Auto Repay YouTube Videos / Playlists in Firefox, Chrome, IE And Other Browsers

Auto replay / automatically repeat YouTube videos feature allows you to replay your favorite songs without the need for you to press the ‘Play’ button every time a particular video ends.

Some browsers, with built in capacity to add extensions / apps, make the auto repeat feature a breeze when compared to others. Since this particular feature is not provided by YouTube by default, you HAVE to rely on third party products / services to enjoy this service.

Let us take a look at how it can be achieved on individual browsers:

1> FireFox:

Loopy, a handy Firefox Add-On, along with GreaseMonkey provides a platform to auto repeat videos in Firefox. One of the main advantage of this set up is, not only can you play individual videos, you can auto loop playlists too.

For those who do not have GreaseMonkey installed – this Addon will serve the purpose, however, with this addon you’ll not be able to auto look playlists, but only individual videos.

2> Google Chrome:

The Auto-Replay extension on chrome provides you with different set of features when compared to Loopy of FireFox. One of the interesting feature – Selective video clip auto replay – i.e., it provides ‘Replay From‘ – ‘Play Till‘ option. With this option, you can repeat / replay only that part of the video which you want to.

Other browsers have limitations because of which the process is not as easy as with FireFox and Chrome. If you are using any other browser then you can visit websites like: and where you can watch your favorite videos repeatedly.

The limitation with all the above is you need to have internet connection in order to stream the video the first time before you can play it. To over come this situation you can download the videos from youtube / playlists from youtube and use any offline media player like VLC to auto repeat the videos.

How To Get 3 Stars In All Three Levels Of AngryBirds

Off late, I’ve been hooked to angry birds, and I admit it’s quite an addictive game. Angry birds is available for various platforms – for your iPhone / iPad / Android phones and those who do not have any of these gadgets, there’s nothing to worry, as it freely available for you to play on your chrome / desktop version ( too available for free.

How to get Angry Birds on Google Chrome :

To get angry birds on Google chrome visit : . Click on the Install option (you must be logged in to your Gmail account). You are done. AngryBirds  app will be installed on Chrome. The only catch is, you MUST have an active internet connection while you install the game.

Every time you wish to play the game, click open a ‘New Tab‘ and AngryBirds will be listed under apps. Those who do not wish to open a New Tab every time, this post simplifies the process.

Note: You can play AngryBirds on Chrome even if you are not connected to internet, it’s as good as playing it offline.

How To Get 3 Stars In All Three Levels Of Angry Birds:

It’s hard to figure out how to get 3 stars in all levels of AngryBirds, however iAddict00 makes your life easier. He / She has uploaded video how-tos explaining how you can get 3 stars in all levels.

You can visit iAddict’s channel here.

It is very helpful 🙂

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Several users might have come across fascinating, distinctive, strange, humorous, or uncommon digital pictures or graphics occasionally once they browse web. They might preserve these types of pictures and utilize them as desktop wallpaper. On the other hand, occasionally pictures turn out to be useless in their PC as the users forget to include all of them as wallpaper. If you want to reduce, the steps associated with transforming the images to wallpaper, also to shorten the procedure Google chrome users are able to check out this east extension “Set Image as Wallpaper”

“Set Image as Wallpaper” is a free extension of best casino bonuses Google Chrome presently working with windows only. With the help of installation of this extension in the web browser, users will be able to by-pass the process for saving the time, and directly right click the image. Users are able to select “Set Image as Wallpaper” within the pop-up shortcut menu to get the chosen image as wallpaper.  

Users are also provided with the option to alter the format, such as if they would like to stretch, centre, or tile to set the chosen image as wallpaper. This simple procedure will definitely make it possible for users to place interesting image as wallpaper and alter it with ease.

You can download it here.

