Adding A Mini Calendar Gadget In Gmail

Adding A Mini Calendar Gadget In Gmail

A mini calendar is a pretty useful thing which helps you to organize you events or schedule events, but this task will be more effortless if you refer it from the same window. In addition, it works as alerter or reminder of the dates for workaholics. It helps the peoples who frequently forget all when they start to work.

Now, to smoothen your work some more, Google has been made up with a mini calendar application which is especially designed for Gmail users. All you have to do is a small activation process. After completing the process a mini calendar will be added into the main Gmail screen.

There is a step by step activation process which will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

  • Log in to your Gmail account and go to “Settings” tab which is present in the right top of the screen
  • Click on the “Labs” option. When it opens, just scroll down the screen and try to find Google Calendar Gadget.
  • Finally, enable the application and save the changes made.

Now, your main Gmail screen will be displayed along with the Google Calendar. The Google Calendar will be displayed in the left most column. Just, go to the Google Calendar window and open “option” tab. Mark on the button named as “Show Mini Calendar”, it will activate the mini calendar.

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Mailing accounts such as Gmail maintains entire data of every single contact listed in it, if incase any data is required by user, they are asked to login to the account to retrieve the same.

This in turn makes the job tedious and users tend to opt to alternates to save their records or look ahead towards other mailing accounts.

Due to on going rise of requirements and their continuous support by users of Gmail, google has launched a fantabulous service namely “Google-Contacts-Manager

This is one standalone package which does not rely upon other services of google; it’s specifically designed to cater Gmail users with their email accounts related information.

Although it’s in Preliminary or testing stage presently, it functions with Google Calendar, Picassa, Google Docs, and a couple of other services.

On this Google-Contacts-Manager, a user can create new contact details or amend the existing contact details fitting your groups list.

Users can also transfer all their contact details from other Email-Service-Providers like, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail etc. This can be considered as a matchless spot to stop for a user’s contact demands.

An individual is required to possess a Gmail account with Google to enjoy this newly launched service for managing all your contacts.

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Don’t you feel frustrating when you need to login to your Gmail account each time to retrieve contact information? Don’t worry now, as Google has realized the problem and they have provided a solution to it. The latest Google contacts management service, named Google Contacts have been introduced in the market, which allows users to organize and view their contacts easily.

This is a standalone utility application, which accumulates all contact details from various services such as Picasa, Google Calendar, Google docs and etc. It is a separate application, so you just need to download and start using without installing it. There is no compulsion to have Gmail account in order to use this online contact services.

Users simply can associate all their others contacts from different sources such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc with this contact management tool. These applications are available in beta version, and if you find it useful, then download it from here.

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

The Google Calendar is an extremely useful integrated application for Gmail users. This application helps users to manage time as well as events conveniently. The application is absolutely free and provides various other useful features like event alert, calendar sharing etc. The only disadvantage of this application was that it could be used only when you are online.

Looking into the growing competition, Google has solved this drawback and has made it accessible when not connected online. This application can be accessed even in offline mode by using the Google Calendar Offline Beta. This new service provides users the benefits of using their calendars on the go. You can view your planned events and schedules even when you are offline, but you will not be able to edit them.

Other than the above mentioned utility, users can use another utility known as the GMinder. This application too gives quick and easy access to your Google Calendar even when you are offline.


GMinder is an application that helps users to access and download their scheduled events and calendar even with the browser closed. The application’s setup is extremely straightforward and simple. You just have to provide your username and password and then follow it by clicking on the “Download” tab. After being successfully downloaded, it will display a list of upcoming events mentioned in the calendar.

With the help of the GMinder, you can select any event of your choice and make the necessary changes. You can even add or delete events. There is also an option of alerting you about the events to come. The GMinder is compatible only with the Windows Operating System. Other than this it also requires .NET framework from Microsoft. Windows vista and Windows 7 have this framework inbuilt, but users of older versions of Windows need to install it.    

How Can I Create Calendar From Outlook 2010 – Print Blank Calendar Problem

Easygoing and Cheaper Mode to Create Calendar from Outlook

On Most of the occasions we don’t get what we need on normal calendars, but no worries as there is an opportunity that has been given by outlook to create one apotheosis with all the important events and details connected.

Generally it will be great to have all the reminders, events and some memorable days listed on the actual calendar, which can be created now with the help of outlook. However, now an individual has a more easygoing, and cheaper mode to create and possess calendar by getting a print out through Outlook.

To get a photocopy of calendar through Outlook steps to be followed are:

  • First of all open the outlook email account and select the File menu bar
  • Navigate and select the “New” option, under that select the “Folder” option.
  • Now, you will get a new window pop up as “Create-New-Folder”, under the field type “Name”: type in as Blank-Calendar, then under “Folder Contains” scroll down menu select “Calendar Items” and select“OK” option.
  • Now, get back to the Outlook-Navigation-Pane and select on Calendar Option under that you will find an option as “Blank Calendar”. Select it.
  • Now, the calendar can be viewed under “My-Calendar-group”. Select and check the option and keep a note of other listings as unchecked.
  • Finally, to get a Print out navigate through file menu bar under this you get an option as “Print” select it. Now, you are asked to select either of the options as monthly, daily or weekly styled print to be made. Make sure to pick the date layout prior to the print.

Can I Use Google Sync To Get My Mobile Contacts And Calendar Synced?

Get your mobile contacts and calendar synced with Google sync

As we all can evidently see the growth of mobile phone users around the world, Google has now come up with new idea of making it more convenient for the mobile users, they have come  out with a sweet product called Google sync.

Previously if you have to sync the Gmail event calendar or contacts with your phone set, then you have to do that manually. Now with the help of Google sync your phone information will be synced with your Gmail or vice versa automatically.

The basic features of Google sync is quite similar with Microsoft’s My Phone, but to make it different, Google provides some more additional features in order to compete with Microsoft. With the obvious feature like synchronizing contacts and calendars, it is also providing some free memory space where all your mobile videos, phones can be stored and shared with your friends and family.

Some of the pros of Google Sync are listed below:

  • Update your Gmail and mobile phones contacts with Contact Synchronization.
  • You will be notified on every event so update your calendar of your mobile phone with calendar synchronization.
  • It is a two way sync, which assures more security. You will always have a backup of your contacts.

See Google Sync in action here: