How To Eject / Open DVD / Cd Drive With Mouse ?

Shortcut keys to close or open dvd/cd drive

Everything in this world is getting simpler, smarter and faster. No matter what, everything is turning out to be done is much quicker ways. Nowadays, things like opening a DVD or CD drive has become a click away. You can now click open it with the help of a mouse. Is your curiosity rising to know how this is possible? Then keep on reading the article.

Click and open the My Computer window, and then right click on the cd/ dvd drive. A PP menu will appear where you will need to select the option called Eject. Click on the selected option and your work is done, the drive automatically opens up.

How To Extract Digital Data From An Audio CD

How To Extract Digital Data From An Audio CD

Use CDex, a free software to extract Digital data from an Audio CD. Generally known as CD rippers or CDDA utility, these software can be used to extract data from two or more digital sources, which can be later merged into one file using an audio merge software.

The extracted audio files can be saved in plain WAV file format. CDex supports many encoders, to name a few :

> Lame MP3 encoder
> Internal MP2 encoder
> APE lossles audio format
> Ogg Vorbis encoder
> The Windows MP3 encoder (Fraunhofer MP3 encoder)
> NTT VQF encoder
> FAAC encoder
> Windows WMA8 encoder
> File tag formats like ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags

Apart from extracting the audio files you can compress the files too. Some of the other features of CDex are :

> Multiple tracks can be recorded directly
> Album information from the cdplayer.ini file can be read or stored and vice-versa.
> Album information from local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB) can be read and stored and vice-versa.
> If you CD drive supports, then CDex supports CD Text as well.
> Supports M3U and PLS play list files.

CDex works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

[ Download CDex ]