Where Can I Buy / Sell Second Hand Used Products Online in Bangalore

Are you looking to sell an used product, which you do not use anymore or buy a second hand used product at a deal price online ? There are a lot of websites which provide a platform to buy and / or sell used products online, one of the best, most trusted and used by many is the EBay.

If you search for ‘classified sites #local area‘ (replace #local area with the area where you wish to sell your product / buy a product; for ex: Delhi, Mumbai), in Google, tons of websites pop up, which will serve your need.

There is one glitch with all these websites, not glitch in the real sense, we can call it an over-head process. You as a user will have to register with these sites before you buy or sell products via them, which really doesn’t make much sense if you are a one time seller / buyer and makes the whole process more complicated. To address this problem, Roopit has come with an unusual solution.

If you go through their FAQ, this is what you’ll find them saying:

How do I Login/Register?

You don’t. There is no Username or password. Nope. And, We don’t need your e-mail, your mother’s maiden name or your childhood favorite hero. But, we do need your mobile number. Roopit identifies you with your mobile. If you are selling, You post with your mobile number. If you are buying, You receive the contact details of the seller as an SMS on your mobile.

They provide facility to track products via SMS and you can subscribe to it by messaging what you want to buy to 9916766748.

Looks convincing and convinient. However, I wonder how you can unsubscribe once you’ve found what you want. Also, hope they do not use you cell phone number for marketing purposes in future. If these issues are addressed, then Roopit is best for all those one time sellers / buyers who hate the long registeration and verification processes !

Roopit services is available only in Bangalore for now and they promise to extend to other cities soon. Till then …

Visit Roopit at: http://roopit.com/
View Roopit video: