of your contents.
  • The title should relevantly speak for your article contents. This is the most important feature of SEO. Try to follow the KISS technique, Keep It Simple and Short.
  • Check grammar: People do not like to read articles that are full of grammatical errors, neither do they have they have enough time to correct them for you. If you don’t want people to read your article and increase traffic, then write whatever and however you want to, but if you would surely want the opposite. Therefore, you should decent command over your language and grammar.
  • Numbers: People like to get some accurate information and they always tend to look forward for them. Try to name your article by starting with a number because this will be good enough reason for the users to read your article. The chances of earning good from your Blog improve if it is well organized for the readers to leaf through.
  • Upload images: Sometimes it’s good to read and article with images in it. If an article contains only and only text, then it looks kind of dull and plain and doesn’t attract enough traffic. An article with great presentations, with quality stuff and images keeps the visitors attracted, and thus the traffic to your website improves. Images in article works as a charm for any Blogger.
  • Bringing in to focus: Now this is also an important step to take. Highlighting your keywords from your article will not only give it some weight-age but it also initiates great traffic. There is no rule of how to highlight your keyword so everything depends on you. You can either make it bold, underlined, italics or use some other colours to highlight your keyword.  It is a great SEO tip to follow.
  • Presentation: This is vital and crucial SEO tips. No one likes dull faces, and in the same manner, no one will be interested in reading your boring article pages after pages. That does not mean you will make words fancy. Try to make it simple and inspiring.
  • Last but not the least, Stability: Try to scrutinize and limit your topics. Do not try to write over every topic possible. Make some selections and then go about writing on them and post it. Make 10 to 20 articles on one topic than making one article on every possible topic. Try to focus and concentrate on one topic, and capture them in your article from every different angle possible. Do not forget to mention your keyword for two to three times and to highlight them.

If you think that only these 7 tips will be enough for getting high traffic and in the eye of search engines then you are wrong. These are just warm ups, but essential ones.