How Can I Add Smileys Like The Ones From Yahoo In Blogspot / Blogger Posts

You Now Can Add Cool Yahoo Smileys on Your Blogger Post

Blogspot do not permit to add yahoo smileys. We’ll all agree to the fact that it is better to put a smiley than actually saying it. Expressions are worth more than words. This could now be possible with the help of a small trick.

This article will help you with the method of adding the yahoo smiley on your blog posts on blogspot / blogger. It is not rocket science but just a minor change on the HTML page. The HTML source of the blogger is available as an option in the Blogger where the smiley codes can be inserted to reflect on your post. The steps are mentioned below:

  • First look for the layout option on your blog and then click on it.
  • There is an option to click on Edit HTML
  • After which you will get a tag called head. It will be mentioned as: </head>
  • Before the </head> tag add the below mentioned script:

<script src=’‘ type=’text/javascript’/>

It’s important that you save the template once your work is done. Now, whenever you will the insert smiley codes on your post, these codes will automatically turn in to smileys. You have to bear one thing in your mind without fail that you must leave a space before and after inserting the smile code.

How Can I Take Backup Of Blogspot, Blogger, WordPress Online For Free

Keep back-up of your Blogspot blogs online

Currently, you can retrieve data that you have lost by creating a safe backup. Many times servers get crashed and you might lose all your data. It would be wise to create backup for all the important files. You must make sure that your backup is updated every day to ensure security for all your hard works and effort involved in creating a blog does not go waste. There are many online services where you can do it for free.

  • Blogger Backup:  You can easily have a third party backup tool and one of them is the Blogger Backup. This tool assures you to save and keep track of all your comments, blogs and in simultaneous order. The backup extensions are saved in XML or Atom format and thus, next time you can easily upload those file and start working on your blog. [ Download Blogger Backup ]
  • Online Blogger Backup: The backup tool is available in as online version too. This is a great feature as it doesn’t even need to be downloaded into your PC. Every day’s work has safe backup and the best part it that it’s free of cost. Visit and use Online Blogger Backup.
  • BlogBackupr: It is similar to the other two blogger backups which save the files online. There is no much difference among the three and thus, gives you multiple choices for you to save your work. However, it’s always better to have a copy of your work on your hard disk too. [ Download BlogBackup ]

Well, there is no harm in keeping backups of the backup of the original copy. It is called multi backups system and is preferred by many bloggers. There are times when people do not want to take a chance by creating a backup online, and there fore, it is suggested that they also form another backup in the hard disk, or even in the pen drive, or in CD or DVD.

How Can I Put Sticky Posts In Blogger ?

Highlight important post in blogger with sticky posts

You might have noticed that your recent blog posts will appear on the top in your Blogger home page. The disadvantage of this system is that your important board Blogs will keep moving down and disappear as you keep adding new posts to your Blog. To avoid this from happening, you can create some sticky posts for the important ones. Then the important posts will be displayed on the top of your new postings at all times.

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to make the sticky posts:

  • First, click on the Page Elements and then Edit Template
  • The next step is to search for the below mentioned code:

<div id=’main-wrapper’>

<b:section class=’main’ id=’main’ showaddelement=’no’>

<b:widget id=’Blog1′ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>


  • If you observe the code, then you will find this: <b:section class=’main’ id=’main’ showaddelement=’no’>
  • Once you get that code you have to make a slight change. Change the word “no” to” yes” after showaddelement.
  • Don’t forget to save the template.
  • Now get back to Page Element page where a new option will be there called Add a Gadget.
  • Write your post either in HTML or text and save it.
  • That’s it your work is done.

How Can I Sell / Transfer My Blogspot Blog ?

How to transfer or sell your Blog’s BlogSpot?

There are myriads of people who posts blots for different reasons but the most reason they do Blogging is to earn handful amount of money. Earning money from blog is quite simple way if you know how.

All you need to do is, at first create a blog, work on that blog by putting some quality contents and if your blog is good enough then you earn money out of it. This is dependable and kind of steady way of earning money. There are many sources, like chitika, AdBrite, Adsense, Kontera and lots more, who displays add in your blog or site and pay you money depending on your performance.

Now there are lots of bloggers who sell their Blogs to somebody else to earn more money at once. All they do is they make a great blog having good PR and Alexa rank for that blog and then they sell it. Now at present stage if that Blog worth 100 dollars for a month then that Blogs costs not less than 1000 dollars for the buyer. That means he gets 10 times of what he used to get for a month. After selling the blog and making damn good profit they make another one and the story repeats so on.

