Expanding Ads Format with Google Adsense

Expanding Ads Format with Google Adsense

As the days pass by, Google is getting way better and better and so are their services. Google Adsense is launching new expandable ad format. Once you click on the advertisement or even bring the mouse pointer over the ads, it gets bigger in size. Though it is for US ads in the beginning, but it will be surely spread over the whole world. This is one nice way of highlighting their advertiser’s contents, and it is expected to give better exposure to the advertisements, a true value edition.

As it could get a bit annoying or disturbing as the ads expands whenever the mouse points over the ads, so as Google decided to skipped that function. Now only and only if someone clicks on the ads it will be expanded. For the ads of games or video clips or even for the movie trailers, this format helps a lot.

Now for the Adsense publishers, Google has made things very clear about their share of revenues. It will be based on Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPT), and Cost per Click (CPC) basics. Publishers will be paid only if any user click on the advertisement and gets to the landing page of the advertiser. If the users check the expanded format after clicking it then it will be counted in CPM. This should be a good step to keep those fraud clickers at bay.

Download And Install Firefox Add-On Interclue 1.5.7 To Preview The Link Before Clicking On It

Download And Install Firefox Add-On Interclue 1.5.7 To Preview The Link Before Clicking On It

There are plenty of malicious and malware websites all over the internet. Most of the times, we click on the links accidentally without observing them. Due to this your computer gets corrupted mostly by viruses, and sometimes your critical data could be stolen.

The question is that how to make sure that every link we are clicking is secure or not? Introducing now, Interclue add-on of the Firefox allows you to preview the provided link even before you decide to click on it. This will help you to keep your PC safe from the dangerous attacks of viruses, and thus you could safeguard your private data.

All you have to do is install an Interclue add-ons, which is available for your computer Firefox browser. After installing it, hover your mouse on the links you are going to click and Linkclue icon will appear at the ending side of the link. After that, just move the pointer of mouse over this particular icon, you will see Clueviewer window (actually it is a small window which is allied with the selected link) showing the details and summary of the link. As soon as you shift the mouse pointer away from the Linkclue icon, Clueviewer window will be automatically closed.

There is a method to create the Clueviewer stationary on the similar position even when you move the mouse pointer away. For this, simply hit on the pin icon situated at the top right side of the pane, the Clueviewer window will become stationary. This window will be stationary until you close it.

Interclue not only provides overview of link but it also helps you to prevent getting the subsequent most allied link. This is supportive especially when there is an entire group of links that you might get in different search engine results. Additionally, the arrow buttons, provided as up and down function, can shift you to the subsequently next or earlier links which are closely related to the previewed link.

Following are some important features offered by this particular Firefox add-on:

  • You can see preview of the link for self confirmation
  • you can take page snapshot
  • It also shows date and files size of the link
  • Offers some helpful metadata and stats
  • you may bookmark the link
  • you can also email the content summary related to link
  • you can copy and paste the content summary to the clipboard

Interclue Download

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Most of the times we need to run more than few web browser windows at once in Windows system. While in the Firefox browser, you may be experiencing the middle mouse button useful, which simplifies the opening of the new tab with just a single click. If you are using touchpad or laptop then you cannot open a new tab with middle mouse button. Relax, now with the new add-on utility in the FireFox namely, InstaClick could make this job done easily.

All you have to do is simply download the add-on and restart the Firefox web browser and this new function will take effect right away. When you right click, you will instantly have the new browser window or tab open, instead of the old context-menus, which are displayed after the right click.

You’ll find this tool more useful, especially when you use the cross reference way to study different websites. When you simply right click on any of the hyperlinks, you will get the respected website opened in the new tabs. If you would like to revert back to classical normal condition, you just have to hold CTRL and SHIFT keys and right click. You’ll be brought to the context-menus automatically.

On the other hand, to disable this feature just go to Tools, select Add-ons and click on the “Disable” button. InstaClick v1.4 works well with Firefox 2.0 to 3.6a1pre, and you could download it by using the link given Here making use of your Firefox more effective.

Make Yourself Free From Manual Clicking Using Autoclicker

Make Yourself Free From Manual Clicking Using Autoclicker

Have you got tired or frustrated by clicking frequently on programs? If you need to click on some programs and files frequently, then you certainly wish to do it automatically. There is a utility application that allows you to be free from this hassled process of manually clicking on the desired objects. It automates the clicking process at predefined gaps. The name of this simple yet powerful utility tool is Autoclicker that automates the clicking process rather than clicking manually. It means you will be able to save your precious time and engage in some more important tasks.


Since it is complete standalone software, you don’t need to install it to use. You simply need to download and use this utility. Once you launch the application, you will be shown an interactive user interface. Here, the users can customize the settings according to their convenience and define specific time gap to be clicked on particular programs. Once you click on the “Start” option, application will start running. Users can also set some hotkeys for instant functioning of the Autoclicker application.

Users can innovatively combine this application with Silent Screen so that it captures the entire refresh screen after automated clicks and stores it for future reference. If you want to try this application, then download it from here. There is a limitation to use this application in the trial version. You can use it up to 50 cycles. For complete version you’ll need to pay $5 only and download it.

Change Your Web Browser With Just A Single Click

Change Your Web Browser With Just A Single Click

These days users can enjoy benefits from a number of free web browsers available in the market. Some of these web browsers are Opera, Safari, and Firefox etc. If a user just has a single browser installed in his system, he might face some problems regarding displaying the web page and sometimes some of the web pages might not open. For this reason it is always advised to have at least two web browsers installed in your system.

Having multiple web browsers in your system is always advantageous, but it might come with its own problems. One such problem is setting the default web browser. Changing one web browser to the other as a default one is pretty time consuming. These days a utility known as the Browser TraySwitch is available that helps the user perform switching of web browsers easily and efficiently.

The Browser TraySwitch, a utility that comes for free allows its users to change the default web browser of the system with clicking the mouse only once. After being installed and run, the utility doesn’t launch any interface but places itself in the system tray. The utility reads and adds all the browsers to its list and the user can easily select the desired one from the list.

The advantage of making any web browser as a default one is that on clicking any web link, the link is opened with the browser selected as default. Thus we see that this tiny utility comes of great help to its users.

How To Install WordPress Plugins Easily In One Click With No Download And Upload Or Any Mess

One of the core functionality of WordPress, is the ability to add new Plugins, which adds new features or improves some of the features already available. Plugins sit on top of WordPress core engine and hence they can be added or removed without altering the core functionality of WordPress.

Until now, the traditional way of installing a plugin invloved:

1> downloading the plugin from the plugin database, uploading it on to server using a FTP software, logging to Plugin management in admin dashboard and activating the plugin, or

2> Using the Add New plugin interface which is available in the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

But from now on, with the help of WordPress.org One-Click Install plugin, there will be no more downloading or uploading files. The plugins will be installed with just one Click !

For one final time, you have to follow the routine of installing the plugin manually. Go to WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin page, download the plugin and install it.

You should have Greasemonkey script installed on your Firefox – oh did I mention this works on only Firefox as of now, so you need to get Firefox if you still don’t have it on your system.

Once you have Greasemonkey on Firefox and Worpdress One Click Install plugin installed you are all set.

Whenever you visit any Plugin page on WordPress.org, instead of seeing just the Download button in the right side bar, you’ll see an additional button which’ll say “Install to <your-site-URL>”

Install WordPress Plugins One Click No Download

Click on that button and the plugin will be installed on to your blog ! That’s it !

[ Download WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin]