How To Easily Search Domain Names That Are Not Registered

If you are a webmaster who registers a lot of domains at a time, it is, a tedious process to search to find domains that suit your choice. You loose a lot of time looking around for a perfect or ‘near-perfect’ domain name, searching back and forth.

With domize, your productivity increases as it is one of the best sites I’ve come across that helps you search an ideal name to reflect your product or business.

How to easily search domain names that are not registered

The website quickly browses through a huge list of domains that are registered and unregistered and lists them for you in a very short time, few milliseconds depending on your Internet connection speed. The registered domain TLDs are shown in red and the unregistered ones are shown in light bluish color.

The search is based on the letters you enter for your preferred domain name. As and when you type the first few letters of your preferred domain name, it starts pulling out the result for you, and it is done very rapidly.

The only draw back which is evident is, it supports only few limited TLD, they are : com, net, org, info, biz, us.

Further improvement can be made, by adding the other famous TLDs and they can possibly try and introduce ‘-‘ as users would in real world. A little difficult to input the hypens for all the domains, may be intelli-hypen’s can be implemented 😉

[ Visit domize ]

Store Most If Not All Your Data Online For Free

You don’t have to store any of your digital data on your local system any more. Tons of new services spring up every now and then, which offer services that lets you store your digital data, almost everything from photos to videos, music to documents and much more and most of these services are free or come with a cheap monthly/yearly rental.

Freedom of movement:
The advantage of such services are that you are not tied to a single computer or particular location. You can access any of your data from anywhere in the world, and all you need is to be connected to the internet.

Fight for Freedom is always risky:
One of the major disadvantages is that you will be using 3rd party services to store your data. What if any of these folks go down tomorrow for whatever reason? You pretty much loose all your data. It’s advisable that you keep back up of all your data on some sort of secondar storage device, which will save you in case you encounter such situations.

Never store any of your personal, confidential or any important private data on such storage services. These services will have access to inspect your data. Not that they are jobless to do so, but it is better to be safe rather than repenting later if something goes wrong.

Two of my favorite services are :

1> Microsoft SkyDrive

2> MediaFire