Easy Steps To Backup And Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Easy Steps To Backup And Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Like any other data, bookmarks can get mislaid because of some hardware or software issues. Hence it becomes significant that one should be acquainted with backing up of bookmarks and restoring them whenever they are required. 

Providentially, Mozilla Firefox has a perfect way, which is a nice addon called Xmarks for saving and retrieving bookmarks. However, there may be a circumstance when Firefox does not work suitably. In such case, it is also crucial to know where Firefox stores bookmarks so that they can be reinstate anytime.

Backing up in recent versions of Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Clack Bookmarks and then on the Organize Bookmarks.
  3. After that click on Export HTML or Click Import and Backup and then Backup.
  4. Type the filename you desire to save the file as and the destination and then clack the Save button.



Recovering bookmarks in current versions of Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click on Bookmarks and then Organize Bookmarks.
  3. Then click on Import and Backup.
  4. If the file is with JSON extension, click on Restore and then choose file. If the file is an .HTM/.HTML file or any other browser file, then click on Import HTML by using the import wizard.



Other versions of Firefox backup:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click Bookmarks and then Manage Bookmarks.
  3. In the Bookmarks Manager window click File and choose Export.
  4. By default your bookmarks file will be called bookmarks.html. Choose the location you wish to save the bookmark.

How To Update Firefox Live Bookmarks Update Frequency

How to Change the Default Time of Reloading Of Live Bookmarks Feature in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 has added very useful feature which is named as Live Bookmarks Feature. With the help of this feature, users can keep track of most recent updates of their favorite website or blogs. For example, the feature alerts the user when CNN website publishes or includes a new post of news. It basically informs the user about latest news from CNN.

Using Live Bookmark Feature, as a  user you can keep the track of latest updates on your favorite websites. This feature notifies the user when the favorite websites like CNN publishes new post or latest news from Bloomberg. Many expert users might have already observed that, Firefox has a default program which refreshes and reloads the Live Bookmarks every hour. However, the hourly updates might not be as frequent as your requirements.

You can make few changes to “about:config” by including new plus unlisted preference.

Following is the step by step guidelines for completion of the process: –

1. Firstly open the Firefox 3 browser installed in your computer.

2. In location bar just type “about:config”. The warning message will be displayed as usual to remind you.

3. Then go to “Preferences listing” option. Right click at any point below this column. Select “New” after that again select “Integer” in the appeared sub-menu.

4. A new dialog box such as “New Integer Value” will be displayed. After displaying the box, you have to enter the following text into it then hit OK.

browser.bookmarks.livemark_refresh_seconds” (type without quotes)

5. Subsequently you will be asked to enter digit or integer for the preferred update rate in seconds. For an example, if you want update rate 2 minutes, then you have to enter input digit as 120).

6. In the end hit OK button, and you’re all set to go.

Copy / Export Bookmarks From Firefox To Internet Explorer 8 / IE 8

How to Export to or Import the Bookmarks from Firefox to Internet Explorer Favourites

Are you planning to export or to import the bookmarks from your Firefox browser (Version 2 and 3) to your Internet Explorer as Favorites?

Whenever people try to import the bookmarks from Firefox as Internet Explorer Favorites, they come across an error and the action gets terminated. These type of errors have been commonly seen in Internet Explorer version 7 and version 8 (IE8 and IE7).

The main reason why Internet Explorer cannot import the bookmarks of Firefox as IE Favourites is probably because of incompatible protocol. Since the protocol of Internet Explorer is not same as Firefox, the export or import of Bookmarks to IE is not possible.

As we all know, “if there is a will, there is a way”. So if you really want to transfer the bookmarks of Firefox to Internet Explorer’s favourites, there is a way which is given below:

This is a two steps method that should be followed, first step is done in Firefox and the second is in Internet Explorer.

In Firefox:

1> First click on Bookmarks Menu, then you have to select Organize Bookmarks. This will open the Bookmarks Manager or Bookmarks Library
2> If you are using Firefox Version 2, then open the Export Dialog Box by first clicking on File Menu and then Export. Whereas, if you are using Firefox Version 3 then click on Import and Backup option, then select Export HTML and then Export Dialog Box will open
3> The last step in Firefox is to save the HTML file with all the Bookmarks (bookmarks.html), on any location. It will store all the bookmarks that are created in Firefox browser.

In the Internet Explorer:

1> Select the Export and Import option from file menu. If you are using IE8, then select the option Import and Export by clicking on Add Bookmarks.
2> Select the Next option from the Wizard (In IE 8, first choose Import/Export from an address or file, and then click on Next).
3> Choose Import Favourites option, and then click to the next button.
4> From the next window choose Import from an address or file, then select Browse button to find bookmarks.html that you had previously saved from the fire wall. Once it is done then select Next.
5> The last step is to select the Favorites folder as the Favorites destination folder for importing.
6> To complete the entire process you have to click on Finish.

You have now successfully moved the Firefox Bookmarks as Internet Explorer Favorites now.

How Can I Create A BackUp Of Firefox Extensions And Store It In My Computer

Backing up your Browser Settings: MozBackup for Firefox and Thunderbird

Using a browser such as Firefox and/or Thunderbird may be a great experience, but if you have to format your computer, then you lose all your bookmarks and settings and extensions. The only way out seems to be that you have to backup each item individually and this can be quite a tedious process. However, there is a small and handy utility called MozBackup that takes care of all the backing-up you need to do with these browsers.

The purpose of this application is simple and straightforward – it backs-up and/or restores all the customized data for your browsers. Although named MozBackup, this tool works with a few other browsers as well – viz. Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Netscape.

Its design and use is also simple – all you have to do is close the browser that you wish to back-up and then launch MozBackup. MozBackup will ask you to choose the function you want to carry out – backup or restore, and then it will ask you to select program, then the profile, and so on. The process for restoring your customized browser profiles is also the same.

This tiny download of around 800K is easily available on the net for free. It is compatible with all Windows platforms.

You can download your copy of MozBackup from this link.

How To Import Options, Bookmarks From opera 9.63 To Google Chrome

Today I noticed that, Google Chrome was not detecting Opera 9.63 and hence was not able to import the bookmarks.

Here’s how you can import bookmarks from Opera to Google Chrome :

1> Open Opera, go to File menu and select “import/export”.

2> Find a way to export the bookmark as a .html file. While importing ensure you rename ‘bookmarks.htm’ as ‘bookmarks.html’.

3> Open Bookmark Manager in Google Chrome: Tools –> Import and import the ‘bookmarks.html’ file that you have exported from Opera.