Best Apps for iPhone Photography

There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the App store for photography, editing and sharing of photos that it is virtually impossible to find the best ones. Since there are so many options, finding the best apps for iPhone Photography can be a difficult process. While it will depend on what you are looking for, here are the best apps that you can use to improve your iPhone photography experience.

Best Apps for iPhone Photography

If you are a little technical, you will want apps that have advanced features. It is all dependent on your creative needs. Here are the best apps for iPhone photography you can find.

Best Apps for iPhone Photography

1: Camera+

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyThe go-to app for shooting photos with my iPhone. Camera+ is what the stock camera app on the iPhone used to be, so you will find it easy and intuitive to use.

2: Snapseed

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyTransform your ordinary photos into fun, high quality pictures with the Snapseed app. Enhance, transform and share your photos with ease using incredibly advanced, yet simple-to-use features. Make sure you have this one!

3: Noir Photo

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyIf you are like me and love black and white photographs, this is the app that you must use. Transform your photos into lovely, beautiful black and white photographs with a few simple steps.

4:Pro HDR

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyShoot your photos in High Dynamic Resolution on your iPhone. Pro HDR captures two photos – one for the highlights and one for the shadows. It then merges them to give a HDR image at naive resolution.

5: PhotoFX

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyTurn your photos into professional pictures with PhotoFX. You have tools to edit, control and correct the photos you take. Create interesting effects with 878 presets. You also get digital optical filter equivalents for your iPhone or iPod touch images.

6: Slow Shutter Cam

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyIf you want to shoot star trails, northern lights, or long exposure photography (especially at night), this is the app. It helps you control the shutter speed of your iPhone by giving you a variety of amazing slow shutter speed effects. Make sure you bring a tripod along with you!


Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyWhat you see is what you get. Hueless lets you take better black and white photographs with pioneering live B&W preview. You also get multiple exposure and adjustment filters, color filters and many more features. No post processing required.

8: TouchRetouch

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographySomeone photobombed your picture? Unwanted objects in your otherwise amazing picture? Fear not! TouchRetouch will let you remove unwanted content or objects from your photo. Mark the items you want to remove from a picture, click go. And you are good to go.

9: Camera Awesome

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyIt is awesome, like the name says. It will let you take your photos to the nex level by shooting fast and taking sharper, better exposed pictures. The app also has a variety of filters, controls and more. It has a one touch “Awesomize” feature. Check the app to find out what this amazing feature is!

10: Instagram

Best Apps for iPhone PhotographyShare you photos on Instagram, the most popular app for online photo sharing. It has been recently acquired by Facebook. Find other creative pictures and share your own!

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There, these are, in my opinion the best apps for iPhone Photography. Are there other apps that you would use? Let me know in the comments below.

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Identifying photo to ascertain its Authenticity, as either taken by Camera or if it is a Doctored image is confusing. There are few individuals who are very good in creating such pictures. Similarly, there are various video editor programmers which can edit and produce a video that appears as a master copy.

Now, it’s time to become a spy to identify such images and confirm whether they are original or edited. One can do so with the help of JPEG-Snoop a Photo/Video editing tool, which is a freeware.

The Characteristics of JPEG-Snoop are:

  • JPEG-Snoop is a mighty and clever tool which helps in identifying the authenticity of a Video or Photo.
  • JPEG-Snoop is adequate, which reads photo/video secret codes, called signatures
  • It can easily confirm the source of the images through signatures on it, whether they are shot by a camera or they are doctored images.
  • It analyzes the signature code present on a Photo/Video and attempts to pair it with various editing tools. Once the signature code corresponds with any Photo/ Video it will prove with evidence, that this file is edited with the source used to create this file.
  • Once source file is determined which comprises the signature code in the cameras, it will automatically label it as a master copy and for the doctored images it clearly reflects it as edited.
  • JPEG-Snoop backs few known file formats like PDF, MOV, JPG, AVI, and DNG. Further it can also be utilized to amend any corrupted pictures.
  • This tool is loaded with many signatures from various editing software.

I Want To Buy A Digital Camera – What Are The Things I Should Look For?

Digital camera – A complete guide before you buy it

There are varieties of digital cameras that are out in market, and the selection of features completely depends on individuals. You should be able to find the nice camera depending on your needs, skills, shooting habits and oppose your budget.

There are professional digital cameras for professional shooters, travelling digital cameras for travellers etc. Well, there are certain things you should consider before buying a camera for yourself.

Some features you should bear in mind before buying digital camera and those features are listed below:

