Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Make Calls to Mobile Phones and Landline (Free calls to US and CANADA) with Gmail

Google has officially launched its new service called Google Mail phone call, with free of charge phone calls to CANADA and US locations. With the help of this service, customers can dial phone as simple as dialing a normal phone and have the ability to make call to people almost anywhere across the world via internet. This new phone call service differs as compared to Gmail chat, Gmail video and Gtalk voice, which requires two persons to remain online at the same time signed into any of these on their PC. The name itself suggests that phone calling offers to make call to the person directly on their mobile and enables users to utilize their headset and microphone.

To use this service you just have to to install the voice and video chat plug in and follow the below mentioned process:

• Go to Voice and Video chat feature site.
• Download the Voice and Video Chat Plug in.
• Close all open browser windows and then install the Voice and Video Chat Plug-In.
• Sign in to Gmail and the setting up is done.
• Once finish install just click “Call phone” at the top of your chat list and dial a number or enter a contact’s name

Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

Android Notifier, A Very Useful Application To Make You Free From The Worry Of Missing Any Calls Or SMS.

These days, it has become almost a fashion to use earphones to listen the music on your mobile phones while you are travelling or doing some work. Sometimes it can make you miss your important calls and messages which needs your immediate attention and action. Sometime, it can make you being scolded by your boss or you can loose your client due to not attending an important call immediately. But you can avoid all these situations to happen with you just by downloading Android Notifier, a small application which takes very little memory space and resources.

Android Notifier can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your computer and it will alarm you whenever someone calls you or send an SMS, voicemails, or MMS and even when your mobile battery is getting down, you can get to know about your important calls and SMS through this on your system”s screen.

The notification of getting any calls or SMS will be displayed on user”s screen. It is very easy to customize and set up to use the Android Notifier. There is an option which allows users to select the events the program to be notified. As an example, Phone Ring notification can be disabled if user does not want to be disturbed while they are busy listening their favorite music and even they can disable their Battery use in case they want to save their battery life.

A user can get a free download of Android Notifier for their Macintosh computers and Android phones. Users of Linux and Windows need to get Android-Notifier-Desktop installed on their computers as well.

Free International Calls From Your PC

Free International Calls From Your PC

Calling to a mobile phone from the computer is a craze these days as it helps save a lot of money and is extremely convenient to those stuck on the computers for long hours. Evaphone is the provider of free calls from your computer to any part of the world.

It offers its users unlimited calls worldwide. This service is totally free and the users just have to see a commercial video lasting 30 seconds before a call gets through.


The requirements to obtain this free service are that you need to have an internet connection and a computer with microphone. This service includes almost all countries in the world but the time limit of each call varies from country to country.

For some countries you are allotted a time limit of 10 seconds and for some it might go up to 60 seconds.  The time limit is a drawback but you can make calls as many number of times as you want to. The only work you have to do is to reconnect every time it gets disconnected. This much is pretty much acceptable for free calls to any destination in the world.

Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Retina-X Studios (RXS), a popular provider of spy software and computer monitoring solutions, has released new spy software specially designed for Apple iPhone. This spy software which is known as “Mobile Spy 3.0” allows you to keep track of GPS locations, your SMS and calls from friends, families or colleagues by logging into an online control panel using phone’s web browser.

Derrick, a user of Mobile Spy said that the software is priceless and has really helped him in confirming his suspicions about honesty. According to Retina-X Studios, this application which enables you to monitor your iPhone in real time runs silently (i.e. behind various other applications).

Once you set up this software on your iPhone, it will stealthily record GPS locations, your SMS and calls and automatically upload the data on your Mobile Spy online account.

CEO of the Company, James Johns said that the new version of this application is enhanced with ability to track the actual locations by GPS which is very useful in keeping a watch on employees and teens to ensure that they are using their vehicles acceptably.

Mobile Spy 3.0 works with all models of Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile as well as Smartphone running a Symbian OS.  A 1-year subscription of Mobile Spy 3.0 is available at $99.97.

Skypelogview Shows You All Skype’s Calls, File Transfers, And Chats Instantly

Skypelogview Shows You All Skype’s Calls, File Transfers, And Chats Instantly

Skype is one of the most popular applications to make free calls and chat with your friends Via Skype to Skype. If you are using Skype in order to transfer files, chats and make calls then you would definitely want to make a list of your entire calls and file transfers to use them later for your future references.

If you want to recover information about the calls that you made a few days ago, then you will face a lot of trouble in doing so without Skype application. Therefore, to help you there is utility application named, SkypeLogView, which allows you to have aces to all information at a glance instantly.


You do not need to install it because it is a complete standalone freeware utility. You just need to download SkypeLogView and it starts displaying all the details such as calls duration, Action type, Time, Chat history etc. Besides, the users can also access the file transfer details such as received files or sent files by a single click.

Make sure that you have exited from Skype application before executing the SkypeLogView, otherwise you will be shown error message stating “Failed to read one or more log files”. If you think that this one is useful for you, then download it from here at free of cost.

Make Free Calls To Canada And USA

Establish ISD Calls For Free Of Charge to Canada, USA and Up To 50 Endorsed Nations

Free calls are considered to be a gimmick, as most of the online communication service provider’s end up asking credit card information.

Only a few occasional online sites that in reality render costless call to most of the countries. One among these rare online sites is Free Ringer.

Free Ringer is a free online calls service provider, which neither demands you any remuneration for your calls nor asks you to download any PC software’s to establish connections.

Free Ringer permits everybody to establish free online telephone connection’s not only to Canada and USA, but also to other 50 backed nations.

To establish free call service, an individual is required to open an account with Free Ringer and enable email verification. The entire procedure consumes lesser than 2 minutes.

Once the account is created an individual is asked to login with details and commence establishing free calls.

Simple steps to establish free online calls as follows:

  • First of all an individual is asked to login to their Free Ringer Account.
  • Once logged in they are required to dial the desired number, and wait till the online telephonic call is established to the respective number.
  • Once the call is connected a user gets a free 10 seconds to converse to the person amid user is required to inform receptor to call back on the same incoming number.
  • After completion of 10 free seconds, automatically telephonic conversation will be placed on hold. In the meantime Free Ringer notifies the receptor by sending an SMS to respective number to initiate the call.
  • Once receptor calls back on that number, Free Ringer will establish connection automatically amid both callers
  • Now, an individual can continue with their pleasant long lasting conversations.

The receptor calling the number back will cost them few nominal local call rates. Similarly an individual can establish Free ISD calls.