How To Decode A WordPress Theme Footer

Selling links in footer of WordPress themes is a common practice by WordPress theme developers.

I personally do not have anything against or I am not against giving credit to the author. But it doesn’t end there. There are a few folks who just stick up unrelated ads and at times more than one ad just for a few extra bucks ! Imagine your site linking back to – unrelated, not so family friendly sites, such a pain !

Here’s how you can decode the WordPress Theme Footer and change the content and remove unwanted links :

Copy the encoded content and paste it in the text box area in OpinionatedGeek. Click on Decode and you’ll get the decoded content, which you can copy and replace it in footer.php.

However, there are developers who make it really hard for you to decode the footer links, then try this :

1> Open your index.php and find

<?php get_footer(); ?>

2> Place a HTML comment that you can easily recognize, before and after

Something like:

<!– footer content starts Here –>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

<!– footer content ends Here –>

3> Visit your blog

4> View the source

5> Copy the HTML source between the two markers

6> Open footer.php and replace the encoded content with the HTML code.

Note: Most themes will have a license that’ll not permit you to change the footer links. If that’s the case, then you are better off finding another theme 😉