Free Download Link – Economic Survey 2010 – 2011

At present most UPSC students want to get their hands on this one, as it comprises all facts and figures which is very essential for them as they can expect a few questions in Civil Services Examination Preliminary examinations scheduled on 12th June, 2011.

The Economic Survey 2010 – 2011 is not yet available in the stands at the moment, however, you can get a soft copy of the same from Ministry of Finance’s official website. The download is not restricted to UPSC candidates alone, anybody who is interested in knowing what the UPA government has envisaged for India in the coming year, can download a copy.

You can download the one PDF, which has all the chapters consolidated, or download only those chapters that are of your interest.

Download webpage link.

Direct Download link (zip file).

How Many Posts / Vacancies Are There In UPSC CSE CSAT 2011?

UPSC has come out with the notification for Civil Services Examination for the year 2011.

As we had expected, there are 800+ posts this year. 880 vacancies are to be filled in to be precise and it is also mentioned in the notification that the number of vacancies might increase in future.

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2> CSAT 2011 Model Paper.

CSAT 2011 Model Paper

UPSC recently announced on their official website that soon they will release some copies of model question Paper for CSAT.

Thinking on general terms, we can come up with a paper which would pretty much be like a CSAT paper.

In my opinion, to begin with, those who are preparing for the CSAT 2011 exams should start with strengthening their fundamentals, especially Mathematics. Mathematics is the foundation and rest all depends on how good you are in it.

Once you have done some ground work and are confident in solving mathematical problems, then you should start working out problems from R S Aggarwal.

That should be the strategy to begin with. I’ll soon update with the CSAT 2011 Model Paper. Till then, you can do the above.

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UPSC CSAT 2011 Age Limit?

What is the age limit for CSAT 2011?

I just got a few mails asking me what the age limit is, for taking up CSAT in 2011 ?

Let me tell you that only the pattern of examination has changed for Civil Services Preliminary Exams, and there is no other change, either in the format, or in the structure, or the age criteria.

Therefore, the age limit for CSAT 2011 is :

Minimum 21 years forall candidates,(as on 1-8-2011),
Maximum 30 years for General Candidates. 33 years for Backward Classes I BC – M / MBC / DNC and 35 years for Scheduled Castes,Arunthathiyars and Scheduled Tribes

Please post your other queries in the comment box below.

CSE – CSAT 2011 Exam Dates

CSAT 2011 – Notification Date, Last Date For Application, Date Of Exam

2011 Civil Services Examination (Preliminary) – Civil Services Aptitude Test – Schedule / Syllabus

2011 – Civil Services Preliminary Examination schedule is announced on Official UPSC website.

You can download the syllabus for CSAT from this link.

When will the notification for CSE(P) CSAT come out ?

The date of notification will be on: 19.02.2011

When is the last date of receipt of CSAT applications ?

The last date for receipt of CSAT CSE(P) applications is on: 21.03.2011 (MONDAY)

When will CSE (P) CSAT Exams be held / conducted?

The date of commencement of  CSAT exam is: 12.06.2011 (SUNDAY)