Download PDFTIger PDF Creator Converter free with Registration Code

Download PDFTIger PDF Creator Converter free with Registration Code

PDFTiger is really an extensive, easy-to-use Word to PDF converting tools and PDF to Word tool, which has been built to generate Pdf file documents through Microsoft Word, Power point, Excel, text, or perhaps images. In addition to this, the PDF file application also can converts PDF documents into an editable Microsoft Word Doc, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, and Photos, Html Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Data files.

With PDFTiger, consumers can execute wide array of conversion scheme which includes PDF to Doc, Doc to PDF, PDF  to Jpg, Excel to PDF, PDF  to RTF, PDF to BMP, PowerPoint to PDF, PDF to TXT,  TXT to PDF, PDF to GIF, PDF to HTML, PDF to TIFF, Images to PDF, PDF to SWF, and also PDF to PNG.

To obtain PDFTiger at free of cost, you have to download PDFTiger’s set up.

For activation of this software put this registraion code – R8Z8682LMDUAKHW


Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

Try Out These Free Media Converters For Converting Unsupported Media Formats

The internet is full of entertainment media including TV drama, videos, songs, movies etc. and you can easily download the media of your choice. However, the problem arises with the format compatibility of these media files. You can play these downloaded media files on your PC but many a times they cannot be played on other devices like MP3 player, portable media player or mobile phone.

Nevertheless there are a number of media converters that can take care of this format compatibility issue by converting the unsupported media format to a supported one. Have a look at the media converters which can be downloaded and used free of charge.

1) Quick Media Converter

This audio and video conversion program developed by cocoonsoftware comes loaded with excellent features. It offers the user with simple and user-friendly interface which happens to be the main highlight of this application. Users can opt to handle this tool in its “Easy Mode” or “Expert Mode”.

If you are a non-tech user, the easy mode would suit you the best for easily converting media files by using a simple drag-n-drop technique. However, skilled users can go with the expert mode with which they can explore the features of the Quick Media Converter and customize various conversion settings like cropping frequency rates, bitrates, aspect, sizes etc.

This application allows you to convert media from and to different formats like avi, xvid, iPod, psp, 3G2, DIVX, TS, VCD, MPEG2, WAV, m4a, vob, h264, wmv, h263, wma, mov, mp4, amr, MP3, MPEG, DVD, XVID, AVI, 3GP, iPhone, mpeg4, divx and flv. It is compatible with only Windows Operating Systems.

2) Format Factory

This is a full-featured and multifunctional media converter that allows you to convert media files from and to the formats mentioned below:

• Can convert all media to MP4/ MPG/ WMV/ SWF/ FLV/ AVI/3GP/ MP3/ AMR/ AAC/ WAV/ OGG / WMA.
• Can convert all media to JPG/ PNG/ ICO/ TGA/ GIF/ TIF/ BMP.
• Ability of Ripping a DVD to a video file and a Music CD to an audio file.
• Supports RMVB.
• MP4 format files support iPhone/ BlackBerry/ iPod/ PSP format.

The interface is quite easy to use and gives a clear display of the various conversion options available. Apart from converting media files, Format Factory also has ability of repairing damaged audio and video files. It can also reduce the size of a multimedia file. Format Factory v2.0 comes with the following significant changes in comparison to its predecessors.

• Come with additional features like “All to RMVB” and “Audio Joiner.
• Includes “AviSynth” feature to support SSA effect and AVS script.
• Bugs related to missing WMA, MP3 tag info and MOV conversion have been fixed.
• Issue related to selection of MKV audio stream has been resolved.
H264 error level of Zune Mobile Device and IPod has been fixed.

This application supports over 50 different languages and is compatible with Windows OS only.

3) MediaCoder

MediaCoder allows you to convert audio and video media files from and to various different media formats. This open source media converter is periodically updated with latest conversion formats and Kanske ar casino Floor det natcasino som har allra flest spel. features in order to make it capable of supporting new devices.

Unlike the two media converters mentioned above that support Windows Operating Systems only, MediaCoder is compatible with all platforms including Mac and Linux. Below mentioned are some of the main features of this powerful media converter.

• Allows batch conversions between popular audio/ video formats.
• Offers a Multi-threading design which is enhanced for multi-core processors (Over 90% CPU utilization while working with quad-core processors).
• Fully controllable transcoding parameters.
• Easy-to-use user interface for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod, PSP etc.
• Completely standalone. Does not depend on any system codecs/splitters.
• Offers a Transcoding Platform for expanding user interface and improving user experience.
• Supports formats like MP3, AAC, AAC v2/HE-AAC v2, Speex, WMA, mp3PRO*, Vorbis, AAC /HE-AAC, MusePack, AMR, RealAudio, FLAC, Monkey’s Audio, AAC Lossless, Waveform, WAV/PCM, WavPack, OptimFrog, TTA
• Also supports H.264, RealVideo*, Theora, Dirac, MPEG/VOB, MP4, RealMedia*, Quicktime*, DVD, SVCD, HTTP*, RTSP*, XviD, CUESheet*, MPEG 1/2/4, FTP*, Flash Video, OGM*, 3ivx*, Matroska, DivX, Windows Media Video, AVI, PMP, ASF, CD, VCD, and UDP* formats.

4) HandBrake

This is yet another multiplatform media converter that supports various platforms including Linux, Mac and Windows. This open-source application comes in two flavors, command line and graphical. HandBrake mostly suits users who are looking to encode videos from DVDs into other formats.

5) Super
Super is a universal media player render and encoder. This simplified application serves as a front-end tool for various command-line utilities like MEncoder, FFmpeg, x264, MPlayer, monkey’s audio, wavpack, musepack, true audio, ffmpeg2theora as well as theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. This application is compatible only with Windows Operating Systems.

Super supports numerous video/ audio formats like MOV, Flash video, PSP video, DIVX AVI, MPEG, real media, 3GP etc. In contrary to others, this conventional tool possesses a pretty cluttered and messy user interface that needs the user to spend a while exploring the features and getting familiar with them.

6) Any Video Converter

Any media converter is similar to HandBrake and has ability of converting video files to different formats. It supports input formats like asf, rm, flv, mpg, m4v, YouTube videos, avi, mov, rmvb, mkv, 3gp, vob and many more. It efficiently converts video files to different output formats including avi, wmv, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, mp3, ogg, wma, aac, mpg (PAL /NTSC), flv and mp4.

The best thing about this video converter is its fast converting speed and simple user interface. Its easy-to-use user interface makes this application ideal for even non-tech users who are not so familiar with media conversion.

Free Video Converter To Convert, Split, Merge And Edit Movie Files

Use Free Video Converter For Converting, Splitting, Merging And Editing Movie Files

Free Video Converter by Extensoft is a powerful application that offers quick and easy video conversion and movie editing. With this Free Video Converter, you may convert, merge, split and edit your movie files quite easily. It comes with a user-friendly interface using which you can effortlessly execute your basic conversion jobs.

Free Video Converter supports a wide range of video formats as well as high definition movies which are captured using latest HD cameras. You may also join and split movie clips and perform batch conversion of movies in a single step.


Key Features of Extensoft’s Free Video Converter

  • Supports latest high-definition H.264 high quality format and offers multi-pass conversion for enhanced quality allowing you to create high quality movies at smallest size. 
  • Has the ability to open and convert from various file formats including FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, MPEG, RM, MTS, RMVB, WMV, QT (QuickTime )and many others that are supported by your system.
  • The Interface is simple and easy-to-use and has a timeline, movie preview area, editing area and video-clip management area.
  • Has an ability to convert to the output formats such as MP4, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV and QT (QuickTime). Can save custom conversion settings.
  • Supports batch mode which allows quick conversion of multiple movies/selections to one or many output files.
  • Allows you to select movie sections and split and merge multiple videos.
  • Offers predefined conversion settings which help you make instant conversion to various movie formats which are supported by iPod, iPhone, YouTube, Web pages and HDTV.
  • Supports movie resizing or scaling, deinterlacing and altering frames-per-second.
  • Able to create HTML pages for playing converted videos in the form of Flash movies (FLV) to make it simple to publish to the web.
  • Allows you to save and load movie conversion projects.
  • Can be downloaded free of charge.

TapeLink Digitizes Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Use Alesis’s TapeLink to Digitize Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Compact cassettes were in great demand from 1970s to 1990s and so were cassette tape players which were used to play them. But, gone are the heydays when cassette tapes used to play magic in the house of almost every music lover.  Basically the magnetic tape recording format is no more interesting and cassette tape players are nearly extinct and outdated.

