The Most Useful Android Apps

Smart phone are everywhere and the apps that go with them are essential! Not only do apps bring additional options to your phone and unlock its full potential, but they also allow you to customize your phone and play numerous games in your spare time! Android is one of the biggest names in the phone industry and there are thousands and thousands of apps for these smart phones.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most essential Android Apps that you simply can’t do without! We’ve taken all of the latest apps into consideration and you’ll be surprised at what made our top ten list! Despite how fun games can be, we’ve excluded them from our list so that you are left with functional apps that enhance your phone.

10. Flashlight – This is a very simple app that is often overlooked, but its simplicity is what truly makes this app something you can’t do without. If you drop your keys, are looking for a light switch, or doing anything else in dim lighting this is one of the handiest apps you can have around!

09. Documents To Go – Ninth on our list is this app which enables you to use Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and more in an easy to use interface. This makes it perfect for people on the go and those who need to get some extra work done.

08. GateGuru – This nifty little app will let you know about all of the flight delays, cancellations, and departure times so that you are alerted immediately.

07. Dolphin Browser HD – if you want a browser for your phone that is a little easier, more efficient, and has better graphics then get the Dolphin Browser!

06. Touchdown- This app makes it easier than ever to access email via the Android. The clean interface, simple buttons, and efficiency, this app ranks sixth on our list of must haves.

05. Lookout Mobile Security – due to the fact that people are entrusting more and more information on their phones, people with malicious intentions are looking for better ways to get that valuable information from phones. This app will scan your phone and protect you from malware as well as back it up.

04. Kindle And Nook – Now you never have to purchase one of those expensive e-readers; your phone will be a complete all in one device! This app will enable you to get books from either company onto your phone, making it a definite must have!

03. History Eraser – Smart phones store a lot of information such as logs, browsing history, and much more.  This app will erase everything and you can even customize what it erases.

02. Google Translate – For those of you who travel and aren’t familiar with the native language then you can use Google Translate for anything!

01. GasBuddy – With gas prices being astronomically high and people needing to save money where they can, this app has made it possible for you to find the cheapest gas wherever you go!


Motorola DEFY Cost In Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Review

With an effort to bring in an interesting change in the Android world, Motorola has come up with its latest Android mobile phone, the Motorola DEFY on T-Mobile. True to its name, it is strong and tough as it is water proof, dust proof and scratch proof too, says a proud Motorola. Yet again it contains the Gorilla Glass, another feather to its cap.

Let’s see what its amazing features are:-

DEFY is loaded with the latest version of Advanced MOTOBLUR 1.5 and Android 2.1. It still doesn’t have the latest version of Android – Froyo on it yet, however it’s said that the Froyo update will be up soon.

Some of the other features are:  A 3.7 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, exactly like the DROID 2, a 5 mega pixel camera powered by the 800 MHz OMAP 3610 processor with an LED flash. It is similar to the other Motorola devices. 1.25GB on-board memory. A micro SD slot to make up the storage capabilities on the DEFY. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1; and GPS.

So this device can be expected to hit the Android market on Nov has been said to be best suited for the tough users, yet possessing great features, just like any other Android phone. Basically its popularity lies in the fact that the user can be as rough and tough as he wants and it does not need nay special care.

What’s more it is available for $99.99 only! On other words just a penny less that $100 on contract. Many tough mobiles may have reached the stands but nothing tough enough for you to poke a pencil into it, or dip it in water/juice, even when it is on! Now, that is the tough quality of the TMobile, although it may not be considered as the quickest of handsets.

You can check out more details here.

As mentioned earlier it’s the resistance to impact, dust water, and scratch which is the most prominent selling secret. People doing much physical labour, or do a lot of traveling find it most convenient to use the Motorola DEFY. To add to this, the Motorola DEFY for T-Mobile USE was announced at the 25th season premiere of the famous ‘Oprah Winfrey Show!’

Motorola DEFY Android Mobile – Price, Features, Videos And Pictures

At last! The tough look Motorola DEFY is out in the market, available at all stores including Germany, costing about 350 euros. Its rugged exterior makes it different though not very attractive yet very sturdy. Its main attraction was its IP67 specifications, plus its guarantee protection from dust, water and accidents.

Check out the latest images of Motorola DEFY images : link.

We all know that some time or other, our carelessness brings damage to our phones causing scratches or cracks. But you can now relax as DEFY spells technology of a high level making sure that accidents and mishandling are looked after by the tough Gorilla glass. This glass is also one of the main attractions of this device.

The Corning Gorilla Glass comes with a 3.7 inch WVGA capacity touch screen known for being scratch proof, dust proof and water proof. It also possesses great tensile power. It is apparently created to easily manage and maintain everything that life throws your way!

You can also notice features like 800MHz processor with 512 MB RAM, 2GB onboard storage facility and the already fitted swipe software enabling quick text entries. All this makes it different from the Motorola Milestone. You can see it in two colours black and white on black. The display details contain an edge to edge with a WVGA 480×854 pixel resolution.

The DEFY is supposed to run the Android 2.1.a.k.a Éclair and along with the MOTOBLUR U1 it emerges unique from all other Android devices available. Motorola’s patent Motoblur interface helps streaming messages and updates, safeguards your data, maintains the battery and wipes out data incase your phone is lost or stolen.

