IRC – The Most Popular Internet Chat

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a highly popular web chat that has a complex setup. Internet users first connect to a specific channel in a server, and the servers are all separate and make up the entire IRC network. There are rooms, private rooms, and even private chats. The rooms and private rooms have multiple users, whereas the private chats are simply from one user to another.

What most clients like the best about IRC is the fact that the rooms, private rooms, and even their names can have various features that are customizable. Rooms can be ‘hidden’ which means they cannot be searched for or found, they can be private indicating they need a password to get in, or there can be a variety of other features.

Another great thing about IRC is its widespread popularity. There are many servers all around the world and many different chat rooms; you can find chat rooms for games, countries, general chatting, and much more! Various languages are supported, with even specific rooms for those languages! On top of that there are thousands of people on making it exciting to go into various rooms and talk with various people.

How Do You Get On IRC?

This is a complicated question to answer without first knowing about the different IRC clients available. There are many out there, each one enables the user to get on to an IRC server in various ways. For Microsoft Windows there is about sixty or so clients, for Java there is about fifteen, about twenty or so clients for MacOS, thirty some clients for UNIX, and still many more not mentioned already.

Here we’ll simply cover a few of the more popular clients: PJIRC, Mibbit, Leafchat, and mIRC.

PJIRC – This is a popular Java client that is generally integrated for games and in other websites. Their main website is here ( . From there you can view demos, and even download the latest version of PJIRC.

Mibbit –This unique client has tons of features. You can create chats for your web pages via widgets, you can connect straight through the web via the Mibbit website and so much more. It gives you unlimited options and is very simple to use! Their website is here if you would like further information:

Leafchat – As an open source client this is one of the best by far. It’s got a clean and simple interface that allows you to not only connect efficiently without a lot of clutter, but you can also connect to multiple servers as once which is very useful. It is a free client and you can download it from the leafdigital website at

mIRC – Last we have mIRC, an IRC client for Windows. It is by far the most popular out of all of the clients and is used by millions. It’s a little difficult to setup but overall it’s worth it because it has a ton of customizable features and addons. Visit the mIRC website here at

Do to the fact that there are simply so many different IRC clients you need to find out which one is best for your computer and fits your personal preferences. They all vary drastically but you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

How To Remove The New FaceBook Chat Sidebar – Drawbacks / Disadvantages

Selected few FaceBook users were offered the new FaceBook chat sidebar feature earlier this month. As mentioned earlier not everyone have got the invites and screen space is one of the main reasons for it.

A majority of those who decided to shift over to the new Facebook chat feature seem to have more complaints than praises. I too tried the new feature and there are a lot of short comings, but it might just be the beginning and FB, in future, may update / upgrade it, hence it’s too early to take a call.

Latest Update (July 29th, 2011) – Don’t forget to like us @ our FaceBook community page

Remove / Toggle Between Old and New Facebook Chat Sidebar

This is the best solution of all solutions which are mentioned below:

The only requirement is that you must have Google Chrome for this fix to work. Download chrome from here.

Once you have Chrome downloaded: Go to >> Chrome Settings >> Tools >> Extensions >> Get More Extensions >> type this in search –> “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler” >> Install >> Enjoy !

Or you can directly install the Chrome ‘Disable FaceBook chat sidebar’ from here.

Disadvantages of new Facebook chat feature are:

  • It takes up considerable space. A manual option to ‘Hide Sidebar‘ is available, but you need to hide the sidebar every time you launch it, unlike in the old one.
  • If you are one of those who have a lot of friends online all the time, you surely will not like the new chat sidebar. It shows a list of 20 – 25 online friends with who you interact most. There is no explanation as to how the rest of your online friends will be listed, hope it’s not another scroll bar to see the rest !
  • I don’t understand why is it imperative to show the list of friends who I chat with most ? Since chat and my friends are personal to me, will I not be aware of it ?
  • The new design is very confusing when compared to the old chat feature. In the old one all those friends who were online were listed first, this made the task easier to scroll through the list and chat with whoever I wanted. The new one lists my friends in alphabetical order, and it has nothing to do with whether they are online or not, which confuses me as I have to first search for the name and then check if they are online. How cool is that !!

My advice to Facebook is- they should consult Steve Jobs of Apple before they come up with a new feature and functionality design 😉 (pun intended 😉 ).

Can I remove the new FaceBook chat feature and revert back to the old one ?

I really want to, but unfortunately there’s nothing listed on how to revert back to old chat on FaceBook :(. Those who upgraded to the new Facebook sidebar chat are stuck with it for a while now !

I’ll update this page when I find a suitable solution or when Facebook decides to tell us how ! Meanwhile, if you figure out how to disable the new sidebar chat and enable old chat, please let me know via comments section.

