WinRAR The Free File Compression Program

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a file compression program that got its name from WINdows Roshal ARchive and it compresses files into .rar format. RAR is a type of data compression file format that was developed by a Russian software engineer named Eugene Roshal. RAR files (shown in .rar format) can only be created by the WinRAR software available for Windows operating systems. It was first released back in 1993, but has since made some improvements and is still widely used today.

Whats it used for?

Basically this program is a unique, and safe, way to compress large amounts of data to save space. WinRAR makes it easy to not only alter the security features on your newely compressed file, but it also ensures that transferring the data will be a lot faster.

Some common uses for WinRAR include the compression of movies, large amounts of pictures, large text files, and the compression of other random stuff to save space on your computer. Also you compress to send files as well. You can attach these to emails, send them via IM, or even use one of the free uploading sites to send your data to another party.

How do you change the security features on a compressed file?

Many people like to protect their privacy, and they might have used the WinRAR program to not only compress valuable information, but also to add extra security features to it so that no one else can view it. Another reason you may want to alter the security features is to remove any of your personal computer information so that if you send this file to anyone else on the internet then your privacy is protected.

If you want to alter the permissions each group has for the compressed file then follow the directions below:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘Security’ tab.
  4. From there you can alter the permissions for each user/group

To make it read only to prevent any of the data from being tampered with and altered, then simply:

  1. Right click on the compressed file.
  2. Go down to the ‘Properties’ option.
  3. Go to the ‘General’ tab.
  4. And selected the check box at the bottom for ‘Read Only’.

Here is also a link to a visual example for compressing/changing security features/ and extracting your .rar file.

Visual file compression example

How do I download WinRAR?

If you want to download WinRAR then go to the site  below and click on the download button. Don’t pay at first because you can use it for around 30 days or so, and afterwards you should pay, but don’t have to.

WinRAR Site




Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Secure your data by Locking Folders using WinMend Folder Hidden Utility

Normally we hide our personal folders using inbuilt service of windows, however anyone can easily find out the hidden folders by changing settings.

If you want to secure your data properly then you must protect it with password with the help of WinMend Folder Hidden Utility. This utility secures and hides your contents with strong password protection.

No one can get access your folder without entering password. This utility has different other features that make it a complete package of security. It has own interface to lock and encrypt files. It hides the specific area of the folders where your contents are saved.
Once you hide your folders using this utility it will be completely invisible. No one even read the name of the file or folder that has been hidden using this application. This is the best utility ever to secure confidential data from being stolen.

Download WinMend Folder Hidden utility here.


Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Removing data from your computer by pressing delete button is not enough because anyone can restore it directly from the recycle bin. Some people use Del + Shift button to delete the files or orders permanently from the computer hard drive. However it is not quite secure also because there are many restore tools available in the market that can restore your data easily.

If you want to delete it permanently from your computer without leaving chance for recovery, you have to use Prevent Restore application. This application allows you delete your files and data from your system securely so that no one can restore it again.

Key features of Prevent Restore

• It prevents files to recover by overwriting on disk space
• It is an user friendly application and easy to use
• It works on your flash drive, SD cards etc.
• It removes any temporary and cached files associated with deleted data.

Download Prevent Restore

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Hide Confidential Data in Your Windows System by Using Hide Folders

Similar to “1 Second Folder Encrypt”, a freeware that protects your files and folders form being accessed by others, there is another free utility called “Hide Folders v2.2” which preserves the files and folders in your PC by making them invisible so that no one knows that they even exist. This tool is quite useful if you happen to share your PC with other users.

Hide Folders v2.2 eventually safeguards your confidential data from being accessed without your consent. Using this application is undeniably a better way of hiding you confidential data rather than locking it, which is likely to catch somebody’s attention and tempt him/her to hack it out of curiosity.

Hide Folders is extremely easy to use. You need to download the utility from the internet and install it. Simply launch it and add the folders that you wish to make invisible or hide.  Anytime in future, if you wish to make these hidden folders visible to everyone, you may highlight the folders and click on the button “Remove”.