However, if you have still preserved the cassette tapes containing your favorite memorable songs, you don’t need to be disheartened that you cannot play them anymore. Now, it is possible that you digitize your cassette tapes and listen to your classic song collection by using Alesis’s TapeLink, a USB tape deck.

Alesis’s TapeLink is a dual-cassette deck that delivers a CD-quality digital-audio output through USB. This excellent converter has ability to convert or digitize your magnetic tape format cassettes and efficiently store your exceptional recordings on a hard disk or flash. You may also burn your favorite songs to a CD or transfer them to your iPod.

To record the recordings to your system, you simply need to connect TapeLink to your PC and play a cassette tape. This digital archiver delivers digital-audio output at 44.1 kHz (16-bit) which precisely captures tape recordings to ensure safe digital archival.


TapeLink USB is equipped with a software suite that contains three applications namely, BIAS SoundSoap™ SE software, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity audio-editing software. BIAS SoundSoap™ SE is noise- reduction application which efficiently removes any kind of hiss, rumble, room noise, electrical hum or any background noise.

EZ Tape Converter enables easy and convenient transfer and Audacity audio-editing software allows you to perform basic modifications. Alesis TapeLink works with most Windows Operating Systems as well as Mac OS X. The key features of this brilliant tool are listed below.

  • A simple plug-and-play (PnP) USB interface that does not require any drivers.
  • Saves a lot of time with its high-speed and normal dubbing modes.
  • Offers a CD-quality digital-audio output at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • Cleans up old tapes with active noise-reduction software.
  • Has ability to work with CrO2 as well as metal tapes.
  • Contains software suites such as BIAS SoundSoap SE, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity.
  • Its full auto-stop prevents breaking of aged tapes.
  • Offers a quick visual reference with the help of LED level meters.

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Brilliant Tool For Converting PDF File To Word Document By Retaining The Original Layout

Just like “Ease PDF to Text Extractor”, a freeware which helps you to pull out text from PDF documents, PDF to Word Doc Converter is one more such tool which has ability to convert a PDF file into a Word document. Though it is possible to copy the contents of a PDF file and paste it into a word document without using such tools, the original pattern of the file is not retained.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is a free utility which efficiently converts all the data in the PDF file to a word file without altering the images and shapes present in the original document. You need to just download this free tool and install it.

Once the installation process is over, simply launch the converter and browse to locate the PDF file that you wish to convert. Also browse the output document file path to select the desired path at which you need the output word document to be saved.

The converter also offers a few general options which you can configure. You may choose to convert the whole PDF file or select only a few pages. The general options allow you to retain images and shapes, preserve the original character spacing and use formatted text to reclaim page layout.

However, if you just need the text, you may uncheck these options so as to save memory space. The only drawback with this utility is that it can convert only a single PDF file to a Word file at a time and is unable to convert files in bulk.

PDF to Word Doc Converter is just 1.07MB in size and therefore does not consume much of the memory space. It can be downloaded free of charge from hellopdf website.

Use Works Database Converter To Convert Microsoft Works Database (.Wdb) File To Excel Or CSV

Use Works Database Converter To Convert Microsoft Works Database (.Wdb) File To Excel Or CSV

Microsoft Works has been integrated with word processor, database and spreadsheet. It is basically an entry-level home or office productivity software version. Most of the Windows-based computers are packaged with Microsoft Works. It allows the windows users to create their own workbooks, documents and databases. This is more helpful to those users who still do not use the upgraded Microsoft Works.

Now days, lots of users selected to utilize Microsoft Office including all the features along with Word, Access and Excel. Most of us are not using Microsoft Works. When you use the Microsoft Works for very short time and then uninstall it, the files created using Microsoft Works cannot be opened. It happens because of the database which is created in .wdb file extension using Microsoft Works.

Unless any program is installed in the system which supports the Works database file, the file cannot be opened or viewed or extracted and finally it is considered lost. However, Works Database Converter, a third-party program will help you to save the important data present in the database file.

Software utility “Works Database Converter” is helpful if there is a database file which is only created by Microsoft Works. The Works Database Converter utility converts your old Microsoft Works Database (having*.wdb extension) files into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is compatible with all editions of MS Excel.

The extraction of the data in the database file is carried out on the basis of ‘best-effort’. If there is only one table of data per file which has to be processed, the converter software works sensibly well. Some numeric fields are affected by compatibility of software.