If you too hate the new Facebook Chat Sidebar, you can join our FaceBook community page and then leave your comment, may be they’ll take some measures to set it right.


Finally found a work around to revert back to the old Facebook Chat !!

  • Login to your Facebook account via any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc., (most of these browsers provide tabbing facility, provided you are using the latest version).
  • Open a New Tab and paste => and you’ll revert back to the old chat (but the old chat is limited to this tab alone).
  • The two drawbacks of this methods is:- you have to open the new tab every time you login to your Facebook account and your Chat window will be in another tab, which many people may not like. But this is the only workable solution.

Those who use Firefox, can load the old chat in sidebar, follow the instructions here.


Hide offline contacts, order Facebook friends contacts by online / idle / offline status, hide new sidebar chat button:

Joris Griffioen has posted a solution (on Facebook – I hate the New Facebook chat sidebar community page) for :

  • Hiding all those contacts who are offline. This one’s such a beauty ! It really was an irritating feature.
  • Ordering your contacts in the sidebar chat by online / idle / offline status
  • And a one click ‘Hide Sidebar’ button.

The only constraint is, if you want these features you’ll have to shift to Firefox and must have GreaseMonkey scriptinstalled. Once you have GreaseMonkey on Firefox, you can download FB Chat Sidebar Fix script from and install it to avail all the features.

If you too hate the new Facebook Chat Sidebar, you can join our FaceBook community page and then leave your comment, may be they’ll take some measures to set it right.

Update (22 – July – 2011)

So far, VasanSoft Chat Mechanic is best solution to get your old FaceBook Chat back !

[Via Vasan’s Photos]. Credit goes to Vasan for making our life easier :).


Biggest List Of Free Online Video / Audio / Text Chat Website For Strangers (Girls / Guys)

I came across a list of sites that claimed to allow you chat with strangers (girls and guys)- video / audio / text chat. I visited the sites to check if these sites were legitimate and if they did work at all.


All those who plan to visit any of these sites
“Do not visit these sites if you are at work, school, or any public place where you can be humiliated. You’ll bump into strangers who almost always are wearing nothin !!”

Here’s my list according to my preferance (My main criteria were: ease of use, number of ads, unique features and server speed):

1> Omegle by far is the simplest of these type of sites. It’s very interesting, simple and clean.

2> : I had problems loading this site. I’m not sure if it was the browser or the flash version installed or server load at the time when I tried logging in.

They also flash this message targetted at Google Chrome users:

Chrome users:
If your Flash Player crashes often, please upgrade your Chrome or try a different browser.

I was on Chrome and was lazy to fire up another browser and test it, so I’m just going by what has to say.

3> FaceBuzz – Looks decent enough. They have an integrated Facebook connect option. It is a social network, allowing unknown people to meet randomly, via voice or video chat. On FaceBuzz it’s mandatory that you need to have a webcam, as it is meant for strangers with webcams only. You have an otion to avoid obscene not safe videos, though I’m not sure what stops people from surpassing this.

Some other interesting features are that you can auto reconnect if connection is lost. Clean the chatlog, clear the chat messages if you hit on with a new stranger and a report button that lets you voice your concerns.

Though it is fairly good, I feel that there are a lot of ads, which is a bit irritating and also the slow servers don’t help much !

I guess it’s a french owned company, and you can find their blog (available only in french) here.

They do have a contact form / page:

Please contact [email protected] for any question or bug report.

Everything supplied by the user, is not property of FaceBuzz and therefore FaceBuzz is not responsible for what you will find.

You should be 18 years old to use this service.

Thank you for using FaceBuzz !

4> Rounds : Fairly good, interactive Video Chat, you can take snapshots, play real-time games, watch youtube together, share pictures, listen to music, funny web cam effects and much more while you are online !

They have a Facebook application, Social community, wave gadget and they have a chrome extension too !

5> Lolichat : The only website which has an explicit warning :

If you expose your genitals or show porn video to someone…
We must report you to the Interpol’s cyber center right away, without any warnings!
Then we will capture your video.
And we will get your IP information.

Do you agree?

One of the most interesting feature is that this website has a translator, now just in case you stumble across someone who chats in a language you don’t know, isn’t that interesting ?

Though their unprofessional Feedback email id put me off : [email protected] . GMail, a free email service really ??

Some other regular options are you can change video position, auto reconnect, clean chat log and turn off / on chat sound. This website too is only for those users who have a webcam. Without a cam there is no way you can go ahead and chat..

6> Tinychat – You can create your own or join an existing channel !!

In each channel, all those who are subscribed to that channel and are online currently will show up. To report someone you have to hover your mouse on video and option to hide / report will pop -up. Advantage of TinyChat is that they have facilities for group chat. However, make sure you are on a very fast connection when you login to TinyChat. So many windows open simultaneously might alter and reduce your browsers performance.