You need to make sure that no one else can access “Hide Folders” utility and identify the folders that have been hidden. To take care of this issue, you have an option of setting up a protection password. You may easily download this freeware from Here.

Check The Status Of Data Execution Prevention Feature In Your Windows Vista


Check The Status Of Data Execution Prevention Feature In Your Windows Vista


Windows Vista offers a powerful security feature known as DEP (Data Execution Prevention) which protects your PC from malicious software. DEP basically prevents execution of software from non-executable memory locations thus preventing any malicious software from harming your system. You need to configure DEP before it can start operating completely.


Eventually, this security tool might unintentionally shut down some genuine processes. However, Windows offers you with an option of enabling or disabling this service as per your preference. If you feel a need to check whether this DEP feature is activated or deactivated on your system, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.


  • You need to launch the command prompt as an administrator with elevated privileges. For doing so, you need to logon to Vista as an administrator (user account having admin rights). Right-click on Command Prompt icon. From the right-click context menu that appears, select the option “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type in the below mentioned command in the command prompt and press “Enter”.


wmic OS Get DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicy 

You will see a number display on your screen. The displayed number indicates the status of DEP feature as mentioned below: 

  • “0” stands for “AlwaysOff” which indicates that DEP is disabled or deactivated for all processes.
  • “1” stands for “AlwaysOn” which indicates that DEP is enabled or activated for all processes.
  • “2” stands for “OptIn” which is the setting by default and indicates that DEP is enabled or activated for Windows system services and components.
  • “3” stands for “OptOut” which indicates that DEP is enabled or activated for all processes apart from those which are Administrators identified.

Protect Your Critical Data From Keyloggers With KeyScrambler

Protect Your Critical Data From Keyloggers With KeyScrambler

It is very much likely that the critical data such as bank account details, credit card number and password that you type inside a web browser is monitored by Keyloggers. These cyber criminals normally monitor and record your keystrokes which can be misused by intruders. Even though your PC is protected with a good anti-virus or anti-spyware program, they generally fail to deal with such attacks.

Using an anti-keylogging program is the only way by which you can take care of this issue. KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 is a popular anti-keylogging program which has ability to protect each character that you type into your web browser from being recorded and stolen by cyber criminals.

KeyScrambler is a browser add-on which is absolutely free, highly reliable and simple to use. It encrypts everything that you type in your web browser into the kernel and further decrypts your encrypted keystrokes at the destination interface to allow you to view exactly what you type. As the encryption is done at keyboard driver level, it leaves the Keyloggers with only insignificant or futile keys to record.

The best thing about this useful add-on is that, once installed, you do not need to update KeyScrambler frequently like traditional anti-malware or anti-virus programs as this anti-keylogging program is capable of effectively defending old as well as new keyloggers.

Moreover, the user interface of KeyScrambler shows you a real-time encryption while you do the typing so as to give you a better picture of how it efficiently encrypts the keystrokes. KeyScrambler is also able to encrypt and protect Japanese, Chinese and Koran inputs. 

You may download KeyScrambler v2.4.1.1 free of cost. It works well with browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7 versions, Flock 1.0 version and above and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 version and above.  It can be used on 32-bit (x86) as well as 64-bit (x64) editions of Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. You need to have you PC connected to the internet in order to use KeyScrambler.

Once you download and install KeyScrambler on your system, you need to restart your PC after the installation process is over. Once you do so, KeyScrambler will show a small Overlay Window at top left corner for displaying the real-time encryption of keystrokes that you type in your web browser. For more details on how KeyScrambler works, you may refer to its Tutorial and User Manual.

Buy 500GB Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive For Just $50 On Amazon

Amazon is bringing to you the Toshiba 500GB Portable External Hard Drive E05A050DAU2XM at a minimum price of $50, inclusive of shipping charges. Here you are saving a $40.40 [45%] on the cost price. Amazon link.

