Send Free Ringtones To Your Cell Phones From Your Computer

Update: This service is successfully works in US. Indians, might want to look into this service: to make your own free ringtones and send it to their cell phones.

You can now make any of your favorite song, music track or audio track as the ringtone of your cellphone. The guys at RingerDrop have created a very simple system, using which you can now create a ringtone out of any of your favorite track.

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In just 4 steps you can get your favorite ringtone on your cell phone from your computer:

  1. You enter your 10 digit phone number
  2. Select your phone carrier
  3. You upload your favorite music track on to RingerDrops server
  4. And click on upload Ringtone

RingerDrop team will send a text message to you an URL( after you are done with uploading ), where you can download the ringtone from one. This link will be active for ten days and you can download the ringtone on to your phone anytime before those 10 days.

Depending on your carrier you may be charged a small fee.

The current file formats that are supported are midi, wav, nokia specific files and mp3. Pretty much all phones are supported however, since iPhones do not allow you to save files, this service is not supported on iPhone.

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