How To Rid Yourself Of Expensive Phone Bills

Monthly phone bills are the bane of peoples existence. If you want great service you have to pay an arm and a leg for it, and if you are content with getting disconnected every phone call or not having any signal then purchasing a smaller plan may be the way to go. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to go without any type of phone service and many people see how incredibly useful (and safe) cell phones can be. The necessity of these phones puts many people in a tough spot; purchase a long binding contract that forces you to pay each month, get a crappy prepaid phone for your absolute basic needs, or get terrible service. What do you do?

Well thankfully the advances in technology have offered plenty of solutions to this conundrum. You can easily disconnect your current phone plan (be it land line, cell phone, or both) and not only save tons of money with these solutions, but actually enjoy a more intimate connection with those you are attempting to contact.

There are several methods that you can use to connect with people, but combining these will give you a well rounded communication system that is cheap and highly effective.

Video Calls – There are numerous online sollutions to free video calls. This not only allows you to contact your loved ones, but you can actually see them as well. This is truly great for families that are spread across long distances because instead of simply describing things you can actually show them on camera.

Facebook, Google +, Skype, MSN, and many others offer free video calls and you can even add several people into the conversation on some. They take up very little bandwidth as well (even if you go HD), although deciding with provider you prefer will have to be done by trial and error as each of these differs from computer to computer based on internet speed, location, and many other factors.

Don’t have a camera for your computer? Well with all of the money you’ll be saving it should be easy to afford about $15-20 for a decent web camera (Walmart has incredibly cheap ones but Amazon or Ebay might have even more affordable alternatives).

Chat – Having a chat room for all of your friends or chatting with your family members is an excellent alternative to texting. Unfortunately this requires people to be on the computer, but with laptops and other mobile devices this is becoming easier to do while out of the house. You can create your own chat room with some of the free chat services, or simply use Facebook, Google +, MSN, Skype, or any other instant messenger services. This is free, quick, and incredibly effective!
Okay so you may be wondering; well all of these ‘solutions’ require me to be chained down to a computer! Don’t worry though, there is an excellent solution available for you cell phone users!

First, you need to realize how much money you will be saving by cutting the cord with your cell phone provider. There is real no set average phone bill because there are so many extra features you can get (unlimited texting, internet, bla bla bla), so lets just say you have a basic plan with some minutes to text; this will generally cost you around $70 a month (some much more, some less however). So that’s $840 a year you’re spending just on the phone bill itself, not including the actual phone itself.

So the fantastic alternative that will save you endless headaches and empty wallets is an app called Textfree.

Free Text and Phone Calls – Textfree is a free app that will allow you to send and receive phone calls/texts as long as you are connected to the internet. Not only do you get your own phone number but you can access your textfree account from your computer as well, enabling you to stay connected via texting there.

Staying connected to WiFi has never been easier; even fast food restaurants and stores have free WiFi! Simply purchase a smart phone (iPhone or Android), don’t purchase a plan, and make use of its WiFi capabilities to use this completely free app. You can do everything on WiFi that you can on a paid Internet Plan and if you have WiFi at your house (easy to purchase a router) you can stay connected all the time!

Samsung U360 Gusto Mobile Phone Talk Time, Features And Colors

Functioning at frequencies of CDMA 800/1900/CDMA 2000 1XMHz, comes the Samsung U360 Gusto, a CDMA flip mobile phone. It has a 2 inch TFT display screen, VGA camera with resolution of 640×480 pixels, USB port and many more. This device supports both audio and video formats, including GPS, V2 Navigator, Bluetooth etc. It also supports WAP 2.0/xHTML, and HTML Browsers.

Some of its main features are:-

  • 2 inch TFT display screen.
  • VGA camera with resolution of 640 X 480 pixels.
  • WAP 2.0/ X HTML and HTML Browser.
  • Bluetooth GPS, V2 Navigator and Java.
  • MP4 and H.263 video player support.
  • 2.5mm audio jack.
  • Can store upto 1000 phonebook entries.
  • Supports MP3, AAC music formats.
  • MP3 ringtones.
  • Organizer and voice memo.
  • Includes Li-ion 1000 mAh battery.
  • USB port.

This device contains a Li-ion 1000 mAh battery which brings upto 7 hours of talk time and a stand by time of about 350 hours. It is 101 x47 x14 mm in size and is about 93 gms in weight, costing Rs. 11,700. Everything right from pictures to games is better enjoyed when displayed on the 2.0″ QQVGA screen.

