IRC – The Most Popular Internet Chat

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a highly popular web chat that has a complex setup. Internet users first connect to a specific channel in a server, and the servers are all separate and make up the entire IRC network. There are rooms, private rooms, and even private chats. The rooms and private rooms have multiple users, whereas the private chats are simply from one user to another.

What most clients like the best about IRC is the fact that the rooms, private rooms, and even their names can have various features that are customizable. Rooms can be ‘hidden’ which means they cannot be searched for or found, they can be private indicating they need a password to get in, or there can be a variety of other features.

Another great thing about IRC is its widespread popularity. There are many servers all around the world and many different chat rooms; you can find chat rooms for games, countries, general chatting, and much more! Various languages are supported, with even specific rooms for those languages! On top of that there are thousands of people on making it exciting to go into various rooms and talk with various people.

How Do You Get On IRC?

This is a complicated question to answer without first knowing about the different IRC clients available. There are many out there, each one enables the user to get on to an IRC server in various ways. For Microsoft Windows there is about sixty or so clients, for Java there is about fifteen, about twenty or so clients for MacOS, thirty some clients for UNIX, and still many more not mentioned already.

Here we’ll simply cover a few of the more popular clients: PJIRC, Mibbit, Leafchat, and mIRC.

PJIRC – This is a popular Java client that is generally integrated for games and in other websites. Their main website is here ( . From there you can view demos, and even download the latest version of PJIRC.

Mibbit –This unique client has tons of features. You can create chats for your web pages via widgets, you can connect straight through the web via the Mibbit website and so much more. It gives you unlimited options and is very simple to use! Their website is here if you would like further information:

Leafchat – As an open source client this is one of the best by far. It’s got a clean and simple interface that allows you to not only connect efficiently without a lot of clutter, but you can also connect to multiple servers as once which is very useful. It is a free client and you can download it from the leafdigital website at

mIRC – Last we have mIRC, an IRC client for Windows. It is by far the most popular out of all of the clients and is used by millions. It’s a little difficult to setup but overall it’s worth it because it has a ton of customizable features and addons. Visit the mIRC website here at

Do to the fact that there are simply so many different IRC clients you need to find out which one is best for your computer and fits your personal preferences. They all vary drastically but you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

WinRAR The Free File Compression Program

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a file compression program that got its name from WINdows Roshal ARchive and it compresses files into .rar format. RAR is a type of data compression file format that was developed by a Russian software engineer named Eugene Roshal. RAR files (shown in .rar format) can only be created by the WinRAR software available for Windows operating systems. It was first released back in 1993, but has since made some improvements and is still widely used today.

Whats it used for?

Basically this program is a unique, and safe, way to compress large amounts of data to save space. WinRAR makes it easy to not only alter the security features on your newely compressed file, but it also ensures that transferring the data will be a lot faster.

Some common uses for WinRAR include the compression of movies, large amounts of pictures, large text files, and the compression of other random stuff to save space on your computer. Also you compress to send files as well. You can attach these to emails, send them via IM, or even use one of the free uploading sites to send your data to another party.

How do you change the security features on a compressed file?

Many people like to protect their privacy, and they might have used the WinRAR program to not only compress valuable information, but also to add extra security features to it so that no one else can view it. Another reason you may want to alter the security features is to remove any of your personal computer information so that if you send this file to anyone else on the internet then your privacy is protected.

If you want to alter the permissions each group has for the compressed file then follow the directions below:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘Security’ tab.
  4. From there you can alter the permissions for each user/group

To make it read only to prevent any of the data from being tampered with and altered, then simply:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘General’ tab.
  4. And selected the check box at the bottom for ‘Read Only’.

Here is also a link to a visual example for compressing/changing security features/ and extracting your .rar file.

Visual file compression example

How do I download WinRAR?

If you want to download WinRAR then go to the site  below and click on the download button. Don’t pay at first because you can use it for around 30 days or so, and afterwards you should pay, but don’t have to.