Even when you are in a group, you have the option to send messages to individual and if the stranger and you want to move to a private room, you can do so.

To view who’s online and chat with them you don’t need to be logged in, however, if you want to leave a comment on any channel then you need to be logged in.

A few other ‘Chat with stranger’ sites that did not impress me much, however the users probably can find something good out of them :

7> CamZap – It’s available in English, Dutch, Espanol, French, Portugese and few other languages. Click on “start / zap” if you want to chat with a new stranger.

8> Spin the cam – This one doesn’t look genuine at all. It shows a lot of girls in the members last logged in, which is really hard to believe. It’s not just a cam chat site, it is a more like a social forum. They have informatin about people who have registered with them, for ex:

You can connect with them via Facebook, twitter, google, yahoo etcs, or create an account. If you want to get hold of more information about other members on the site, sign in required. I did not bother to create an account, as the site looks fake !

9> ShufflePeople – Have to click on Start Playing once you open that webpage. When you try to start chatting initially it tries to send your information to a Facebook app and requests your permission to do so. Those who do not pay attention to these pop-up  messages, might just end up becoming a member of it on FaceBook, and your friends might get to know which site you’ve been visiting ;), which is not what you want ! To avoid such situation, when the facebook option pops up, deny it.

Once you are done with it, it flashes a message: “Sit tight we are finding a random person for you”. The slow servers force you to wait for longer than you expect.

Among other features, they have group chat option, an option to report as well. It is ad supported and you can select to stop playing once you are bugged with it.

10> Another website is CamStuble: First look, I did not like it and the reason is their title “For the attention deprived”. Assumption ! Who said only attention deprived people go online to chat with strangers !! ?

They have a forum here and a store You have group chat option as well

You can either stumble anonymously or with an identity. You can get your own identity by creating an account:

However, the site doesn’t seem to be very popular. So I’m not sure if it’s really worth the time you spend on that site.

11> College Only is another site : Even after two repeated attempts to load the website, it did not come up. May be I visited it on a wrong day !

All the services we have discussed above are browser based and they do not require you to download any software prior to start chatting with strangers. There are various adantages and disadvantages, without getting into let, lets see other different kind of services:

12> Cam frog – another service that lets you chat with strangers. However you need to download and install a software before you can start chatting with strangers.

For windows mac mobile:

For iphone and ipad:

User directory:

They have pro version available and with the pro version you can

Open multiple video windows.
Resize video windows to large sizes.
Locate what room a user is in.
Add text and cool effects to your video window.
Send files to your friends.
Remotely access your webcam from another computer to see what’s going on at your home.
IM and Room History. Keep a history of your IM conversions and rooms you joined.
Drag your contacts to the desktop to see their status when then Camfrog is closed.

You can download the pro version from :

It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X. All software come with a one year subsrciption.

Another very unique service that deserves mention is :

Anybodyoutthere : AnybodyOutThere is a chat platform which helps users find the right people to talk with about what interests them.

Once you sign up you can filter results / refresh results based on your search criteria (either username and / or keyword).

The search result will list all popular topics on which the user can post, find, orgainze and personalize. One of the best platforms to catch up with strangers based on your interest !

You can see another list compiled here on FreeNuts.

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A Hack To Turn Your Yahoo! Messenger Nickname Blank

A hack which will make a yahoo username invisible on the messenger, allowing one to chat with any person either in a public or a private yahoo chat room. This feature will make your name become invisible and hide your identity from others.

One can easily switch back to the original i.e display their nicknames on messenger again. So this hack is user friendly and very safe too. Anyone can easily play tricks on their yahoo messenger friends by utilizing “Yahoo Invisible Username Trick”.

Your nickname will appear blank on the member listing for every chat room. No other person will be capable of tracing your name. Even if you initiate chatting, your messages are displayed as received from an anonymous yahoo user. As many users are unaware of this great and simple trick they will be surprised to see messages from an anonymous person in the chat room.

Steps to follow to make Yahoo! messenger’s users name Invisible:

  • Click open Yahoo! messenger. Login using your id and password
  • Browse and select messenger, select my contact info from the messenger.
  • An editable “yahoo accounts” page opens. Here type in the password to proceed further.
  • You will find edit/ create aliases to your right hand sidebar. Select it.
  • Browse and select a link “add an alias”.
  • The code [?] should be copied from within square brackets. Now paste the same as a name for the new alias. The user is requested to copy only the code and not the brackets.
  • Now save all the changes. This causes the username to become invisible on Yahoo messenger.

A user’s profile will bear a blank name for all existing yahoo services. They can roam and access every single chat room with a blank or dummy user name.

