Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Simply Convert Video File To Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) Format Using ConvertToWMV

Are you searching for the tool which could help you to convert any of the video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) format? Presently, there are thousands of video converter software applications that can help you to do so. Now here is a new and pretty simple and handy utility that you must try out. This useful utility is named as ConvertToWMV. ConvertToWMV is an absolutely free application for Windows, which converts any video file to Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) configuration.

ConvertToWMV has understanding and simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) for communication with FFmpeg video processing command line tool. This utility consist pretty simple steps, while starting the conversion, the users need to simply drag and drop a video file onto the ConvertToWMV application window or simply press the Import button to browse a video file.

 The users can also able to choose the option for the video size as well as the output bit rate before converting. Command prompt of FFmpeg is preferred while processing of a video file. It may take quite a few minutes to complete the conversion depending on the video size. Once the conversion completed, user will start playing the converted video from the video file name in the “Conversion output” window.

At the top, ConvertToWMV is also features with the option “Output JPEG frame”. This option can be used to capture the video frame from the video as a jpeg image. The default captured position in video frame is 1 second. Use the following link to download ConvertToWMV.

Fabrice Bellard is the developer of the free software FFmpeg that can be used to convert, stream and record digital audio as well as video in a verity of formats. The licensing of software is under the GNU General Public License or GNU Lesser General Public License.

Process for Converting RSS Feed Into Personal PDF Magazine Format

Process for Converting RSS Feed Into Personal PDF Magazine Format

Emergence of web feed data make computer like a reading book, with which the webmasters and publishers provide constant updated contents to their readers. With the help of RSS feeds, the publishers can display the most updated news headlines on their websites or Blogs.

Likewise readers and subscribers get most updated contents from their favorite website. If you love to read RSS feed deeply, then you must surely go for the Tabbloid, which offers you different experience of reading RSS feed contents. Tabbloid is the completely free web based application which is designed to convert your favorite RSS feed into PDF newspaper or magazine format.

You can easily read your favorite RSS feed in a neat printable format. So, how will you do this? You just have to go to tabbloid and add it in feeds’ URL and leave everything up to Tabbloid, and rest of the work will be done automatically.

There are some more interesting features also available in Tabbloid, such as you can set specific time to convert your RSS feeds or you can convert it manually. You can choose single or multiple feeds to convert. However multiple feeds will take much time in converting. So now you are ready to get your own personal magazine to read your favorite contents.

Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

How To Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

If you want to share your PowerPoint files with your friends through YouTube or Metacafe video sharing websites, you need to use PPT2YouTube freeware. This freeware converts your PPT files into YouTube video files.

This utility tool maintains the quality of video files along with PPT files when the conversion process takes place. You can simply use this freeware with a lot of these. You just need to import PowerPoint files, select a location to save converted files and press the start button to initiate conversion process. 

This tool will not tamper the original PPT images, animations, effects, sounds, and clips. Once the conversion process completes, your converted YouTube video files will be stored in the location that you specify.

Features of PPT2YouTube

  • Converts PPT files to MP4 video files.
  • Retains original PPT files
  • High quality video delivered
  • Convert PPT to YouTube video at free of cost.

Convert Home Edition To Professional Edition Without Reinstalling

Windows XP – Convert Home Edition To Professional Edition Without Reinstalling

Once you have installed Home Edition (HE) or Professional (Pro) Edition of Windows XP on your PC, it is officially impossible for you to convert/ upgrade your XP HE to XP Professional Edition or the other way round, i.e. downgrade from XP Professional Edition to XP Home Edition without actually reinstalling or reformatting the OS.  

Though most of the times such conversions are linked to illegitimate reasons, sometimes users can look to convert their Windows XP Edition due to a legitimate reason.

A user who has been using Home Edition of Windows XP, might have bought (or received as a gift) a genuine license for Professional Edition so as to replace the pirated version that is been installed. However, he/she might not want to run through the long installation process of Windows XP all over again or might wish to keep all the data on the PC intact.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you convert/ upgrade your Home Edition of Windows XP to Pro Edition without reinstalling the OS. But, you need to note that this trick does not actually install/add all the features such as Group Policy Editor and Remote Desktop Server which are present in Professional Edition but absent in Home Edition.

Also, some functions such as RAID, EFS that are disabled or turned off through integrated switches which identify the OS version from the registry flag, might not work after the conversion. The trick will only work to allow Home Edition of Windows XP to identify itself as Professional Edition.

Follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Go to the Start Menu and select “Run” to open the run command box. Type in “regedit” and press “Enter” key to open the Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the below mentioned path: 


ControlSet00X has to be the one which has the highest number corresponding to “X”.

  • You need to delete the registry key “ProductSuite”.
  • Now, create a DWORD value and name it as “Brand”.
  • Fix the value data for “Brand” as “0”.
  • Restart your computer.
  • While the system is booting, press F8 and select the option “Last Known Good Configuration” and press “Enter” Key.


Windows XP will now start up normally. Once you log on to the desktop, just right-click on “My computer” and select the option “Properties” to view “System Properties”. You will see that your system is now converted to XP Professional.

Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

How To Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

iTunes is basically a music jukebox that organizes and plays digital music as well as videos on your PC. It can easily handle several tasks related to digital media such as burning CD, syncing digital media files with your iPhone or iPod, purchasing videos and music online etc. It also lets you enjoy movies, videos, music and television shows right on your PC or Mac.

You may save your media collection in the iTunes library and browse any digital media instantly, anytime you wish. Moreover, iTunes also has an ability of converting audio files to different formats. Different users might have various different reasons for converting audio files.

  • User might have AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files on iTunes which might not be compatible with the Zune media player which is capable of playing MP3 but not AAC files.
  • User might need to email a WAV file to a client but the file seems to be too big and he/she has to convert it to AAC file in order to reduce its size.
  • User needs to set a downloaded song as a soundtrack to his/her music video and he/she is unable to import the song even by editing the program as it does not support AAC or MP3.
  • User wishes to remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) from an AAC audio file that he/she had purchased from iTunes store.


There are numerous other programs which convert audio files to different formats but majority of them are quite complicated and expensive. On the contrary, iTunes is fast, easy to use and above all, free. You need to follow the below mentioned steps for converting audio files to different formats using iTunes.

  • Click on “Start” button to display the Start Menu on your PC. Select “iTunes” to launch the application. Incase of Mac, you will find it in “Applications” folder.
  • Within iTunes application, go to “Preferences” to open the “Preferences” Window. Go to “Importing Options” screen. Based on the iTunes version that you use, the location of “Importing options” might differ.  
  • For instance, in older iTunes versions, there is a separate orange icon within the “Preferences” Window for importing. In the newer iTunes versions, importing options are hidden in the form of a nested tab “Importing” within the section “Advanced”.
  • Select the format you wish to convert the audio files to. Note that, iTunes can covert from/ to various formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC and Apple Lossless.
  • For instance, if you wish to convert an AAC audio file to MP3 so that you can listen to the song on your non-iPhone/ iPod music player, you need to select “MP3”. You are also allowed to select the bitrate quality which is set to 128 kbps by default and is good enough for any average person. You may select a higher bitrate value if you wish.
  • Exit the “Preferences” Window. Now, you need to go to the iTunes library and find your song(s) that you wish to convert. If you wish to select multiple songs, you may hold down the “Apple” (“Alt” incase of Windows) or “Shift” key while you make the selection.
  • Go to the Advanced menu and select the option “Convert Selection to..”. Alternatively right-click on any of the songs which you have selected and choose the respective option from the right-click context menu.
  • You will notice an orange colored spinning ball within the source window of iTunes once the conversion process starts. You may click on the spinning ball to view the progress.
  • The time taken for conversion will differ depending on type of conversion, number of songs selected and your computer speed. If you want to speed up, you may close other applications running on your PC to accelerate the conversion process.
  • Once the coversion process is over, iTunes will notify you with a chime. A similar chime sound is played by iTunes when it finishes burning a CD.

  • Incase any of the songs selected for conversion was bought from iTunes store and is not in the iTunes plus format, iTunes will show an error message notifying you that the file is protected and can’t be converted to a different format.
  • To resolve this issue, you simply need to burn such song(s) onto an audio CD and import them back to iTunes.
  • There are some applications such as Hymn which are capable of removing DRM protection from the songs which are bought from iTunes store. However, Apple disables such songs with DRM being altered.
  • Once the selected songs have been converted to the desired format, you may search for the files in iTunes Library. There will be two versions of every song that you have converted. One will be the original file and the other one, the converted version.
  • You may as well delete the old version if you wish to keep only the newly converted one. The easiest way to distinguish between to old and new version is by checking the “Date Modified”. The song with the latest date is the one that you have converted.

Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

Perform Batch Conversion Of Picture Images Using ArtResize

There might be number of occasions when you have to share picture images with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. When it comes to uploading images on web, sometimes there is a size limit which might force you to resize your images. In such cases, ArtResize turns out to be quite handy.

ArtResize offers batch conversion and delivers excellent images at the right resolution within the maximum size limit. Therefore, if you have 100 images to be resized, you don’t need to resize/ convert them individually, one by one. You may choose a preferred format and size and convert all the images together in a batch.

You need to download ArtResize and install it. Once it is installed, launch it and click on the option “Add Images” (you may alternatively use the shortcut “Ctrl + D”). Browse and locate the picture images that you wish to convert.


Within the right window panel, you will see some options that you can configure. The options include Resize resolution, Output destination folder and Conversion format (PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP etc.). The output resolution will be set to 640 X 480 by default which fits well with most websites including Facebook.

The main advantage of this free utility is that you may choose to convert any number of images and ArtResize will do the conversion efficiently as per your settings. You may also rename the images by just ticking the rename option. ArtResize will rename all the images within the batch in a sequential increasing order. You may download ArtResize for free by going to

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer

Perform Photo Conversions in Bulk Using PixResizer  


Many times you feel a need to resize images. There might be several reasons for doing so. You might want to share your photos on a social networking site like Facebook, Orkut etc. or you might want to email it to your friends. Whatever might be the reason, you may resize your original image files by converting them to a smaller resolution in different formats using PIXresizer.

PIXresizer is a file conversion tool which allows you to convert/ resize a single image file or do a bulk conversion of multiple image files. This tool shrinks down the overall file size without compromising much with the original quality. Whichever way (single or bulk) you wish to do it, you need to follow only four simple steps.


  • First of all, you need to load the image that you wish to convert. If you have multiple images to be converted, you may browse to source folder and the destination folder so that all the images in the folder are converted together.
  • You need to choose the new file size that you wish the images to be converted to. It may be in terms of resolution or shrunk percentage.

For Example, you may choose the output to 1632×1224 resolution (if the original image has 3264 X 2448 of resolution) or 50 percent.

  • Then, choose a preferred file format amongst JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF. You may choose not to change the format and maintain the original file format.
  • Finally, save the converted image files either to EXIF data or output GrayScale.

 This freeware can be easily downloaded from Here.

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Just like “Ease PDF to Text Extractor”, a freeware which helps you to pull out text from PDF documents, PDF to Word Doc Converter is one more such tool which has ability to convert a PDF file into a Word document. Though it is possible to copy the contents of a PDF file and paste it into a word document without using such tools, the original pattern of the file is not retained.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is a free utility which efficiently converts all the data in the PDF file to a word file without altering the images and shapes present in the original document. You need to just download this free tool and install it.

Once the installation process is over, simply launch the converter and browse to locate the PDF file that you wish to convert. Also browse the output document file path to select the desired path at which you need the output word document to be saved.

The converter also offers a few general options which you can configure. You may choose to convert the whole PDF file or select only a few pages. The general options allow you to retain images and shapes, preserve the original character spacing and use formatted text to reclaim page layout.

However, if you just need the text, you may uncheck these options so as to save memory space. The only drawback with this utility is that it can convert only a single PDF file to a Word file at a time and is unable to convert files in bulk.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is just 1.07MB in size and therefore does not consume much of the memory space. It can be downloaded free of charge from hellopdf website.

Check Out This Free Conversion Tool for Converting MP4 To MP3 Format

Check Out This Free Conversion Tool for Converting MP4 To MP3 Format

You might have come across several occasions when you weren’t able to play a favorite song on your multimedia player just because it was encoded in MPEG-4 (MP4) format and your player is able to play only MP3 format. But, now you have a free conversion tool “Convert MP4 to MP3” which has ability to extract audio data from any MP4 video file and convert it to MP3 format.

Not just MPEG4, this freeware also supports several other video formats including DivX, AVI, Xvid, Quicktime video(.mov), FLV(flash video), VOB video, DVD video etc. and produces high-quality MP3 audio output.

Convert MP4 to MP3 offer a user friendly interface which is pretty simple to use. You simply need to add MP4 files which you wish to convert to MP3 format and hit the “Convert” button. Also, after the conversion process of over, you may click on the button “Play MP3” and play the converted MP3 audio.

This tool works with most Windows Operating Systems and can be easily downloaded from the link Here.