Its dynamic voice enhancement along with noice suppressions assists in avoiding background noise, interrupting sounds and echoes, enabling clarity in conversations. This speaker phone featured handset comes with a 2.5mm audio jack.

Riviera R12 Features, Color And Availability In India

Riviera has launched a new mobile phone named Riviera R12, consisting of many exciting features, QVGA 65 K colour CSTN display screen with 176 X 220 pixel of screen resolution, and 128 MB internal memory included. It is already pre-installed with WAP and Opera mini browser embedded with 128 MB internal memory.

Again, this device poses MP3, WAV, MIDI audio support and 3GP video player support. Some of its interesting features are:-

  • QVGA 65 K colour CSTN display screen.
  • 115 X51.5 X 15.2mm of dimension.
  • 76 X 220 pixel of screen resolution.
  • Speaker headset.
  • Dual SIM [GSM+GSM]
  • GSM 900/1800Mhz|GSM 900/1800 MHz network support.
  • Digital Zoom.
  • QWERTY keypad with trackball navigation.
  • 1.3 mega pixel camera.
  • Vibration alert.
  • USB cable.
  • MP3,MP4 player.
  • 1280 X 1024pixels of resolution.
  • Polyphonic MP3 ringtones.
  • In built WAP and Opera mini browser.
  • Blue tooth, GPRS connectivity.
  • Micro SD/T-Flash memory card slot.
  • In built games.
  • 3GP Video player support.
  • FM radio facility.
  • 128 MB internal memory.
  • Upto 2GB of external memory.

You can get the Riviera R12 in 2 colours, black and red, with a dimension of 115 X 51.5 X15.2 mm. it supports multi languages inclusive of Hindi and English. For more details you can look up

It weighs approximately 117 gm with a talk time of upto 6 hours depending on the network.

Make Free Calls To Canada And USA

Establish ISD Calls For Free Of Charge to Canada, USA and Up To 50 Endorsed Nations

Free calls are considered to be a gimmick, as most of the online communication service provider’s end up asking credit card information.

Only a few occasional online sites that in reality render costless call to most of the countries. One among these rare online sites is Free Ringer.

Free Ringer is a free online calls service provider, which neither demands you any remuneration for your calls nor asks you to download any PC software’s to establish connections.

Free Ringer permits everybody to establish free online telephone connection’s not only to Canada and USA, but also to other 50 backed nations.

To establish free call service, an individual is required to open an account with Free Ringer and enable email verification. The entire procedure consumes lesser than 2 minutes.

Once the account is created an individual is asked to login with details and commence establishing free calls.

Simple steps to establish free online calls as follows:

  • First of all an individual is asked to login to their Free Ringer Account.
  • Once logged in they are required to dial the desired number, and wait till the online telephonic call is established to the respective number.
  • Once the call is connected a user gets a free 10 seconds to converse to the person amid user is required to inform receptor to call back on the same incoming number.
  • After completion of 10 free seconds, automatically telephonic conversation will be placed on hold. In the meantime Free Ringer notifies the receptor by sending an SMS to respective number to initiate the call.
  • Once receptor calls back on that number, Free Ringer will establish connection automatically amid both callers
  • Now, an individual can continue with their pleasant long lasting conversations.

The receptor calling the number back will cost them few nominal local call rates. Similarly an individual can establish Free ISD calls.

Free, Temporary, Private Cell Phone Mobile Phone Number

Disposable Virtual Phone Number To Safe Guard Your Personal Number

Giving away your personal number to an unknown person or someone, who cannot be trusted, might be awkward. Certain places like events or contest you are asked to fill in your personal number. This might later result in you receiving unnecessary calls, irritating and possibly affecting you personal life. Is there a way to protect your personal number from such people?

There is a free-service which will help you to overcome this problem. This free-service called as “inumbr“, generates a temporary phone number and will forward all calls to a fixed line or a mobile that is defined by you.

iNumber software also allows a person to talk to another without having to share the number. Open inumbr web portal and generate a new temporary phone number. Now any call received on this number will be directed to your defined fixed line or mobile. The number generated from inumbr facility can also be set to expire within a stipulated time like within a month, week, day or hour.

The best feature available with this service is that one can also configure two numbers to maximize the probability of individuals reaching you. Every single call to this inumbr facility will be directed to a phone be it a fixed line or mobile according to the precedence being set. If a user is not reachable on both the numbers then a recorded voice mail of the caller will be mailed to the user’s mailbox.