WinRAR Site




Configure This – Ipconfig Commands And Uses

Many people are familiar with the command (commonly abbreviated cmd) prompt that is on their Microsoft Windows OS. From here you can run a variety of commands that will display various tidbits of information. One of the most commonly used command prompts is the ‘ipconfig‘ prompt.
Now, once you are on your cmd screen simply type in “ipconfig” and you should get something similar to this below:

Other ipconfig commands
– Ipconfig /?
This will display a whole plethora of information because the ? makes it a help message.
– Ipconfig /all
This will display all of your configuration information.
– Ipconfig /renew
This will renew the IPv4 address for your adapter.
– Ipconfig /release
This will release the IPv4 address (you can renew it afterwards).
– Ipconfig /release 6
This does the same as the previous release except it targets the IPv6 address.
– Ipconfig /allcompartments
Just a command that will show you all of the information on all compartments.
– Ipconfig /flushdns
Flushdns will purge the DNS resolver cache.
– Ipconfig /registerdns
This will refresh all DHCP leases and will re-register the DNS names.
– Ipconfig /displaydns
This is how you display all of your DNS information.
– Ipconfig /showclassid
Showclassid will display all of your dhcp class ID’s that are allowed for the adapter.
– Ipconfig /setclassid
Using this prompt will modify the dhcp class ID.
– Ipconfig /showclassid6
This will display all of the IPv6 DHCP class ID’s allowed.
– Ipconfig /setclassid6
This will modify the IPv6 DHCP class ID.

What are the ipconfig commands used for?
When you are having internet connection issues, one of the most common places to check for the problem is your adapter settings. Using ipconfig commands gives you the ability to assess your connections, renew them, and gather vital information that could aide you in successfully repairing your internet connection.

You can also use the ipconfig commands (specifically ones pertaining to the DNS) to resolve some common errors that you may encounter. If your DNS cache is outdated or corrupted in any way while browsing the internet you can have difficulty accessing the sites that became corrupted in your cache.

One such scenario would be you trying to access a site that was down, but then it came back up later. If your DNS cache got corrupted it will save the information on the site being down even though the site is now updated and back online. Due to that corruption you will still see the site as ‘down’. A way to fix this is by flushing your DNS and retrying the site.

As soon as you experience internet connection troubles with your computer you should first check to see if your router is online, WiFi is on, then you go to your cmd prompt. These are common issues that many people face and it is a quick fix for internet problems that often lead to hours of frustration.

Automize Your Web Tasks With iMacros

What is iMacros?

Oftentimes tasks on the internet will be repetitive and similar in nature; whether it’s filling in forms, transferring/copying data, clicking, or performing some other menial task, people often get tired of the repetition. IMacros is a user friendly program that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It also runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. This program is a browser based recorder that can record/replay actions and also allows you to edit the macros script to perform your own defined functions.

Click here to view an example of iMacros at work extracting data: Extract Data via iMacros (2 MB Downloadable file).

What are the different variants of iMacros and what do they cost?

For iMacros, there are three different versions: the free edition, the pro edition, and the scripting edition. Most people will generally settle with the free edition because well…its free, but there are some who have advanced iMacros needs and will need an upgraded version. Below are the three different editions with links and prices.

Free Edition – This edition is an add-on for Firefox and is completely free. It gives you the basic tools to record online processes, replay the recording, edit the script, and much more.  This should be more than sufficient for any personal use.
Price – Free
Link –

Pro Edition – This includes a few extra features such as: iMacros web browser, password encryption,
Price – $199.00 USD
Link – Free 30 Day trail of the Scripting and Pro edition:

Scripting Edition – This edition offers a bit more user options and is only a fraction of the cost for competing software. This edition allows iMacros to work with Windows Scripting Host, Visual Basic, and more. These features make it simply to have iMacros perform complex automated tasks without any interference from the user.
Price – $499.00 USD
Link – Free 30 Day trail of the Scripting and Pro edition:

Now, obviously you are going to use the free edition, unless your parts of a business or you’ve got some other obscure reason for purchasing the more expensive versions. Once you’ve got the free version installed click here to view a screenshot of iMacros. You’ll see that there are several parts boxed in red and numbered. Below we’ll explain what each one of these are:

  1. This is the icon to open up iMacros on Firefox. When you click it will open up iMacros on the left side of your web browser.
  2. This is the iMacros tray; in here are your various demos, iMacros scripts, and your options.
  3. These are your demos. Click here to see a screenshot of the various demos that come with iMacros.
  4. These are your actual scripts that you’ve recorded yourself. To play them simply double click or highlight one and then click ‘Play’.
  5. This is your options. From here you can Play/Record/ Loop your script for a specified number of times, edit your script, and more. Click here to see what the script editor looks like.