Control Flash Content in Google Chromes With Flash Control

Control Flash Content in Google Chromes With Flash Control

Several developers often put a some flash animation ingredients for example Flash intro, Flash commercials, flash fun video games, and many others to create their website more attractive as well as interesting. However, much traffic towards the website will not choose the concept. Customers will discover the flash material on the site frustrating along with troubling. To reduce the flash component from showing up in the website, Google Chrome provides consumers a filtering option through its flash content selection extension, namely FlashControl.

FlashControl is a free of charge browser extension for Google chrome, which allows customers to possess control on the display items through preventing your Adobe Flash players through filling the contents. Using this off shoot set up, customers will quickly realize there exists a control panel to every flash player as a part of website. Users can make on/off control keys on the user interface for you to allow/disallow your flash player functioning.

By default, FlashControl prevents almost all display contents from working with a website. People may manage manually while using control panel to allow the flash items. FlashControl also provide people the choice to spot certain web sites that enable flash material. People can also add these websites address with a whitelist so the internet browser expansion will not likely prevent the actual display content from these internet sites.


Usually FlashControl provides consumers an adaptable approach to manage the flash contents from the website. Customers can selectively run your flash items at their very own discretion if they need.

Try The New Google Chrome Stable 6

Try The New Google Chrome Stable 6

Most of the net surfers are very well familiar with the Google Chrome web browser, which is a WebKit LayOut Engine and it is an application framework. Recently, it has completed and celebrated its second anniversary with a new release of stable version in Google Chrome Stable 6, which is more streamlined with fast speed.

Google Chrome has been created with JavaScript and now the performance of Google Chrome has been enhanced and upgraded than before.  Now it is much more faster, than the time it was introduced, which is about two years ago.

According to latest blog of Chrome, apart from an improvement in speed, it has been introduced with new features like more customized New Tab page, better privacy controls, password manager, Autofill, HTML5 capabilities, synchronization of various settings, automatic translation, browser themes and side-by-side view.

The Google Chrome stable 6 has been added with these new improvements and features as mentioned below:

  • Improved and updated User Interface (UI).
  • Form Autofill.
  • Syncing of Autofill data and extensions.
  • Fast speed and improvement in stability.
  • Fixes Security issues.


The Google Chrome stable 6 can be downloaded from the official site of Google Chrome.  Just visit on Google Chrome website and type following URL in the address bar 6.0.472.53 to download the latest version of Google Chrome Stable 6.

Google Chrome stable 6 for Windows XP, Vista and 7
Google Chrome stable 6 for Mac
Google Chrome stable 6 for Linux

Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Mostly, the web-based free encyclopedia is a favorite site for any internet user. These web-based services offer the simplest way for getting the information right away. Now, here is free software extension which has been especially designed for Firefox browser namely Googlepedia. This all new software extension for Firefox browser makes the process of the data searching more resourceful.

 First, you have to install the Googlepedia add-on into the Firefox browser to use this service. When you search something with the Google search engine, you’ll get the main page of the browser divided in two sections. In the left side, you will get your normal Google results, while in the right section you will get relevant Wikipedia articles. The Wikipedia articles result is based upon the top results of the Google search engine.

Googlepedia helps you to kill two birds with a single stone. You could get both the search results obtained from Wikipedia and Google simultaneously. Obviously, you could freely enlarge each side for full size for better understanding. If you Nar du har gatt inn pa et blackjack kan du velge det spillet du vil prove, og velge a spille for moro skyld. don’t want Wikipedia results with general Google results, you could simply disable Googlepedia.

Googlepedia works well with Windows 98, Linux, Macintosh, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. This add-on greatly works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above version. Now, the new version of Googlepedia could also be run with Google Chrome browser. Following is list key features of it:

• Convents inner Wikipedia links into the Google search links
• You could use “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of Google for searching relevant Wikipedia articles
• Provides link of the images to the full-sized versions directly
• Excludes Google AdWords feature
• The page could be expanded to take full advantage of the page
• You could use local language for Wikipedia
• Hide button feature could be used to disable Googlepedia
• Supports Firefox 3
• Interface supports over 7 languagesCzech, German, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch

Download Googlepedia.

