Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Similar to “1 Second Folder Encrypt”, a freeware that protects your files and folders form being accessed by others, there is another free utility called “Hide Folders v2.2” which preserves the files and folders in your PC by making them invisible so that no one knows that they even exist. This tool is quite useful if you happen to share your PC with other users.

Hide Folders v2.2 eventually safeguards your confidential data from being accessed without your consent. Using this application is undeniably a better way of hiding you confidential data rather than locking it, which is likely to catch somebody’s attention and tempt him/her to hack it out of curiosity.

Hide Folders is extremely easy to use. You need to download the utility from the internet and install it. Simply launch it and add the folders that you wish to make invisible or hide.  Anytime in future, if you wish to make these hidden folders visible to everyone, you may highlight the folders and click on the button “Remove”.

You need to make sure that no one else can access “Hide Folders” utility and identify the folders that have been hidden. To take care of this issue, you have an option of setting up a protection password. You may easily download this freeware from Here.

Delete Your Confidential Files Permanently From Your Hard Disk With Tiny Shredder

Delete Your Confidential Files Permanently From Your Hard Disk With Tiny Shredder

Previously, we have discussed earlier about few data deleting tools such as Disk Wipe and Disk Redactor. These tools are used to delete your sensitive and important data securely from the selected drives. However, if you think that these tools are very complicated to use, then you must try this one called Tiny Shredder.

This utility tool is specially developed keeping users convenience in mind. This application is very easy to use and delete files from the selected drives securely and completely without leaving any chance of recovering the data with any tool.

Once this utility tool is installed, you will see an interactive user interface similar to Windows Explorer. There is no need for you need to sign-up or register, but you just launch the application and start using it. To delete any files permanently, you need to drag files form one pane to another pane.

Now, these files are ready to be removed completely. However, you can customize the settings according to your preferences such as change the selecting procedure either you choose one layer, random data, or two layers.

Note: Make sure that you have chosen the exact desired files or folders to be deleted because once the file is deleted, it is irrecoverable. However, you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete or not.

Tiny Shredder consumes only 74kB of hard disk. This application is compatible with Windows system. It is free to download on your system.

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

Use Easy File Locker Utility To Secure Confidential Files In A Better Way

You’ll get lots of software utilities over the net with which you could safeguard all your private files and folders. My Lockbox, Safehouse Explorer, 1 Second Folder Encrypt and Hide Folders are some of the examples of such utilities. Nevertheless, if still you want an effective alternative for such software applications, then Easy File Locker is a perfect one.

With this software utility, you could secure your private files and folders with different security levels. This provides an effective security to your sensitive data and no one could access them in your absence. This utility is found very useful, especially when you’re working in shared PC system.

Easy File Locker has very simple GUI, which makes adding and browsing of files and folders much easier. This utility offers different security levels such as ‘Writable’, Accessible’, ‘Visible’ or ‘deletion’, which could be selected with simple GUI, making it more user friendly. With these options, you could restrict particular files or folders for read only mode.

This also prevents you from deleting the files unintentionally. It features the invisibility mode by allowing you to hide your data, which will be invisible to others. Moreover, you could set the master password, which locks lists of files and prevents them from being accessed by third party user.

All in all, it would be a great experience of using this utility to keep you private data really ‘private’. It works well with all Windows operating systems and you could download it freely using the link given Here.

Hide Your Confidential And Important Documents Inside Images Using Firesteg

Hide Your Confidential And Important Documents Inside Images Using Firesteg

For security purpose of your files and folders, there are several encrypting applications available that offer you encrypt your files ands folders option from being viewed and accessed by others. If you want to try something innovative and unique to keep your files and folders away from other’s access, then FireSteg, which is the best alternative available.

It is an add-on for Firefox web browser that hides your files into images so that no one could ever think of searching for your confidential files in the images. It definitely provides certain level of protection to your important and confidential files and folders.


FireSteg is a stenography sidebar add-on, which is powered by java for Firefox. It allows users to hide their files into images and extract them easily in urgency.

Instructions to use FireSteg

  • Initially, install FireSteg.
  • To start FireSteg navigate to View>>Sidebar>>FireSteg.
  • It will be located at side bar. Go to Hide>>Files to Hide in order to hide files.
  • Here browse and search for those files you would like to hide into images
  • Now browse the image file under Cover Images tab which you want to use in hiding your files

Note: FireSteg supports only limited image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG. Therefore, make sure that you chosen images are in the prescribed formats to prevent rejection of the hiding process.

  • Now press the Hide Button to start hiding process.
  • If you want to recover them, click on the Extract option and file will be extracted on predefined locations.

How Can I Add Additional Mailboxes In Outlook Express

Adding an Extra E-mail Account in Outlook Express

An increasing clutter in your Outlook Express mailbox might cause you to think of options of reducing the clutter. One option is to add another mail account in Outlook Express. However, setting up an additional account in this application is not as trivial as you would think it to be. It involves several steps and a lot of information entering. The steps given below will guide you through the process in a simple and detailed manner – so that you are ready with the new account in Outlook Express in no time.

  1. Launch Outlook Express.
  2. Next, navigate to the Tools -> Accounts option.
  3. In the Internet Accounts window that pops up, click on the Add button to the right, and then select the Mail option from the drop-down list.
  4. On doing this, a wizard pops up, that will guide you through the process of adding an extra e-mail account. The first thing you are required to enter is your name.
  5. Enter your name and click on Next.
  6. After this, you are required to enter your email address in the form [email protected]. Enter this and click on Next.
  7. Next, you will have to enter the incoming and outgoing mail server details – entering which you are to again click on Next.
  8. Finally, you will have to enter you account username and password details – and then you have to click on Next.
  9. You will then come across a message saying that your account has been successfully added to Outlook Express and that you have to click on Finish to complete the process.
  10. Click on Finish, and then Click on Close in the Internet Accounts dialog.

That is all that you have to do – your e-mail account will be accessible from the Outlook Express application after this procedure.