To run Works Database Converter successfully, Java program must be installed on your PC as the software is Java applet. You may also run this software using Java Webstart application.

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Smart PC Utilities are introducing a free utility called as Vista Utilities. The Vista Utilities provides direct and easy access to the users, where they can use all the Vista tools and utilities. User can easily access all the features in the vista without going through Start Menu then Control Panel or any system folders to find the correct utility which they want.

In addition to this, the user can also access each and every Windows Vista programs and utilities for example security tools, system tools, multimedia programs, network tools and even the games.

This feature also contains ready-to-go commands of MS Dos that help users to execute complex programs like Cab Files Maker utility, NTFS Converter Utility, by means of few easy clicks.


Following are the key features of Vista Utilities:

  • This feature allows you to access almost all the Windows Vista programs by just going through the system tray. You can set it hide to tray or you may also click to display an entire context menu for accessing the vista features.
  • Each utility is enhanced with tool tips feature to identify the preferred utility plus its functionality.
  • Along with the classifying the Windows Vista Utilities in categories and their sub-categories, it is very easy to find their correct utilities.

At this time, you can freely download the newest edition of Vista Utilities Here.

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

Free Online Pdf – Excel Converter

An online tool to convert all pdf files to Microsoft office excel format is available for free of cost. This online tool called “Nitro pdf” provides greater flexibility for converting PDF files to excel files.

Nitro PDF produces the highest quality Microsoft office excel file. It also maintains all the tables associated with PDF files in Microsoft office excel format. This feature makes editing easy for all users.

Nitro PDF comes free so that users need not pay a heavy price for converting their PDFs to MS excel files.

The team which produced this free tool has made a provision to detect and validate the entire table associated with a PDF file. Few tables which did not add any value to the converted files are discarded by the tool. The resulting excel file is of the highest quality and that too free.

One should try the online PDF to Excel Converter to know its quality. The converted excel files will be made available as xls, Microsoft office excel format.

There are many online converting tools. The most frequently used tools amongst them are as follows:

Check Out Panopreter – A Text-To-Speech Converter

Check Out Panopreter – A Text-To-Speech Converter

Ministers and Company CEOs normally present several lengthy speeches which are important but quite boring.  Sometimes you might feel too tired to sit in front of the PC and read these speeches line by line. Instead of straining your eyes to read these speeches, you may simply convert these reading materials to audio files and listen to them while lying on your sofa and having your favorite espresso coffee. 

Panopreter is an excellent tool that efficiently converts these boring yet important reading materials to audio files.  Panopreter has ability to convert word documents, text files and .htm format web pages to audio files. It supports various different languages including English, Spanish, French, Germen, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

Panopreter consumes just 3.57MB of your hard disk space and can be downloaded from the Panopreter website. It is available for download in three different user interface languages like English, Spanish and Chinese. It is compatible only with Windows Operating Systems like Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Panopreter comes with an easy-to-use interface where in all the features are offered within a single interface. You need to simply click the button “Add” in order to add a document for conversion. It allows you to adjust reading speed and audio volume as per your preference. You may read out the words that you have typed in a document by going to its instant speak mode.

After conversion, Panopreter allows you to save the audio files into MP3 and wave formats. This tiny tool works with Microsoft text-to-speech voices (SAPI 5.x). You are also allowed to add various other voices to Panopreter. Apart from converting text to audio files, you can also use Panopreter as a language learning utility in order to enhance your listening ability.

A Powerful And Free Video Converter For Windows

A Powerful And Free Video Converter For Windows

There are a number of free video converters available in the market. You can easily download most of them, but you might not get what you were expecting. The VideoSpirit Lite is a free converter which converts media files from one format to the other desired format. It can also help the user extract audio or video clips from the original media.

The VideoSpirit Lite converter allows users to convert files of different formats like AVI, DVD, 3GP, MP3, DAT and lots more. While getting downloaded, the user will be asked to install some of the available codec packages, which help the converter to support more formats of files. Some of the most common codec packages are K-Lite Quick Time and Real Alternative. These codec packages handle almost all of the known media formats.


You can also customize some of the features as per your own liking. The features that can be customized are frame rate, quality level, codec types and bit rate. These features on being customized help the user obtain high quality output from this application.

The VideoSpirit Lite consumes up to 10MB of your system’s space and can be downloaded for free from the following link Here