It comes loaded with 5MP Auto Focus camera with LED flash, an inbuilt GPS receiver and support for HSPA, Wi-Fi with DLNA, Bluetooth and 1540 mAh battery. You can avail the Motorola DEFY for as low as 1euro on contract and the SIM-free gadget will cost 350 euros.

It measures about 59x107x13.4 mm and weighs about 114 gms. The handset possessing Crystal Talk Plus, where sound canceling microphones are used to enable you to filter out unwanted noises, comes as a bonus point!

Watch this video:

2 MP Camera, A2DP Bluetooth Stereo, Efficient Obigo Q& Browser, High Quality Walkman – Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i

Those people who are used to Sony Ericsson, are obviously used to the high quality and do not usually compromise for anything less. Sony Ericsson have yet again come out with another model Sony Ericsson Spiro, which is making its mark in today’s mobile market. The majority of customers who purchase cell phones, look for great functions at affordable prices.

It looks like Sony Ericsson’s target is to capture these people. A small and easy to manage Spiro is a slightly weight model. It has strong sliding facility, mainly intended for the daily an regular users. The rounded corners and its matte finish [black] gives it an appealing look . the rear end of the w100i bears a big speaker vent and a cut away for the camera lens. You can find a huge volume rocker on the right and a micro USB port and micro SD card too on the left.

Like most other phones the buttons for different functions along with the joy pad[4 way] is situated in the front. In spite of all the buttons fitted well in the right places, the users may often face the problem of usage and may end up having to use their finger tips or nails. The Spiro bears an attractive yet simple look sporting a black alpha numeric keypad and orange backlights. The concaved keypad may be a slight obstruction in messaging because its design makes the zero key which is mapped with the spacebar very inconvenient to handle.

Spiro comes with the basic camera features and very fine music functions although the ear phones are not upto the mark. It is a compact sliding phone weighing about 90 gms. It is a dual-band GSM/GPR/EDGE phone and has a 2MP camera. You have provision to use memory cards upto 16GB and it also promotes the two most popular audio codes – MP3and AAC.

Spiro has a cute design and solid construction. The shiny front is a tad too quick in grasping finger marks, but it does provide the phone with a unique style. It is the rear matte finish that protects it from slipping off easily. Coming back to the origin of Spiro, it was after the near flop show of their Zylo product, and with the increase of iPhones in the market, Sony Ericsson’s researchers had to crack their brains as they had now an extra responsibility of coming up with a gadget with interesting features as well attractive price. That gave rise the Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i, targeting mainly the lower sector of society and making it possible to overlook whatever shortcomings came attached.

But all said and done, Sony Ericsson’s Spiro is no doubt a likeable device, thanks to its impressive build, quality and decent media playback credentials!

Send Free Ringtones To Your Cell Phones From Your Computer

Update: This service is successfully works in US. Indians, might want to look into this service: to make your own free ringtones and send it to their cell phones.

You can now make any of your favorite song, music track or audio track as the ringtone of your cellphone. The guys at RingerDrop have created a very simple system, using which you can now create a ringtone out of any of your favorite track.

Send Free Ringtones Computer Cell Phone Mobile Internet

In just 4 steps you can get your favorite ringtone on your cell phone from your computer:

  1. You enter your 10 digit phone number
  2. Select your phone carrier
  3. You upload your favorite music track on to RingerDrops server
  4. And click on upload Ringtone

RingerDrop team will send a text message to you an URL( after you are done with uploading ), where you can download the ringtone from one. This link will be active for ten days and you can download the ringtone on to your phone anytime before those 10 days.

Depending on your carrier you may be charged a small fee.

The current file formats that are supported are midi, wav, nokia specific files and mp3. Pretty much all phones are supported however, since iPhones do not allow you to save files, this service is not supported on iPhone.

[ Visit RingerDrop ]

Nokia’s Reason For Setting Up Satellite Design Studio In India

Nokia set up their first in a series of satellite design studios here in India. Not many folks had the complete picture of what Nokia’s motives were in this move. After looking at them carefully, here are some thoughts that complete the puzzle and gives the bigger picture.

The main objective of setting up the satellite design studio was to get closer to the local culture and traditions as this will give the company find new ideas which they can implement across their global portfolio of products.

Internet usage on the mobile phones is one of the latest mega-trend, everywhere. Sharing photos, creating content and also building personalized networks are part of it. This is one of the prominent features Nokia guys have noticed and you can already see them implement what it takes to keep the cell phone users hooked.. Click and Share 😉

Nokia surely has conducted a lot of research in to how cultures and traditions in India translate into color and materials / texture preferences. It’s mainly all about colors and they definitely are watching this and will make improvements/changes as and when the necessity demands. We’ve already seen this … vibrant colors like red and blue .. colors like silver black gold and metallic finishes are popular because of a very strong link to heritage..

Indian consumers are always looking for easier and simpler ways to get things done. Navigating is no exception. Nokia got this one quick and they have introduced a lot of one touch fetaures like one touch feature for music internet, camera and so on.

India Now Nokia’s Second Largest Market?

Was skimming through some news and found an article which said India is second biggest market by means of sales, after the quite obvious giant China.

The company claims to have shipped more than 60 million hand sets in less than a record break time of 60 months! Not surprising at all … did you read my post where the statistics said there are over 3 billion cellphone/ mobile phone users worldwide? Now, 60 million is a drop in the ocean isn’t it ;).

And Nokia feels the demand for mobile phones will increase and continue to remain strong.