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Beneficial Feature On Google Talk Chat Messages (Gtalk Auto Reply)

Individuals can setup an auto reply feature for their Google talk for inbound chat messages using Google mail’s “Auto-Responder”. To set this up, individuals are required to download a utility tool called as “gtalk-auto-reply”.

“Gtalk auto reply” is a freeware which can be used to set a self customized message for all Auto-replies. Just download “Google talk auto reply” utility tool and type in Google talk login information to utilize this feature.

Individuals can create a customized message in the provided space and store it. Once Google talk auto reply is been enabled, it will commence replying the saved message as Auto-Reply to all inbound chat messages.

This is very beneficial when individuals are not available on their desk. The same can be conveyed to their google talk chat messengers as auto reply notification with their customized message within the duration of the time they come back on the messaging line again.

Use aMSN Portable To Chat With Friends Anytime Anywhere

Use aMSN Portable To Chat With Friends Anytime Anywhere

Nowadays, Live Messenger service in Windows, which is also called MSN Messenger or simply MSN is gaining more and more popularity, as one of the main communication tool, especially amongst youngsters. There are lots of people who are addicted to this communication medium, MSN. They feel uncomfortable without frequently login on to their MSN. However now, you could treat this MSN sickness with the help of MSN web messenger service.

There is a facility with which could use MSN web messenger while you are travelling somewhere and have forgotten to carry your laptop with you. On the other hand, it will be better to make use of portable MSN app called aMSN Portable, as a practical solution to stay tuned with your MSN group.



aMSN Portable comes with a package of various important features including MSN basic functions. With these feature you could video chat, text chat, add emoticons, display image, file transfer, do offline messaging, conferencing, see chat logs, etc. There is no need to install this app on to the computer and it could run with the help of portable devices such as a pen drive, portable hard disk and etc.

It is very handy application that could be easily carried and plugged in to any computer. With this app, you could enjoy chatting with your friends on Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger anytime-anywhere. Just use the following link Here to download this portable tool of instant messenger. When you double click on the downloaded file, it will create a folder namely “aMSNPortable” in your designated path. Simply double click the executable file present in this aMSNPortable folder to start your chatting session on MSN.

Skypelogview Shows You All Skype’s Calls, File Transfers, And Chats Instantly

Skypelogview Shows You All Skype’s Calls, File Transfers, And Chats Instantly

Skype is one of the most popular applications to make free calls and chat with your friends Via Skype to Skype. If you are using Skype in order to transfer files, chats and make calls then you would definitely want to make a list of your entire calls and file transfers to use them later for your future references.

If you want to recover information about the calls that you made a few days ago, then you will face a lot of trouble in doing so without Skype application. Therefore, to help you there is utility application named, SkypeLogView, which allows you to have aces to all information at a glance instantly.


You do not need to install it because it is a complete standalone freeware utility. You just need to download SkypeLogView and it starts displaying all the details such as calls duration, Action type, Time, Chat history etc. Besides, the users can also access the file transfer details such as received files or sent files by a single click.

Make sure that you have exited from Skype application before executing the SkypeLogView, otherwise you will be shown error message stating “Failed to read one or more log files”. If you think that this one is useful for you, then download it from here at free of cost.

Send And Receive SMS Online Free From Google

Sending and Receiving SMS via Google Gmail chat

Now a day’s people are addicted to Mobile phones and there are innumerable applications. All mobiles phones along with network operators provide default messaging system call SMS (Short Messaging Service).

By using the SMS service, people can send and receive short messages from other users. This service will be charged depending on the service provider. There are some featured mobiles where in we can send SMS for free, provided that the other Users also carry the same make of mobile phones.

This type of SMS system is introduced by Google for their users in Google Chat client. This messaging system for Gmail Chat client can be enabled by any user.

Once this feature is enabled, then user can send or receive an SMS to US mobile or cell phone numbers. SMS through Gmail Chat client is free of cost.

This feature has been made available by the Gmail labs. This is still under experimental condition. If a user wants to enable this feature in their Gmail Chat client, user should change their Gmail Settings to enable Test Messaging in Chat.

How to use this feature

Once this feature is enabled, a user can type mobile phone number in the chat window on the space that has been provided for entering the numbers. After successful entry, a user can send and receive SMS from the destined user.

How this works

Whenever we add a new mobile number that number will be tagged to a Google internal number by which it acts as carrier for sending or receiving the SMS. This feature prevents any type of crosstalk while the 2 users are communicating.

There is another feature added to this type of tagging, which is a user can save that code number for future sending and receiving.


This feature is only limited for US Gmail Chat users. This is not programmed for other users living outside the United States. This feature is limited to Gmail chat and cannot be used in other Google enabled services like iGoogle or other standalone Google gadgets.

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