How To Remove Clear Clean ‘Infected By Commwarrior Virus’ From Nokia 6600 6263 6630 3650

The popularity of Symbian OS cell phones is the reason for rise in number of Viruses written targeting Symbian.

One of the recent and most common virus is the Commwarrior virus. When your cell phone is infected by the Commwarrior virus, you’ll see a message – ‘Infected by Commwarrior‘ around the operator logo on the main screen of your cell phone / mobile phone.

Commwarrior is a bit of an annoying virus, as it starts shutting down and restarting your phone automatically. It also spreads itself by send a copy of the virus to your friends and family listed in your phonebook, as a message. When they open the message, their phone too will be infected by Commwarrior, just the way your phone was, when you opened the Commwrrior virus message.

There is no need to panic as you can remove this virus yourself without having to go to a mobile phone repair shop.

Here’s how you can remove, clear and clean the commwarrior virus from your Nokia cell phone :

1> Remove the memory card from your cell phone and keep it in a clean and safe place.
2> Turn on your cell phone and key in #7370#
3> Security code prompt comes up, if you have set a security key, then key it in, else key in the default security key which is 12345.

This step is actually hard resetting your mobile phone. Which means that you might lose all data if you have not backed it up and moved it on to the memory card. Hence it is very important that you remove the memory card before performing this process.

Chances are that your memory card may also be infected by the virus. To remove the virus from memory card, put it on a card reader, connect it to your PC, either run one of the latest anti-virus software on it or format it if the anti-virus fails to remove the virus (You’ll end up losing the data here), which should clean it up.

Put the memory card back in your cell phone, restart the cell phone, which is now clean of the Commwarrior virus.