Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

PostworkShop, through Budapest-based software development – Xycod, is really an effective, extensive and easy-to-use artistic graphic treatment application, that is made to change your picture in to a good oil painting or perhaps watercolor, pale sketching or even pencil sketch, abstract art work or perhaps old-time-style photograph, through the use of natural looking creative filter systems. Postworkshop comes in three types – PostworkShop Basic Release, PostworkShop Artist Edition and PostworkShop Pro Edition.

PostworkShop Basic Edition that has fifty inbuilt creative styles usually expenses $19 per solitary permit. In order to advertise the actual progressive PostworkShop graphic application, Xycod is currently offering PostworkShop Basic Release at free of cost.

To get the free copy of PostworkShop Basic Edition visit the promotion

After that click, “Buy” button of PostworkShop Basic Edition. Now at shopping cart enter the following coupon code- CPN4890710839 and then press “Enter” to get an access the $19 discount for downloading the full version of PostworkShop Basic Edition. After that fill up the whole form and press “Checkout” and “submit” to get the copy of software.


Use the following links to download.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Mac.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Windows.

Change Or Modify Currency With Symbols In MS Office Accounting Express or Professional

Important Steps To Change Or Modify Currency With Symbols In MS Office Accounting Express or Professional

Accounting software developed by Microsoft is named as Microsoft Office Accounting (MSOA) which is especially aimed for the small businesses. This software was knows as Small Business Account (SBA) formerly and it is the firm competitor for the Intuit QuickBooks. The Microsoft Office software for accounting purpose is presented into two versions – One is Office Accounting Express which is available for free and the second is Office Accounting Professional meant for commercial purpose.

Currently, you will fid both Office Accounting software as Express 2009 or Professional 2009 as the latest version only in USA and UK markets. Because of this market limitation, the currency and symbols of each currency gets affected which are included in this application.

Microsoft Office Accounting ?is able to work with the base currency and the transaction currency. The Professional edition with these features firmly supports the purchase and the sell out transactions in international currency. By default, the United States (US) version of Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 uses US Dollar (USD) as the base and has the symbol $. While, the default UK version has the base currency in British Pound Sterling (GBP), having the £ symbol for it.

However, users from countries rather than UK and US, like India, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan and etc may perhaps need to make use of another currency and its symbols Rupee (Rs), Japanese (¥), Euro (€), and etc. Now, if you are one of them, then you could now create a “fake” currency with the help of a simple base currency hack for the Office Account Professional.

With this hack, you could swap the default parameters of base currency with your new preferred currency and its symbol. Just go through the following step by step guide to modify or edit parameters of the base currency. You could use the following setting to the Office Accounting Professional along with Office Accounting Pro 2009 or or above version.

1. First, open Office Accounting Professional, and go to the Company which will be situated in the menu bar. Just click on it and select Preferences from the drop down list.
2. Now, in this step, you just have to tick in the check box named as “Use Foreign Currencies”. It will enable the support for foreign currency.

3. Click on the OK button and the setting will be saved.
4. Now, go to Company menu. Select “Foreign Currency” click “Currency List”.
5. Choose USD (which will be for US edition) or else select GBP (which will be for UK edition) from the list. The selected currency should be active with tick alongside.

6. Now, click on the Edit option.
7. You could change here “Three-letter Currency Code” to your preferred one. For example INR for Indian Rupee or EUR for Euro.
8. You have to change the “Description” for each in order to reflect fresh currency.
9. If applicable, you could change the Symbol for your fresh currency.

10. Hit “OK” and save the setting.
11. Now, go back to the menu bar and select “Company” and then “Preferences”.
12. Here, turn off or disable support for the foreign currency. To do so, simply uncheck “Use Foreign Currencies” option.
13. Hit “OK”.
14. From now, you will be able to use the new created currency with its symbol in your Microsoft Office Accounting Professional.

The Express edition of the Microsoft Office Accounting doesn’t supports for the foreign currency, so you can’t apply the above hack to Microsoft Office Accounting Express edition. Use the following trick to change the format of the base currency in the Office Accounting Express 2008 or 2009 or above version.

• Method 1

First, download Office Accounting Professional trial version and install it. Enter the latest MSOA Pro tryout key and upgrade the Express edition to Professional trial edition. The use the steps given above and change the currency in MSOA successfully. When the evaluation period ends, the Professional edition will be reverted back to the Office Accounting Express. Download Office Accounting Professional trial version.

• Method 2

You have to edit or modify the base currency directly into SQL Server database so that it will be easily reflecting to the fresh preferred currency. Microsoft Office Accounting stores the data into the SQL Server.

To apply this setting, execute the “SQL Server Studio”. It should be installed in the system separately. Now, connect to the database engine namely MSSMLBIZ.

Select the “New Query” option from the toolbar. Now select the database of the specific company for which you have to modify the currency. Enter the following SQL into the New Query window:

update CurrencyTable set IsoCode=”XXX“, Symbol=”Y” where supportingTableId=79

You should replace the “XXX” with your definite currency code of the 3 letters. Replace Y with your preferred currency symbol. Now, run the SQL statement and the change will take effect.

Use WhatChanged For Tracing The Changes That Occur To The System Registry

Use WhatChanged For Tracing The Changes That Occur To The System Registry

Many of us have a habit of trying out new freeware and trial applications on our PC. This normally includes the common process of installing and uninstalling. However, you need to make a note that there are many applications which do not delete the related registry keys properly from the PC even after you uninstall them.

As a result, your system registry gets messed up with too many junk keys which in turn affect the speed and performance of your PC. It is also not possible for you to clean the system registry to get rid of these junk keys as it is very difficult to identify these unwanted registry keys.

However, there is a tool named “WhatChanged” that enables you to identify the registry keys that have been freshly added to your PC after you have installed an application. WhatChanged efficiently scans and identifies the new keys that are added to the system registry. Using this tool is quite simple. You need to perform just two easy steps.

Firstly, you have to choose the items (i.e. the files/ registry or both) that you wish to trace and then click on the button “Step #1” in order to obtain the snapshot of files and registry as The multidisciplinary epilepsy team at The Mirken Department of Neurology provides comprehensive epilepsy care with sophisticated diagnostic methods, the la driving training school medical and surgical treatments, and practical support and guidance for both patients and their families. a baseline before the changes are made. An output file containing the items that have been captured will be created at the same location where you have saved the WhatChanged tool.

Secondly, click on the button “Step#2” to check what has changed in the registry since step #1. It will now compare the snapshots, the one before change and the one after change. WhatChanged will generate the comparison results within a text file which will be placed at the same location where you have saved the WhatChanged tool.

By looking at the text file containing the results, you will easily know what all has been added to the system registry of your PC after the installation of the application. Now, even after uninstalling the application if you see that some related registry keys still exist in the system registry, you can manually delete them as you are sure that they are no more necessary.

WhatChanged 1.06 is a tiny utility that consumes only 92 KB of disk space. Moreover, it is just an executable file and hence you do not need to spend time in installing it. You just need to run the exe file to launch the utility and start using it immediately. It works well with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Change your Normal Bar to Windows 7 Super Bar with ViGlance

Change your Normal Bar to Windows 7 Super Bar with ViGlance

The latest operating system of Microsoft’s windows 7 is considered as the best ever Operating System which allows high quality graphics, new designs, animations, and many other features.

However many people like windows XP operating service more, and don’t want to change into windows 7 for their own reasons. There is an option Windows transformation pack to change their operating system. There is a major advantage of windows7 operating system, which is its super bar. However by using the ViGlance tool, you can change your normal bar to look like Windows 7 Super Bar, without having to change the entire operating system.

ViGlance is a freeware that changes your normal default bar to super bar. Windows7 bar is featured with latest style to provide various background effects. All opened programs will be adjusted in super bar easily instead of creating group of opened items.


This tool changes entire functions and looks of normal bar to super bar instantly. You just need to download it on your computer and launch it. The rest will be handed automatically by this application. It will also enhance the performance of windows XP to give better result to the users. Even your start button will be organized systematically.

Change your Windows 7 Look to Windows XP using Windows XP Theme

Change your Windows 7 Look to Windows XP using Windows XP Theme

Probably you are in love with old versions of Windows operating systems. The latest windows 7 operating system is featured with many advance features, but what if you want look of windows XP and performance of Windows 7 simultaneously. 

There is a windows XP theme that converts entire look of your windows 7 operating system. The Windows XP Blue Theme will change entire look of your windows 7 operating system. You just need to install this theme on your computer.


With immediate effect, this theme will modify the appearance of windows 7 keeping its default features and performance. It means now you can have look and appearance of windows XP with Windows 7 advanced features and performance. You can download Widows XP Luna theme on your computer to get feeling of windows XP appearance on you screen.

Gmail Feature To change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

Converting feature of Gmail enables users to change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

A little while back Gmail labs introduced new feature in Gmail which helps you to convert contents of Gmail into Google Doc. You can also publish or share it through your own blog.  The main important characteristic of this feature is that it saves your time and effort.  There is no more worry to copy contents and paste email contents into word document and attach in email to share with your friends.

