Appear Offline On Windows Live Messenger 2011

Appear Offline Now Even With The Windows Live Messenger 2011

Everyday, the big Software Development organizations like Google and Microsoft are working on introducing new features in their already developed applications to give their customers more user friendly applications. However, when they add new features, they remove some very useful attributes from their applications too. It happened recently with the launching of Windows Live Messenger 2011 in which many new attributes and characteristics were introduced and many popular attributes have been removed too. The main removed attributes among them is Windows Live Messenger 2011’s block list.

Block list facility in messengers and other application is always useful to stop unwanted messages and emails and to ignore the people whom you don’t want to interact with due to some personal reason or due to your busy schedule. When a user blocks a person on their messenger or email, it is not possible to see them appearing online or offline and message and email from the blocked person will not be delivered.

In new version of Windows Live Messenger 2011, the facility to block contacts has been removed. The removal of this has made all blocked contacts be reappeare at online status and are able to see the status of contacts who download the upgrade version of Windows Live Messenger 2011.  

Unfortunately, the users will not be able to block directly an unwanted person or contact in Windows Live Messenger 2011. However, they still can be on sn offline mode to the people or group of contacts by taking some workaround steps. This is notable that they cannot block the contacts, but can appear offline to the other parties and they will receive the messages and IM sent by other parties and the detail of the unwanted person like name will still be appeared in the contact list of WLM 2011.

If users want to appear offline to some contacts or group of contacts, then take below mentioned easy steps to do so:

Log in to Windows Live Messenger 2011. From your messenger’s list, right click on the person’s name in the list whom you want to be offline and click on the option “Apear Offline To This Person“. and it is done. That’s it.

Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

How Easy to Move contact list from Microsoft outlook to Gmail or Vice Versa

It might be possible your maximum contacts are saved in company’s Microsoft outlook and you want to keep your contacts with you always. Now you are planning to get access of your important contacts while you are out of the office. For that you have to merge contact list of Microsoft outlook into Gmail account so you will get access your important contact whenever you want. So there are few steps to make your wish fulfill.

Copy list of the contact from Microsoft outlook to Gmail:

  • Start Microsoft outlook open file>import and export.
  • Choose “export to a file” and click next button

  • Select “comma-separated values” and click on next

  • Navigate to your list of contact and click on next
  • Give the file name and save it. This file will be in .csv extension

  • login to Gmail account
  • Click on the “contacts” on left pane and select “import” at right top corner
  • Browse to locate .csv extension file which you saved earlier
  • Now click on import to start importing contact from Microsoft outlook into Gmail account and save it with new name.
  • Once the process of importing completed you will get option to save it or not. Either you merge it or ignore if already contacts exist.


Copy list of contacts from Gmail to Microsoft outlook:

  • Open your Gmail account page and click on “export
  • Now select the contact list which you want to export
  • Click on export button to start the process. The file automatically will be named as contact.csv and save it.
  • Open your Microsoft outlook and move to import and export option. Select import option and click on next button to proceed this process

  • select “comma-separated values” and click on next
  • Browse to locate file created in Gmail account to export into outlook. In the new tab you will get option to deal with duplicate entries and reduce redundancy if required. You can choose the option to do not import duplicate files in outlook account.

  • Now click on next button to forward this process to its end. And finally you got your contact list merged.

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

Your Gmail contacts can be integrated with Gravatar

With the help of greasemonkey script add-on in Mozilla Firefox you can integrate Gravatar with Gmail Contacts. Because of add-on, every individual’s gravatar icon is displayed on the left of the email ID.

This Gmail Hack is made by Jon Fox. The graver icon is displayed only while reading a single person’s mail; it doesn’t work with multiple messages. This is a whole new and fresh idea. To make this trick happen a person should have a gravatar account.

You can try this trick with your Gmail and for that you have to download the hack.

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Mailing accounts such as Gmail maintains entire data of every single contact listed in it, if incase any data is required by user, they are asked to login to the account to retrieve the same.

This in turn makes the job tedious and users tend to opt to alternates to save their records or look ahead towards other mailing accounts.

Due to on going rise of requirements and their continuous support by users of Gmail, google has launched a fantabulous service namely “Google-Contacts-Manager

This is one standalone package which does not rely upon other services of google; it’s specifically designed to cater Gmail users with their email accounts related information.