Googlepedia for Firefox

Googlepedia for Chrome 0.5.8

Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code

Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code



 Have you used different internet security software and still not sufficed? Here is one of the most popular internet security applications named East-Tec Eraser 2010. This utility is especially designed to protect your private and confidential information including clean all clues of internet activities quickly. You will definitely wish to keep your browsing history or data to be secured or keep away from the others reach. That’s why this utility is the best option to do so.


Compelling features of East-Tec Eraser 2010

• Delete or remove entire evidence of your online and internet activities such as visited web pages, photos, video clips, movies, e-mails, chatting conversation, and others.
• Remove the traces of documents and images that you have accessed earlier
• It supports highly-popular web browsers such as Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
• It support wide range of programs such as news, messengers, email, players and others
• Delete cookies of your system
• Permanent deletion of all digital information for secure browsing or transaction over the web
Usually, it costs $49.95 for 1 year license key code. However, users can grab the free copy of 6 month license serial code easily. You just have to complete the registration form of the PC Authority.
• Initially, visit the promotional site page to complete the registration process
• Shortly, an email will be delivered to your mail account from the EAST Technologies Support containing a link to get free license key for 6 months.
• Click on the link and you will see a new webpage

 Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 from here.

11 Unrevealed Facts about Upcoming Google Chrome Operating System

11 Unrevealed Facts about Upcoming Google Chrome Operating System

The giant search engine Google is planning to launch its operating system in the market. As it was captured a huge chunk in the market with its unique search engine, it has become an undisputed leader in this field. Now Google is thinking to expand its market share with its latest operating system (Google chrome OS).

Many people think that this will give the huge competition to the giant operating system company Microsoft. Some people have even named this as window’s killer. However it will take years to beat windows operating system in the market, because Windows has already captured entire computer market. However Google has featured its operating system with some latest and fresh features that make it more useful and efficient.


Google operating system will be released as an open product in the market, which means you can use this operating system at free of cost. You might be quite shocked, but this is true that this multi million dollar project will be totally free for everyone. You just have to simply download and use it on your computer without having to shell out any money. 

The project is currently being conducted, however here you will get 11 undisclosed feature of upcoming Google chrome operating system. There is no doubt that this operating system will give huge competition to its rivals by developing a complete unique operating system.

If you are totally unaware of its features, then there is a list of 11 basic features of Google chrome OS

  • It will eliminate Falun Gong references from files.
  • Your computer hard disk will be defragged automatically every month.
  • It will change desktop icons automatically everyday.
  • There will be your family images are tagged by text for diet plans and skin care plans.
  • It will acquires, develops invests in and abandons your ideas.
  • There will be a hot key on your desktop named “I am feeling lucky” for tax preparation.
  • Masseuse will come automatically on every Monday afternoon
  • It will stop working as soon as it smells something suspicious.
  • Maximum system crashes will occur in starting days.
  • Its beta version will be available up to 2038.
  • 20% of time it will stop working from what you want to get it done by it.

Google Chrome Now With Real Player

Google Chrome Now With Real Player

Google chrome is lagging way behind in the world of browsers quite some time. Only for the enhancing their market share, they are tying up with the Real Player Network to provide them with installation bundle.

The market share goes like this:

  • Mozilla Firefox – 45.5%
  • Internet Explorer 7 – 25.7%
  • Internet Explorer 6 – 18.5%
  • Google Chrome – 3.9%
  • Safari – 3.0%
  • Opera – 2.3%
  • Internet Explorer 8 – 0.6% 

When you are going to install any product of Real Network, you will be asked to install Google Chrome. It is not at all compulsory to click on Yes, as you may also choose to take on No. It is entirely at your discretion, and it will not affect your installation in any way.


This idea is already been adopted by Yahoo in the past. You may have noticed that on installing any specific third party software, you are prompted to install a Yahoo toolbar or something. It has been a great success for Yahoo. Let’s see how Google gets benefited with this.