A few of its features are:-

  • Canvio Basic Portable hard drives are an ideal portable add-on storage expansion solution that makes your storage easy and simple.
  • USB 2.0 powered portable add-on storage.
  • Easy to use keeps a copy of everything saved on your computer [completer system Backup]
  • Protects your drive [Internal Shock Sensor and Ramp Loading technology]
  • Accommodates large digital files with spacious storage capacity.

Portable hard drives are so compact as to fit into your pockets and do not need any external power supplies. Agreed you do pay a lump some price for it, bit it is definitely worth that price especially for the on-the-go users.

It is one plug easy-of-use and is enhanced by the drive’s stylish design, courtesy of a glossy black finish and soft round edges. It needs only a single step to begin saving and transferring important files. Plug it in and with no extra software to install, it is available with 500GB, giving you a hassle free high capacity storage solution right out of the box.

You can say Toshiba CanvioTM Portable Hard Drives is an easy answer to all your storage and backup requirements. It gives you portable storage for all your photos, music, video, and much more. Each Canvio comes with an internal shock sensor and anti-slip rubberized side grip to help keep your drive safe while on the go. Power backup by USB is also an important feature. You can benefit mobile storage space even for your larger digital libraries. It has the capacity to store 142,000 digital photos, or 1313,000 digital music files or even download 410 digital movies!

How Can I By Pass Downloading Waiting Time, Limitation On Rapidshare

Downloading Unlimited Files from RapidShare without Creating a Premium Account

Premium users of Rapidshare, the most prominent file hosting and network sharing website (Zshare Download is equally good)are permitted to download concurrent and unlimited files every time. Rapidshare’s auto-capping feature stops normal or free users from downloading more files concurrently (you’ll need an username and password for rapid share account). Also one has to wait for a small period to start downloading other files, but this can be done on succession of the previous file.

If a user wishes to perform parallel or concurrent downloading of few files, then one has to pay to become a premium user (earlier there were ways to get free premium Rapidshare account). A hack can solve the above problem and help users to download more files without registering for a premium account.

Every single IP address is logged by Rapidshare so that it can restrict free users from downloading more files simultaneously. It normally registers an IP while a user is downloading and it starts checking for all former downloads.

If Rapidshare figures out that a user has downloaded a File sometime back then it stops the downloading of a new file. One can utilize Rapidshare downloading accelerators or perform some tricks on the PC to bypass the limitation and waiting period

Steps to bypass downloading waiting time, limitation, on Rapidshare:

Every time you start your PC to browse internet, an IP address will be assigned by the internet service provider. If the address provided by the ISP is dynamic, then this address can be changed at every system restart. As Rapidshare is always looking for IP addresses to trace their history, a free user cannot download files beyond a limit. To overcome this problem, a user needs to reset their IP and obtain new IP address. The steps provided below show how one can procure a new IP.

  • Click Start, select Run.
  • Now enter cmd in Run window
  • Command prompt window opens. Type the commands provided below in the same sequence, and then hit enter button on the keyboard.

    @echo off

    Ipconfig/ release

    Ipconfig/ flushdns

    Ipconfig/ setclassid

    Ipconfig/ registerdns

    Ipconfig/ renew


  • Your PC will be awarded with a new IP address.
  • Browse the Rapidshare website and start downloading your selected file. Now you will be capable in downloading the selected file in spite of you having downloaded large files just few minutes ago.
  • Repeat this process every time you wish to download few files from Rapidshare website.
  • This completes the process.

The above hack is very simple and everyone can set it easily. Save the commands provided above in a notepad file for future use.


1> Download multiple files from RapidShare at once.

USB 3.0 RAID Drive Now Works At Higher Speeds With Latest Super Talent Firmware

There is always a tough competition especially in the computing world. So when you hear of a new launch, it is not really exciting news! At the same time, you can’t avoid viewing any of this latest improvement from Super talent Technology. You may wonder what Super Talent Technology is? It is a player in the Flash storage mode and DRAM modules ands has earlier had a USB 3.0 RAID DRIVE in the market.

