Free Video Conferencing, Instant Messenger Softphone Software

The technologies governing communication is changing at a fast pace. The communication over the internet is catching up fast with the telephone as the primary way of communication. Ekiga is an application which makes VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) possible on your desktop. Ekiga supports the currently used protocols for VOIP, namely, SIP and H.323.

Since SIP is becoming the default standard for VOIP communication, Ekiga supports this protocol to the full. The software is easy to install and configure. It takes you through a few steps for the configuration of your VOIP parameters and within a few minutes you can make your first call.

Using Ekiga you can make a VOIP call with both audio and video to any user in the world. You have facilities to stop audio or video or both and you can hold and transfer the call as you require. Ekiga also has an address book with the contact numbers and you can also create your favorites with numbers most often used.

Ekiga is very simple to use and does not come loaded with too many features for you to choose. It is a powerful simple program which allows you to communicate to your heart’s content. The output is very clear and you will not face any disturbance in your communication using Ekiga.

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