Can I Play Prank On My Friends For Christmas / New Year?

I’ve always loved to play pranks and, Christmas and New Years is a perfect time to play pranks on your colleagues or best friends. Just imagine, everyone is getting ready to wind-up, lock their computers and go out on holidays, and suddenly realize that something has gone wrong with their computer and they have no idea how to fix it !!

It’ll be fun to watch them panic, isn’t it. So here’s a very simple trick to get the worst out of your loved ones (you can play this on those who you don’t like too 😉 ):

This rotate screen shortcut, will rotate the screen 180 degrees, which means everything on the experimented computer screen will be upside down :).

This trick can be played on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or any other versions of Windows.

Now once you’ve troubled your friend enough, you can use the same shortcut keys to set the display right.

Happy Christmas and New Year in advance 🙂

Website Traffic Down During Christmas And New Years Eve?

In one of the previous post, I wrote about website traffic being down around ThanksGiving and Black Friday. I noticed that I’m recovering the lost traffic, as everyone’s back to work and ofcourse that means they are back in front of their computers, which is a good sign for webmasters ! 🙂

However, you should  be aware that another biggest  holiday season is fast approaching… Christmas and New Years ! And this time around, most users are away for about 10 – 14 days, that is from the last week of December, it’ll be till first week of January before they settle down properly. This again means, 2 weeks down time for your traffic numbers, which also means that it’s down time for your earnings.

How low do you think my websites traffic will be down during Christmas and New Years??

Well this is a tricky question. The reason being, different websites behave differently during this year. Gift websites, gadgets websites, holiday websites and other entertainment websites will do really well. However, websites like TechBuzz may not perform as usual, since TechBuzz delivers content related to technology, and who on earth would want to stick in front of their computers, trying to find a solution to their problem during Christmas / New Year ?? 🙂

However, here’s a rough estimate of what you should expect in the next two months.  Assuming that you have regular traffic through out the week, expect your traffic to be down by around 30 -40% during the last week of December and 1st week of January. Now if your earnings too dip in a similar fashion, then in the next two months, you should see a 7 – 10% dip in revenues when compared to the other months.

As I already mentioned, this data is based on my previous experience. Your site might perform different!