Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Having unused files and programs in your computer slows down the computer speed. Normally, we download various software and programs frequently and use them only one time, or for a couple of times.

However we might forget to delete them after completing our job and the programs remain in our computer. Similarly those music files, videos, image files that are not being used by us frequently, consume hard disk space and memory resources as well.

In layman language these files and data are just like system garbage that affects computer performance in the negative way. Therefore, we must try to keep our computer clean and free from unused application and files.


We can use CCleaner in order to clean our computer and to keep it free from unused files and data.  This is a freeware tool that optimizes our computer performance by deleting unused and unnecessary files. In other words, we can call it computer performance optimizing tool that frees up our disk space.

Key features of CCleaner tool

  • User friendly interface to operate.
  • Easily removes unwanted files and data from computer
  • Clean up entire computer and free up disk space
  • Compatible with windows XP, 2000, Vista and windows 7.
  • It cleans registry files from the computer.

How Can I Delete Unwanted Start-Up Programs From My Computer – Windows XP ?

Most of the programs will have an option that lets you select if you want the program listed in start-up list or not. Another way of directly removing the program from the list from windows xp is :

1> Go to ‘Start’ menu – ‘Run’
2> Type ‘Msconfig’ and press enter.
3> A window with a lot of tabs pops up. Choose ‘Startup’ tab.
4> In the startup tab you’ll see a set of programs that’ll run as soon as the system starts. Uncheck those programs which you wish not to be there in the list. Click on ‘OK’. Next time when you start the system, those programs won’t start during Windows Start up.

You can also try ccleaner as it lets you delete unwanted startup items easily.