Other best features with inumbr are as follows:

1. It filters and blocks calls from the telemarketing companies.

2. Allows a caller to record a small greeting so that a user can decide either to reject or answer a call, after hearing the greeting.

3. Provides a detailed record of all received calls with details such as the duration, calling number, timestamp etc.

inumbr facility is operational only in US as of now and is available within 23 us cities for now. A new plan to make this available within other cities and Europe and Canada is on the rolls. This service is presently in maintenance, but few old subscribers can continue to use this service. A new subscriber wishing to be informed about the availability of this service can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated about the services.

inumbr free-service is the best solution available for users trying to avoid annoying telemarketers, promotional service, anonymous calls. This service provides the best protection for your personal number safeguarding your identity too.

[ Visit iNumber ]

How Can I Check If My Nokia Handset Is Original And Where It Was Manufactured?

How sure are you that your Nokia handset is original?

No. #1 Mobile Manufacturing company, all over the world, is Nokia. You should be quite concerned about your handset being original or not.

I found this cool piece of information and thought it was really worth sharing it with everyone. So here’s a simple way to check where your Nokia Cell phone was manufactured:

Check the IMEI number for the handset you are willing to buy. Press *#06# and a 15 digit number will be displayed in the screen. Note down the number and then check the following:

All you have to check is 7th and 8th number from the 15 digit IMEI number.

Let us say that the 7th and 8th number is the core number, now check these things:

  1. If the core number is 02 or 20 then it is assured that the handset has been assembled in UAE. It is a bad quality handset.
  2. If the core number is 08 or 80 then it is assured that the handset has been assembled in Germany. It is a fair quality handset.
  3. If the core number is 01 or 10 then it is assured that the handset has been assembled in Finland. It is a very good quality handset.
  4. If the core number is 13, then it is assured that the handset has been assembled in Azerbaijan. It is a worst quality handset. It also gives a health threat so try not to get a handset with core number a 13. The unlucky 13.
  5. If the core number is 00, then it is assured that the handset has been assembled in original manufacturing company of Nokia. It is a best quality handset. Always prefer to buy a handset with 00 as a core number.

San Francisco – California Drivers Can Easily Find Parking Space Now

Parking No Longer an Issue

Driving around, trying to find a parking space can prove to be so frustrating, especially if you’re getting late for something important. You needn’t worry now and as a technology has been developed by Streetline to overcome this issue. A new technology based on wireless sensors has been introduced to make it easier to find parking spaces especially during the rush hours.

This technology, known as bump, has been programmed by a group of researchers from the University of California. This is definitely a breakthrough for all drivers, as they will now be able to sense free parking spaces before actually having to visit them. The bump is made to be installed adjacent to all the parking spaces in the city, i.e. every parking space will have one of these.

The bump works by storing the data of how many parking spaces are free in the parking lot where it is installed. It then transmits this information to the central management office via wireless media. The data is then broadcast-ed over the internet so that it can be accessed by all drivers, through their wireless devices like mobile phones and PDAs.

The biggest advantage of installing this device is that it does need any form of heavy repair and maintenance costs. The bumps will used for field testing soon. Its performance thereafter will decide if it should be installed across other cities or not, but the idea behind this concept and service is absolutely fantastic.

Visit this page for more info.

Breeze – Mercury’s Dual Sim Mobile – Images, Price

Mercury has come out with their new product-Mercury Breeze mobile phone, which carries a lot of exciting features within, inclusive of a digital camera with 640×480 pixels of resolution and upto 4GB of external memory.

This new dual SIM Mercury Breeze mobile holds T-flash memory card and 250 SMS storage facility. It comes equipped with a WAP browser and an e-book reader.

Some distinctive features of this device are listed below:-

TFT Display screen, Dual SIM, Digital Camera, 640×480 pixels of resolution, Digital Zoom, MP3, MP4 player, FM radio, Upto 4GB of external memory, WAP browser, E-Book reader.

It is available in black only and has a battery power of 1200mAH Li-ion. You can get almost 6 hours of talk time with 10 days of standby. It is also known to adjust with many languages. A USB cable can be an added feature to provide for polyphonic ringtones. Its weight is approximately 76g and operates at frequencies of GSM 900/1800MHz| GSM 900/1800 MHz. it also possesses a display of TFT Display Screen Colours.

Pictures of Mercury Breeze.