The demos that come with your free download will give you an idea on how to properly use iMacros. Once you get more familiar you can edit the scripts, and even create your own.

The Technology Behind Restarting Computers

The Technology Behind Restarting Computers


Shutting down and restarting computers is the most common application of any computer. Understanding the process of shutting down computers is pretty simple. Each one of us are habituated with this process in our home theatre systems, television sets etc. The process of restarting a computer is one which needs some thinking.

How does it manage to shut down all its running applications before getting shut down, then disconnecting the motherboard and the most curious part is that how does it manage to restart all its applications again all by itself.

It might be sounding like a maze, but the answer is not that confusing. Whenever we click the Restart command or press the restart button, the O.S shuts down all running and active programs. This is done in order to make its RAM free.


After regaining all the resources of the RAM, the OS issues a message command to its CPU in order to make the BIOS to take over and control over the booting process. BIOS load the first five hundred and twelve bytes of the detected device and then jumps to the boot loader before restarting the machine.

It is a misconception that shut down is a safer process, but the above explanation shows that the process of restarting is much simpler and safer.

How Can I Read My EMail On My Cell Phone or Mobile Phone

Ever been in a situation when you want to send an email, but couldn’t as your computer is down. You don’t remember the email addresses, have no access to phone or internet ? If you’ve been in such situation, you pretty much would hate it if you’d have to re-visit that situation.

Netcore has come up with a revolutionary solution for this problem, which is Email to SMS.

This works with with any ISP or Mailing solution(eg.Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, or any Linux based solutions). It works on all existing mobile phones, which allow messaging feature.

There is no need of GPRS or any other software. The New Email notifications are instant and there is no time lag, unless your phone is not reachable.

You don’t just read the snippet of the mail in your inbox, instead you’ll get to read the complete mail.

If you choose to use their service, then setting up a new account takes less than 5 minutes and your mails are safely stored on their server in an encrypted format.

This is the poor mans blackberry as it is rightly called.

What is Dynamic DNS ? A Brief Look At Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS(Domain Name System) is an extension to DNS, that allows to update the IP address of a domain in real time. In the internet world, domain names resolve to IP addresses.
Eg: When someone visits, the browser hits a DNS server to resolve the domain name to IP address. Once a connection is established, further subsequent calls will take place to and forth.

In common mans term, DNS servers can be assumed to be a phone book for the internet, where if know a persons name, we can get access to the details of the person. Without DNS decoding, users would be forced to enter the actual IP address ( instead of domain nomain (, which is an alias to the IP address in reality.

You can read more about Dynamic DNS here.

Dynamic DNS can be setup on any computer server with minimum setup requirments, ie. changing the maximum caching time or the time intervas between caching of a domain, to a very short period. The time could be set between one to two minutes. Thus preventing storage of IP address, allowing visitors to a particular site to update their old information by contacting the name server on successive visit.

Dynamic DNS has its footprint in home server marketplace. Soon this method or protocol is gaining momentum with the computer technology and increasing speed in internet. Today, numerous providers called Dynamic DNS service providers, offer such technology and services on the internet.

Microsoft Windows networks offers it as an integral part of Active Directory, because domain controllers register their network service types in DNS so that computers in the Domain (Forest) can access them.

[What is Dynamic DNS?].

Shortcut Key To Flip The Screen In the Windows TO 180 Degree..

This ones a cool one to play pranks on your friends, especially if your friends do not know how to get it back to the normal state 😉

The shortcut is

for normal windows : Ctrl + Alt + <Up arrow>
and for 180 deg it is : Ctrl + Alt + <Down arrow>

How ever you should know that these are default shortcuts for Intel Extreme Graphics Controller, and you can change them. To check / change or disable these keys go to control panel–>Intel Extreme Graphics–>Hot Keys.

Have fun :).


Some users have written to me saying the shortcuts do not work. This happens when you have not enabled rotation feature in Display Settings under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator media. You need to enable rotation in order to be able to Rotate / Flip your windows screen upside down / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees.