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Guess someone was able to do a better job and have come up with a much more awesome plugin. Please check this post: Incoming Search Terms WordPress Plugin For Articles / Posts.

**Update** –

I’m working on extracting the core ‘Search term tagging’ function from bStat as it doesn’t seem to work with latest version of WordPress. Please put up with me till then.


I had seen this plugin being implemented on a few blogs and wanted to have this one very badly on my blog as well.

The plugin I’m talking about is bsuite from Cassey. A brilliant plugin, which has seen its journey all the way from bStat all the way to bSuite.

But somewhere during the journey, bSuite lacked what I was looking for in it. It provides great statistics, but what I was looking for was the incoming search term tagging feature, which was not a part of bSuite.

Cassey has done a great job developing the plugin, but I was disappointed when I found very less support from the plugin page. Seems like Cassey is too busy to spend a lot of time for his blog. Sensible when you have lot more to do in real life 🙂 .

Matt from Borkweb wrote a quick hack to get things working for bSuite, but unfortunately, bSuite 4.0 is a lot different from bSuite 3.0 and predecessors and hence the hack provided by him was difficult to suite the latest one.

You can find Matts version here :

Some one there got the hack to work and offered to help others. But I was point blank denied from any help and was left helpless again.

That’s when the zeal of “have to find it” kicked in and my search ended here.

Thanks to author to take some time to put up different versions of bstat and bSuite up on his server for us to download. I finally managed to get a copy which was doing what I expected bStat to do.

All fine, until I found there was a small bug in the script. The query was working fine for the first 9 results and later on was throwing some garbage value.

I ended up modding the script a bit, since it is under GPL.

Finally it’s working the way I want it to. I haven’t tested it completely. I just wanted the incoming search term tagging to work fine, so if something else is not working as it is expected to, I’m sorry.

[ Download Incoming Search Term Tagging bStat / bSuite Mod ]

The *.zip file has a ReadMe.txt which tells you how to get things going on. If in case you have any problem, do drop a message and I’ll help you the best I can :).

Special thanks to Cassey and buchin, without who I could not get this running.