It is interesting right now that this quick device has been made faster with a firmware update, to add a bit to the tough competition out in the market. Even if the USB drives are not so common and are updated, it is rather a unique feature. It looks like they have utilized it to the maximum, using the 2nd generation USB 3.0 technology host controllers making it possible for the RAID DRIVE to transfer date at surprisingly fast functioning speeds of 370 Mb/sec.

The raise in the speed can be above 55 Mb/sec. A number of tests were done with the help of the latest Fresco Logic FL1009B and as usual all the USB 3.0 drives are reverse-friendly with USB 2.0 ports at USB 2.0speeds. The technology firmware has been patented under US patent #7457897. Super Talent has a variety of USB 3.0 flash ranges from the economical Express DUOTM to the RAID DRIVE, the quickest of the group.

Of course, it may take a while before the competition picks up pace. Also Super Talent’s RAID DRIVE is bound to be super fast giving a solid 370meg/second. This may be a great reason to rejoice for this is something truly fast and can shift the whole content of a DVD as quick as within 15 seconds. Agreed it was able to reach these speeds even earlier, but with the help of USB controllers of that time it was forced to bring down the speed to 300meg/sec. now with this latest controller, the firmware is capable of upgrading so that its total power is utilized.

There have been discussions of the RAIDDRIVE creating quite an eruption which is yet to be seen for experts are doing their job of testing RAIDDRIVE’s creating a hotter wave, promising extra quick speed. It is priced at $30.58 for a 54 gig drive.

Connect To Internet With Symantec GoEverywhere Online Workspace

Get Connected to Internet with Symantec GoEverywhere Online Workspace

Symantec releases new beta version in market named, Symantec GoEverywhere. It is little bit similar to Microsoft live Workspace and huddle Online Workspace. However Symantec GoEverywhere is more secure online internet web space or hub which allows users to use online application wherever they are, or whichever computer they are using.

Users can get access to multiple web applications such as WordPress, Spreadsheet, Gmail, Presentation slides, etc. Users can use all these web applications easily without any barrier of place or time.

The entire web applications will be consolidated into one palette which is known as webtop screen by Symantec. Its mechanism is very simple to understand, usually all applications will be compiled in one place. Once you sign-on, you will be enabled to use all these applications instantly instead of toggling secretly. There is specific feature named, Go data center which allows users to store their data securely in storage center of Symantec GoEverywhere.

This workspace is especially designed to target tiny businesses and individuals in order to provide hassle free and low cost web access for their routine work. It is really an economical alternative to the users who want to mange their computing work under limited budget. There is no need to invest substantial money to purchase extra software and applications. Users will get all kind of support with this Goeverywhere online workspace to manage their online work with low budget.

Since this workspace has valuable security features, users (commercial users) can use this service freely. It means there is no need to get too worried about their confidential data getting lost or leaked.

The current economic situations seem to be getting very tough and heading towards downturn, and so in that case it will be the most economical way to manage business activities. This one is another big reason of its popularity in current business market.

However non-commercial users also can use this workspace for their personal computing work. It is quite useful from all perspectives whether commercial purpose or non-commercial purpose.

Currently Symantec beta version is free, however there is a special monthly subscription package is also available for users.

Key features of Symantec GoEverywhere:

Private Online Workspace

Latest Symantec GoEverywhere is featured with Tag based navigation technology which provides simple, responsive and familiar workspace to the users.

Online Application repertoire

You can choose your own favorite applications and media content from plethora of different applications. There is no trouble of installation. You can easily get free applications and other important contents from web on your demand. You will be notified when new application arrives on web.

Zero Management

There is no need to install and update any applications because experts and professionals of Symantec GoEverywhere workspace efficiently manage and keep secure your data.

Single Safe Password

Here you need to enter one time password to get access your entire applications. You just need to sign-on to Symantec GoEverywhere, and with your single password to get access your applications and other stored objects instantly.