Get Rid of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5? from Right Click Menu

Get Rid of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5? from Right Click Menu

Immediately after installing any version or edition of Adobe Creative Suit CS5” in which “Adobe Bridge is immediately installed collectively. Whenever you click right click on a file or folder, a new right click option will appear named as “Browse in Adobe CS5”

Adobe Bridge is business application with main objective of connecting the various components of the “Creative Suit” collectively utilizing an interface the same as the file browser present in Adobe Photoshop. It includes the Photoshop processing features incorporated or can work similarly and simultaneously together with Photoshop. It is easily accessible from all additional elements of the creative suit.

Adobe Bridge might be a beneficial program, although the users that do not use Adobe Bridge, the addition of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” in the right click menu will be waste and take unnecessary space.

For making the issue worse, Adobe does not offer a simple method to eliminate or disable the “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” menu context. Therefore, users who would like to remove or disable the admission of “Browse in Adobe Bridge CS5” has to follow the below mentioned tricks.

Run Registry Editor (RegEdit).

Navigate to the following registry key


Right click on the Bridge, and select Delete


Make Your Browsing Easy With A Simple Voice Command

Make Your Browsing Easy With A Simple Voice Command

Everyday there will be new inventions and updations in the information technology and the IT devices. Whether it is your computer or mobile phone frequently there will be changes in the features. One similar technology, which has gained popularity within very short span of time and became everyone”s favorite, is the speech recognition technology. This technology is used to interact with the machines and to control their operations as well.

Have you ever thought of the magic of browsing if this technology is materialized in a browser? Well, that could be the easiest and most convenient method to surf the Internet. Users could simply surf the Internet with a simple voice command. For example the users need to just say the keyword they want to search. In this technology “Firesay” is a free browser add on which can be used with your existing Firefox.

The Firesay allows you to communicate your transactions with the browser via voice commands. In order to perform this operation all you need is just a microphone or yersslot a web cam. All you need to do is just download this add-on to the existing Firefox browser and enjoy the real-time, exciting and efficient way to control your browser.

You can use the Firesay only with Windows 7 and it does not work on Linux. Mac or Windows XP. Since this software is noise sensitive make sure that you work with this software in a quite space. The Firesay is still in an infant stage and recognizes only few words; experts say there is lots of scope of improvement.

Add Desired Folders as Default Locations under “Favorite Links” Section In Save As Window

Windows Vista – Adding Desired Folders as Default Locations under “Favorite Links” Section In Save As Window

In all Windows Operating Systems, anytime you try to save a file, you will be prompted with a “Save As” window in which you can name the file as well as select the file type and the location for saving it. In Windows Vista, you will find standard locations like Computer, Picture, Desktop, etc. listed under the section “Favorite Links” for user convenience.


However, if you wish to add and display the folders/ locations of your choice under the section “Favorite Links” in your “Save As” window, you may do so by following the below mentioned procedure.

  1. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder “Links” which you will normally find at the location “C:\Users\[user name]\Links”(user name in this path is your computer’s user name).
  2. Within the right window pane, right-click on any empty space and select “New”. From the “New” submenu that appears, select “Shortcut”.
  3. Now click on the button “Browse” to choose the path of a preferred folder that you want to display under “Favorite Links” and then click on “Next” button.
  4. Give a name to the shortcut and click on the button “Finish” so as to complete the process of shortcut creation.


Now, save any document by using the “Save As” option. You need to select the option “Browse Folders” placed at the bottom-left corner of Save As window. You will notice that the folder which you had selected in the above procedure has been added as a default location under ““Favorite Links”.

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Nowadays, the tabbed browsing feature has been added in nearly all browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. The tabbed browsing feature will be very handy once you learn to use it according to your convenience.

Conversely, opening too many tabs would be a real pain as it slows down your PC. If you don’t use the tabbed browsing feature while browsing on net, you can stop and remove it from browser.

Following is the step by step instruction set to remove this feature in Internet Explorer.

Removal of Tabbed Browsing Feature in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer 7 window and go to Tools and then go to Internet Options.
  • Click on the General option and Tab Settings option.
  • Now you have to “UnCheck“ the feature of tabbed browsing. The tabbed browsing feature will be stopped in Internet Explorer.
  • That’s it.

You will see that all the links are opening in a new page rather than new tabs.

If you would like to add tabbed browsing feature in IE browser, go through the following steps.

  • First of all, if you don’t have Internet Explorer 7, download it from the following link Here.
  • After downloading and installing IE 7, follow the steps given above to go to the option named as Tabbed Browsing Settings.
  • In this option just enable and activate the tabbed browsing feature in IE.

You can remove or add the tabbed browsing feature in the IE 7. You can also make the tabbed browsing feature more easy and smooth by using the add-ons. Follow the link given Here to download these add-ons.

Google Book Search Is Now Integrated With Magazines Search

Google Book Search Is Now Integrated With Magazines Search

By enhancing the Google Book Search service, Google is going to reinforce its place as leader in market of search engines. With Google scans, books, OCRs and other digital reading resources, some of the enthusiastic Magazine readers can use this search tool.

This tool helps you to search and get thousands of articles which are extracted from the magazines. Google is now working in partnership with handful publishers as well as authors for example Popular Mechanics, Building Systems, Popular Science, Ebony, New York Magazine, Prevention, Jet and etc.

Google Book Search helps you to search for articles which are present from the related magazines. These articles are available along with the current issues and backdated issues that are digitalized by Google. The articles are available in its original context along with the full colors.

You can also click on “Browse all issues” tab to display all the issues as of across the decades. In addition to this, each and every issue summarized by Google for example publisher name, number of pages, contents and etc for easy reference.