Although it’s in Preliminary or testing stage presently, it functions with Google Calendar, Picassa, Google Docs, and a couple of other services.

On this Google-Contacts-Manager, a user can create new contact details or amend the existing contact details fitting your groups list.

Users can also transfer all their contact details from other Email-Service-Providers like, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail etc. This can be considered as a matchless spot to stop for a user’s contact demands.

An individual is required to possess a Gmail account with Google to enjoy this newly launched service for managing all your contacts.

Remove Contacts From Gtalk/Google Talk

Remove Contacts From Gtalk/Google Talk

Google talk and Gtalk both Instant Messaging platforms allows users to stay connected with their friends and chat. You have added so many friends in your friend list of Gtalk and Google talk. Sometimes you want to delete few unwanted or unused contacts from your friend list.  Here is a simple tutorial to do so.

  • Choose the particular contact which you want to delete
  • Right-click on the particular contact.
  • Now tap on the delete option pop up in context menu.
  • That’s all. Finally you have deleted the contacts from your Gtalk/ Google talk.

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Manage And View Your Contacts Using Latest Google Contact Manager

Don’t you feel frustrating when you need to login to your Gmail account each time to retrieve contact information? Don’t worry now, as Google has realized the problem and they have provided a solution to it. The latest Google contacts management service, named Google Contacts have been introduced in the market, which allows users to organize and view their contacts easily.

This is a standalone utility application, which accumulates all contact details from various services such as Picasa, Google Calendar, Google docs and etc. It is a separate application, so you just need to download and start using without installing it. There is no compulsion to have Gmail account in order to use this online contact services.

Users simply can associate all their others contacts from different sources such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc with this contact management tool. These applications are available in beta version, and if you find it useful, then download it from here.

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Nowadays, having multiple email accounts through different email service providers is a common thing. Most of the people have multiple web mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. Mostly, we get them for free to sign up. However, because of some reason, you sign up with an email account having the different service provider. In such cases, the common problem occurs is how to move contacts and mails from one email account to another email account. 

Most of the times, you might give out switching email account because it is time consuming and difficult for transferring all the data. Now, Gmail has introduced a pretty useful feature with which you could simply transfer all contacts and mails from other email service provider to Gmail. By using this helpful newly rolled out feature, there is no longer the anxiety in switching other email accounts to Gmail. You could now easily transfer contacts and mails from other email service supplier to your Gmail, without any inconvenience. 

In addition, Gmail gives an alternative to forward your mails from your old email account up to 30 days. This helps you and gives extra time to check and decide whether gmail is the correct option or not. This latest feature can be used by all the recently created email accounts and it is gradually rolling out to all the existing email accounts.

Go through the following step by step guide that helps you to import contacts and mails from other email service supplier to gmail:

  • Firstly, you have to login to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings, it will be situated at top right corner.



  • Now, select the tab Accounts and Import.



  • Go to Import mail and contacts and then click on button named as Import mail and contacts.
  • A pop up window will be displayed. Just enter the account from which you want to import your contacts and mails. Then click on Continue.
  • Now, put in your password of the account that you have selected to import the data. Click Continue.
  • By default, all the available options are selected on the options page. If you want to modify, you could select or deselect any of the options according to your own preferences. Finally, click on Start import button and the transformation of the data will get started.



  • The will inform you that your contacts and messages are being transferred and this process may take sometimes up to 2 days to finish. You have to click on OK button to close warning window. You could check the transfer progress occasionally. To do so, simply go to Setting and then Accounts and Import.

If I Delete a contact on GTalk / Google Chat, Will The Contact Be Able To Still Read My GChat Status?

This is a common gray area a lot of people are looking for solution. You may not want someone specific to read you Google Chat status, as the status is personal to you. The answer to this is simply NO. There is not such feature in Google chat that allows you to showcase your status message only to a selected few recipients (may be something Google might want to look into ;)).

The simplest way you can keep a contact from reading your status message is by deleting the contact from your list. Now that’s not really a reliable way to avoid something from happening. But since, this doesn’t seem to be a normal use case G has kept itself away from it.

Now assuming that you deleted the contact from your list, but the contact has not deleted you from their list, then you still will be on his contact. He’ll not be able to chat with with, nor see your status message because you would have deleted him from your account.

Now if you are wondering whether he can send emails to you, then the answer is yes, unless you set up a filter which forwards his emails to the thrash bin ! I’ll write how to achieve this one soon !

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