  1. Firstly, you should look at Megapixels. Your image quality solely depends on megapixels. To get a clear and sharp picture go for high megapixel camera. In case you are a normal users then 5 megapixels will satisfy you completely, but in case of professionals you should opt for 10 megapixels ones. It depends on your usage or utility.
  2. Handy: the second thing you should look after is that whether your digital camera is handy or not. Being a normal user you should opt for light weighted one. You don’t want extra burden with you in picnic, party or any trip because of your camera, and you could lose interest in taking pictures if it is too heavy. While stepping along with the new trends you should consider a good looking and trendy camera. There are lots of new slim and trendy cameras out in the market.
  3. Check the Lens: the most vital and crucial part of any camera is lens. There are two types of zoom, either optical zoom or digital zoom, but the best one is optical zoom. For normal users, optical zoom up to 5X or even 3X would be just fine. Make sure that auto focus of your camera is sharp and clear.
  4. Having manual focus: Well if you have great idea of photography then you should check whether your digital camera have manual focus or not. During the close up photos you should opt to take pictures with manual focus because they will give you better clarity.
  5. Storage space: Digital cameras of now days are built with storage space with built in memory and also with a memory chip in them. You may also consider taking memory chip later, so you should consider getting a camera with higher internal storage capacity. This feature comes handy in many situations and should be considered well.
  6. Battery backup time: This is one of the most important aspects to look for. Do not ever go for a camera with low battery stand by time. You never know in what situation you may get into, so make sure your digital camera gives you a quality runtime after it is completely charged. This feature should be considered carefully by all the travelers who are seeking digital cameras.
  7. Video recording: Now most of the digital cameras have video options. It can be treated as optional choice. If you are looking for only photographs and then do not care much about videos you might want to learn more about the still photography features In the cameras.

Where Can I Buy Funny Gun Shaped Camera

The name itself describes the camera aptly, and it is best suited for those of you who are looking for a bit of fun in your parties and family get-together. Of course, it may be a little odd to hold a gun, but it is this specific gun shape that takes you to Bond movies in Hollywood.

This is the brain child of famous designer Franziska Dierschekeara. Its various characteristics including its gun shape, and its pin hole, makes it a tad different from other cameras, in spite of the absence of a view finder. Although it is not professional friendly, it is definitely designed for those who enjoy taking pictures many photos.

Its usage is also very simple, all that needs to be done is, to point the gun at the object as accurately as you can and shoot. The designer feels this specific gadget, which comes in colors white and green, emphasizes the process of photo taking and not the picture itself.

Looking for fun, then make sure you get one for yourself, but wait where can I get one from ?? The answer is, you can’t buy one yet, as this is just a Concept camera and is not out for production yet (source) !!! I was almost very excited to buy one for myself for this Christmas, but …

2 MP Camera, A2DP Bluetooth Stereo, Efficient Obigo Q& Browser, High Quality Walkman – Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i

Those people who are used to Sony Ericsson, are obviously used to the high quality and do not usually compromise for anything less. Sony Ericsson have yet again come out with another model Sony Ericsson Spiro, which is making its mark in today’s mobile market. The majority of customers who purchase cell phones, look for great functions at affordable prices.

It looks like Sony Ericsson’s target is to capture these people. A small and easy to manage Spiro is a slightly weight model. It has strong sliding facility, mainly intended for the daily an regular users. The rounded corners and its matte finish [black] gives it an appealing look . the rear end of the w100i bears a big speaker vent and a cut away for the camera lens. You can find a huge volume rocker on the right and a micro USB port and micro SD card too on the left.

Like most other phones the buttons for different functions along with the joy pad[4 way] is situated in the front. In spite of all the buttons fitted well in the right places, the users may often face the problem of usage and may end up having to use their finger tips or nails. The Spiro bears an attractive yet simple look sporting a black alpha numeric keypad and orange backlights. The concaved keypad may be a slight obstruction in messaging because its design makes the zero key which is mapped with the spacebar very inconvenient to handle.

Spiro comes with the basic camera features and very fine music functions although the ear phones are not upto the mark. It is a compact sliding phone weighing about 90 gms. It is a dual-band GSM/GPR/EDGE phone and has a 2MP camera. You have provision to use memory cards upto 16GB and it also promotes the two most popular audio codes – MP3and AAC.

Spiro has a cute design and solid construction. The shiny front is a tad too quick in grasping finger marks, but it does provide the phone with a unique style. It is the rear matte finish that protects it from slipping off easily. Coming back to the origin of Spiro, it was after the near flop show of their Zylo product, and with the increase of iPhones in the market, Sony Ericsson’s researchers had to crack their brains as they had now an extra responsibility of coming up with a gadget with interesting features as well attractive price. That gave rise the Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i, targeting mainly the lower sector of society and making it possible to overlook whatever shortcomings came attached.

But all said and done, Sony Ericsson’s Spiro is no doubt a likeable device, thanks to its impressive build, quality and decent media playback credentials!

How To Use Nokia Symbian Cell Phone / Mobile Camera Phone As Webcam For Free

The mobile phone market has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Today’s cell phone is no less than a laptop, with all the most important features integrated in it. You name a function that you’d miss if your laptop’s not around, and cell phone manufacturers address the issue almost immediately.

Today, let us learn how we can turn your normal, ordinary cell phone into a webcam, using which you can have live video chat with any of your friends who are online. You can build your own cell phone webcam right in your house, at no extra cost, as the software that is necessary to transform your cell phone to a mobile webcam is absolutely free, in fact it’s open sourced, so you can get the source code as well.

I am talking about SmartCam, an open source software which can be downloaded from Sourceforge, will turn your Symbian-based cell phone into a webcam, which can be hooked up to your PC or laptop and you can have do live video chat with your freinds and family.

Nokia Symbian Cell Phone / Mobile Camera Phone Webcam Free

The software works on Symbian phones and the operating system on the PC or laptop must be either Vista or Windows XP. Another catch is, your cell phone mush have blue tooth and your laptop should be bluetooth enabled, as the synchronization is available only through bluetooth as of now. May be in the later versions we can expect some wired support.

So if you are travelling, you can use your laptop and blue tooth enabled cell phone and start video chat the moment you are hooked on to internet !!

[ Download SmartCam ]