How To Make Free International Calls From PC / Laptop Using Google Talk

Make International Calls with Talkster for Free using GoogleTalk

GoogleTalk has come up with services that allow users worldwide to make international calls without having to shell out a single penny. GTalk provides calls from personal computers to phone via Talkster which is integrated with GTalk2VoIP.

GoogleTalk allows users to make group conference calls, long distance and international calls to over 30 destinations for free This utility of GTalk has helped many people especially from countries like India, Africa, UAE.

Google Talk provides free international calling facility via Talkster. Follow the below steps to use this facility:

  • Open Google Talk from desktop if available or install Google Talk after downloading.
  • Locate Add button and run it by clicking it on Google Talk, this allows one to add new contacts to the Google Talk.
  • Now type the telephone number of the particular person you wish to call by following the format provided below.[email protected]
    • Enter the full and complete phone number with country code along with the area code. Examples of phone numbers in the UK will be assigned a phone number in GTalk as [email protected], and a number in USA will be assigned a phone number as [email protected].
  • If the above steps are followed in sequential order, a confirmation message from Talkster will be received along with a local call-in number. Both callers and receivers can use the call-in number to get information on all the free international calling features. Talkster also provides a local number to avail cheap call charges by the callers in their respective countries.
  • Now to make a international call to any of your friends for free. All one needs to do is to double click on the particular number from the Contact List of Google Talk
  • To initiate the call, just click the mouse on the Call button.
  • Talkster then immediately begins dialling out the phone number from GTalk.
  • Once the calling party replies, 10 seconds are provided to every caller to examine whether he/she is accessible for talk, informing the party to suspend the call and callback using Talkster’s local phone number from the caller’s country.
  • One has to wait for the caller to suspend and call-back the caller using his local Talkster’s call-in number. Check to see if the calling party has the correct number. If the number with the calling party is not correct, one can send the correct phone number either via email or IM. Talkster also provides a utility to SMS mobile phone numbers using Talkster’s call-in number to a cellphone. Either the caller or the receiver can call back to get connected to an international call.
    • Note: Talkster provides CallerID facility for all its users to know whom to connect the calls to, so it is very important not to disable the CallerID.
  • GTalk2VoIP utility of Talkster connects the caller as soon as the original calling party initiates the call. Both the parties are connected to a free international call and can use this facility to talk as much as they wish to.
  • One can terminate a call when the talking is complete. GTalk users are encouraged to use the call facility as many times as possible.
  • Talkster has provided local numbers to nearly 30 countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Ireland, Latvia, Argentina, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Chile, Slovenia, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

    GoogleTalk allows calling any fixed line, mobile, cell and landline phone numbers to the supported international countries through its Talkster and GTalk2VoIP utilities which is available for free. One need not have to register or sign-up or use credit card to use the calling services. It is available for free with unlimited usage without any restrictions on the usage. One can find more information on

    Pantech Laser For AT&T With 3.1″ AMOLED TouchScreen

    Pantech has released its super cool and thin handset –Pantech Laser, which according to AT&T is the slimmest, totally sliding key board phone so far. Coming soon, it is expected to carry along interesting features. Just 9.95mm thick, it definitely qualifies as the thinnest phone. Some other features can be 3.1″ AMOLED Touchscreen, admirable sliding QWERTY keyboard, making texting very easy, 3MP camera, social networking integration and impressive built-in applications such as Drawing Commander giving you access to calls, messages, favourite apps. All you need to do is draw a shape on the screen with you finger. It becomes very easy to meticulously arrange your tasks in order of importance.

    You can put down some of Pantech Laser’s features as:-

    1> Capability to sync, manage contacts using AT&T Address book.
    2> Support for AT&T Navigator, available for $9.99/month, wherein new subscribers get a 30 day free subscription.
    3> Support for AT&T Social Net.
    4> Access to AT&T Mobile Share.

    Pantech Laser can be obtained from AT&T costing $99.99 after a discount of $50 for a 2 year contract, making it one of AT&T’s latest mid-range Android phones. Going by the scheme, you will have to pay a price of $149.99 and after the mail-in discount of $50, you will get a AT&T Promotion Card. A drawback is however, that the laser is a simple ‘fast messaging phone’ for beginners but you will be having only AT&T’s apps for navigation, social networking or other basic tasks.

    Its has a unique quality ‘Drawing Commander’ which allows to draw shapes in order to make phone calls or release apps. On the whole, Pantech Laser is the best suited phone for those who like to remain connected to their groups either trough text, email or social networks even without web or apps access.