To make this service pretty attractive, Google is going to add more and more magazines. It undoubtedly is a great effort by Google so as to make knowledge and information handier.

Creating A Backup For Your Blogger Blog’s

Creating A Backup For Your Blogger Blog’s

A blogger should always create backups for all their blogs. One can do so using templates provided by blogger. Once the template generated from blogger is saved securely on your computer, then any changes will not create problems. As a backup blogger template can easily restore the contents back to its previous look.

It is mandatory before one attempt to change the template. Before making any changes one should create a folder and backup all the contents for future usage.

Steps To follow to backup the Blogger templates:

  • Sign in to the blog from blogger’s dashboard.
  • Browse Layout, select edit html web page.
  • From the edit html web page, select the download full template link. This initiates the downloading of the current blogger’s template.
  • Save this template on your system. Now the backup process is completed.

Bloggers Backup templates bear different names, some of them wither have random numbers or names for example 679221402848742.xml. This is very common as blogger generates these files automatically. A user can rename the blogger generated files and store them on their systems for future usage.

There are many more tools available online which can take a backup of the blogger’s blog. One can try these online tools to manage your backup.

37 Helpful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

37 Helpful Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboards shortcuts could be time saving way of browsing over the internet. Here are some chrome shortcuts that help you operating chrome browser.

  • Ctrl + N – Open a new window
  • Ctrl + T – Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + U – View source code of a webpage
  • F5 or Ctrl + R – Reload
  • Ctrl + click a link – Open link in a fresh tab
  • Home – Get you to the top of the webpage
  • End – Get you to the bottom of the webpage
  • Ctrl + Shift + T – Open closed window
  • Shift + click a link – Open link in a new window
  • Ctrl + H – Open History page
  • Ctrl + J – Show downloads page
  • Space bar – Scroll down
  • Ctrl + Tab – Switch between active tabs
  • Ctrl + + or Ctrl + mouse wheel up – Increase text size
  • Ctrl + – or Ctrl + mouse wheel down – Decrease text size
  • Ctrl + 0 – Original text size
  • Ctrl + F4/ Ctrl + W – Close current active tab
  • Shift + Esc – Chrome Task Manager
  • Alt + Home – Get to home page
  • F3 or Ctrl + F or Ctrl + G – Find
  • Tab – Go through the particular links in a webpage
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – private browsing or Incognito mode
  • Ctrl + B – show/Hide bookmarks bar
  • Ctrl + S – Download/save webpage in your computer
  • Ctrl + D – Add bookmark
  • Ctrl + O – Open a saved webpage
  • Ctrl + P – Print webpage
  • Backspace – Previous page
  • Ctrl + A – Select all
  • Ctrl + Shift + B – Open Bookmark Manager
  • Ctrl + Shift + D – Edit Bookmarks
  • Ctrl + Shift + J or Ctrl + Shift + I – Open Developer Tools
  • Alt + F4 or Ctrl + Shift + W – Close current window
  • Ctrl + tab number – Switch to specified tab
  • F6 – Select address bar content
  • Type a web address in the address bar and press Alt + Enter – Open link in new tab
  • Esc – Stop page from loading

Browse Websites Offline Using BackStreet Browser

Browse Websites Offline Using BackStreet Browser

Many people like to read blogs or surf the web on their laptops while they are travelling. However, most of the times, the broadband network is limited and does not support. If you are one of those who like to browse while travelling, here is a software utility known as ‘BackStreet’ which is ideal in such situations.

‘BackStreet’ enables you to download websites and store them in your system’s local drive so that you can view the contents at leisure without having to access the network. It is basically an offline browser which has ability to download the entire contents of a website to its maximum link depth as defined by the user.  

The downloaded content of a website contains HTML, Java Applets, graphics, sound and many other user-definable files. After downloading the contents, the software utility will amazingly construct all the links as present in the original website even in an offline mode. Using BackStreet browser, you can also duplicate the structure of a website directory so as to migrate a website to a different server.

In case you happen to lose network connectivity while downloading the contents of a website, BackStreet browser has the capacity to resume the session and continue downloading from the point where it stopped once the connectivity is re-established.


To get updated contents of the website that you downloaded previously, BackStreet comes with a feature known as “Update Session”. You can re-visit the website to ensure that you have the latest files. The main screen of BackStreet browser contains quick-view browser windows that enable you to view all the downloaded files offline.

Quick-view browser windows also allow you to browse zipped website, i.e. you can view zip files without having to unzip them. However, it is not necessary that you view all the downloaded files using these quick-view browser windows. You may also view the files using any of your favorite browsers. 

BackStreet browser version 3.1 works with Windows 2000, 95, 98, XP, ME and NT. You need to have a system with a RAM of at least 64MB and hard disk space of 2MB for this freeware to work properly.

Simplify Your Searching Browsing History Using History Submenus Firefox Add-On

Simplify Your Searching Browsing History Using History Submenus Firefox Add-On

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers. There is another add-on for Firefox web browser that allows you to search browsing history instantly. You might have been facing trouble to trace out the previous browsing data quickly and accurately. Therefore, this new Add-on named, History Submenus v1.32 helps you to sort out all previous history data according to specific dates, so that you can find out your required history speedily.


In order to find out the earlier browsing data, you need to navigate to History menu and you will see a few submenu options like “Today”, 2 Days Old”, “Yesterday” and etc. Once you click on the specific option, you will get access to previous browsing history with precise date and time. The History Submenus v1.32 is inevitably best solution that provides you precise and accurate browsing history instantly. It is a useful add-on especially in case, you are not able to recall the name of specific website address, you can easily jump to the specific date in order to find out the website addresses using this add-on feature.