All you need to do is just enable Google Doc option in your account by following these steps. Open Gmail account go to settings>labs> create document>select enable to enable this feature.

Now just click on save to save these settings. It is so easy to enable this feature in Gmail accounts.  If you are working on internet explorer then make sure that you are using internet explorer 7 version and above, as old version of IE does not support view labs feature.

Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Most of us want to stay updated with their favorite websites, such as online news or online stock. When the news is released, we tend to watch it immediately. Now, lots of new applications are present with which you can check the website yourself and see if the new posts. One of them is “Web Pages Monitor”.

This application helps you to monitor the web pages. It alerts you instantly when any type of alteration is made in the website. In addition to this it keeps you posted with the availability of web server.

The application Web Pages Monitor is a free application. You can set the time interval to monitor the web page. It automatically monitors the web pages in every pre-defined time interval at background. If there is any change in the website, you will be alerted by the message that appears in the task bar. This freeware application is easy to use. You can also set the checking frequency of the web pages as of minutes up to hours and days.

It is capable of checking all kinds of web pages along with the textual contents for example html, php, jsp, asp and also binary files, provided that they can be accessed through HTTPS, HTTP and FTP protocols. You can start monitoring at the start up of windows and you can also monitor infinite number of websites or web pages.

Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Word 2007 has introduced a new default format of file i.e. Docx. It is a format in which it will be saved and it is supported by XML and uses the ZIP compression in order to reduce overall size of file. However, you may don’t want to save the file under docx format, as many people are using Office 2000/2003/XP and Microsoft Office Compatibility may not be installed. So the new format of file is not fully compatible to the existing word versions. In order to change the .docx file format follow these steps:

First click Office button, which is located on left corner in word 2007 at the top. Secondly, on the menu, you should click Word Options as located at the bottom. Then click save as option as shown on the left panel. Then you should choose “Word97-2003 Document i.e. (*.doc).  Then click ok button in order to save that setting.

These simple steps if followed properly will give you file format .doc instead of .docx. I have given some effort for trying to locate these options in its totally new interface, e in order to get more fruitful regular piece of works.

Changing the Grouping Size Of Windows in Windows Taskbar

Changing the Grouping Size Of Windows in Windows Taskbar

If you are operating in Windows Vista and in Windows XP, the window of the various programs on the taskbar combines and group together if the number of buttons or windows increase which makes it difficult for the users as they can see one button along with one label that appears in the Taskbar.

For those users who want windows groping, together with similar windows but at a faster rate, for example after 3 or 4 similar windows for same application that are opened, without compressing them to the size of Taskbar’s button, windows provides TaskbarGroupSize which is a registry key that the Users can hack for changing the behavior of the Windows group as well as combining similar Windows.

TaskbarGroupSize is a registry value that is setting-based which defines the how many open windows of the same application can be opened on Taskbar before it is being grouped together in the Taskbar to one button.

In order to modify the Size value of Taskbar Group, you have to follow these steps:

At first Run Registry Editor (i.e. RegEdit)

Then navigate into one of the following registry key:

Command for present user who is logged on: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Command for every user accounts in PC: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Make a newly DWORD Value in right pane, and then enter TaskbarGroupSize as registry value.

Then double click in the TaskbarGroupSize, after that, change the value by which number of windows which will be opened in Taskbar as desired. For example, you want to group together 3 instances, the first to windows will not be grouped. Any three or more will be grouped into a single button on the taskbar.

To get your settings to work, restart your computer or you may re-login to see the necessary changes taking place.

Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

A new feature named Desktop Slideshow is added in Windows 7. The Desktop Slideshow has ability to auto-rotate or auto-change the wallpapers among all the wallpapers that you select as desktop background. Just before launching Windows 7, Microsoft had integrated the Vista OS with the Windows Dreamscene feature. It was pretty impressive but the functionality of rotation not up to the mark.

Desktop Slideshow provides a new way to set up the desktop in Windows 7. It appears as middle ground between animated video background and traditional wallpaper which is pretty much same as DreamScene. However it is not a complete replacement for DreamScene, as it changes the wallpapers among the selected bunch by rotating them in background automatically.

In previous beta of Windows 7 now you can stop the rotation of desktop wallpapers slideshow when there is very low battery power situation in notebook computers. You may also set the frequency of transition interval as 10 seconds up to one day. It gives the ability to customize transition effect also randomize slideshow pictures to appear randomly.

However, the Desktop Slideshow is locked in preBeta Build 6801 Milestone 3 of Windows 7. To start using this feature you have to apply a special hack.