Now you may think that how to sell the blog which you have already hosted? There are many bloggers who do that. You may as well think that since there are no options like sell your blog then how come it is possible?

Well there is an answer for that but prior to know that if you have to bear one thing in mind that it is against TOS so you need to be careful. All you need to do is to post it as information, that’s it.

Consider you have a Blog on BlogSpot which you want to transfer, follow the steps please:

Step 1:

Sign in to your account of BlogSpot.
There will be a “settings’ tab in your blog. Click on that tab of that blog which you are willing to sell.
Go to “Permissions” tab.
Then, go to “Add Authors” tab.
Put the email-id of the person you either want to sell to or transfer to in the box.
Click on Invite. Then the person is invited to join your Blog as author of that Blog.

Step 2:

Once that person has accepted your invitation he will be allowed to have you blog in his account’ dashboard.
After that person has accepted your invitation you will be allowed to see his mail id in permission tab and next to which will be an option named” Add as Admin”. Hit on it and he will be another admin of the same Blog.
Your invited person and you will be admin of the Blogs. To make it simple, that Blog will have two admins.
Then the rest is quite predictable. He is allowed to do any change or do anything with that Blog and you have no right to stop him.

Step 3:

The last and final step is to delete yourself from that Blog which will be done by your invited person on your request.
When you will be deleted, he will gain solo and full access to that Blog which also means that he owns the Blog. You work is done. You have transferred or sold your Blog without violating any rules and regulation.
Transferring or selling Blogs is strictly prohibited so please do not try to violate the terms and condition. If you have been found your Blogs could be banned and you will never ever get it back.

What Can I Do If Someone Is Copying My Blogs Content To Stop Them Copying

Prevent your Blog Post contents from being copied

There are thousands of people who try to make some money through Blogs and instead making it unique and of their own they just try to fool by copying someone else’s post to their own blog. They really don’t understand that they are making a complete joke out of themselves, but are also damaging their own success.

Basically such works are done by amateur, unprofessional and naive bloggers. It is quite simple to understand that they are beginners since they do a complete copy paste job instead of copying the contents from RSS feed.

If anyone gives a link which directs to your site after they have copied a single paragraph then it is fine. In case, instead of doing that if someone copies the whole post from your blog then you can do something really worse to that blogger. If the other bloggers would use the content as reference and then write a post around it, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the problem is these naive bloggers go about it the other way around. They copy and paste the complete content, without changing a single word ! What they do not understand is, such an act will not fetch any benefit for them in the long run! Always remember to be gentle and polite whenever you are going to ruin their account.

As a first warning, mail a letter to that blogger requesting to remove that copies posts. Then you should wait for a week. After a week check whether the Blogger accepted your request and did what you have told him to do. If yes then your mission is accomplished else you have to hold your patience and write another but last letter to that Blogger. This time you should be little rude and threat that person by mentioning that you will take possible steps to ban his account for ever.

Hold your patience for the last time and wait for another week. Basically the second mail works most of the time as they don’t try to mess it up. Check whether the Blogger has erased the copied content or not. If not then it’s time for real actions.

Now you have two options to destroy the fraud’s account for ever either by banning his Adsense ID or by removing his blog from all the search engines.

Steps that should be taken officially:

1> Report to Google Spam: Since we all are aware of the fact that Google is mother of search engines so it is best to take him out from Google. It is done by a simple process. You need to fill up some boxes and send to Google. Within less than a month the indexed page will be deleted. Without any traffic the value of the blog will be Zero.

2> Report to Yahoo! Spam: yahoo ranks two, holding a strong position after Google. So you can also report to Yahoo team as they take serious actions against these things. If you aren’t a Yahoo user then you need to open an account to report for this issue.

3> Adsense Team: It is a major step to take since most of the bloggers have become bloggers to earn money from their Blog Post. If you report to Google Adsense then their dreams will drown like anything. Google pays the highest money for any Blogs and it is one of the finest Adsense programs.

4> Issue Report to Blogger: If the blog is a blogspot, then you can remove that blog just by reporting to blogger. There are two ways to block that blog. One, you can turn on the never flag option of that blog. Second, you can also follow the link to report as spam

These are some of the necessary steps that SHOULD be taken. It is not necessary that you report only to the above mentioned search engines while you can report the copied blog as spam to as many as you can. The most important thing is that you should not keep quite if your posts have been copied and you have all the rights to teach lessons to copycats.