Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

Use PDF Unlocker To Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files And Remove Restrictions

It is widely accepted that the PDF is a best format which can be used to distribute and display documents. The PDF file format keeps the originality and quality of the documents so that it is now been used by lots of people. Today, you’ll find plenty of professional manuals, tutorials, papers; ebooks and etc over the internet in the PDF format. You could easily download these files and read them with appropriate viewer program like Adobe reader.

However, sometimes you may have face problems while copying or printing texts which are in the PDF document. The downloaded PDF files may prevent you from doing so. Now, here is a simple trick which could help you to unlock the restricted PDF file. Mostly, the original author of each PDF file tends to encrypt and impose the file along with some restrictions which is responsible to prevent you from editing, modifying, printing, copying and etc.

You’ll find couple of standard encryption techniques which are also treated as security measures for the PDF file formats. If you are PDF owner then you could select to secure your PDF file by simply applying “owner password” or “user password”. When you protect your own PDF file with password then no one can modify the protected PDF file even you could prevent it from opening. If you would like to just impose some of the restrictions such as disable copying, printing, editing of text content, you could simply place an owner password for it. By doing so, you could also disable modifications for the graphics.

The PDF files protected by the ‘owner’ as well as ‘user’ passwords are quite difficult to crack and you could use force open for these files. However, if you are still stuck with such problem then there are lots of useful applications which can help you out of this problem. Mostly, in such situations the PDF unlocker shareware is the best solution. PDF Unlocker is very useful and absolutely free tool with which you could crack the PDF file which are password protected.

After installing this tool on you system, a small icon of PDF Unlocker will be created on the desktop. What you exactly have to do is, only drag the password protected PDF file to the icon of PDF Unlocker. Immediately the software application proficiently decrypts the password of the owner and removes all the restrictions imposed. After that, you will get the new unrestricted copy of the PDF file. You will then modify, copy, print and etc without even recognizing the password.

You will find unlocking of the restriction that imposed by the ‘user’ password quite tricky. If you would like to remove the password of user of the PDF file, you just have to right click once on the link “Remove PDF Password” and then select “Edit”. Now, you have to use the actual open password of the file straightly next to the prefix ‘-sPDFPassword=’, use it without quotes. Finally close and save the password removed PDF file. This PDF Unlocker tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Add Encrypt Or Decrypt Option In Context Menu

Add Encrypt Or Decrypt Option In Context Menu

Have you ever thought how could you encrypt or decrypt files and folders easily without following the tedious process? Yes, you can encrypt or decrypt files instantly by simply right clicking on the files and choosing the options of decrypts or encrypts files from the context menu. All you have to do is just add this option to context menu. Since decrypting or encrypting files could consume your more time, creating the shortcuts to this feature allows you instant access.


To enable decrypt or encrypt feature in Context Menu you have to follow given simple steps accurately. It is a process of registry hack.

  • Launch Notebook
  • Copy the below string and paste into notepad
  • ·         [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  • While copying and pasting this string, do take care of contents. Usually copied contents contains two quotes “” that will not be verified in registry file check so you need to delete and retype it manually.
  • Now save the file namely, “Encrypt.reg” and Save AS “All Files”. It means Save file one time  then Click on Save as option and enter name “All Files”
  • By double clicking on registry file you will be directly prompt to proceed with UAC prompt so you just click on OK to confirm that you wish to proceed further.
  • Finally, you are done.

Once you finished this process, you will be shown option to encrypt or decrypt files by clicking on any folder or files.

Use Right Click Button To Enable Decrypt Or Encrypt Folders Or Files

Use Right Click Button To Enable Decrypt Or Encrypt Folders Or Files

Let us see how can we use the right click button and enable decrypt or encrypt folders and files. When you want to decrypt any encrypted folders or files or vice versa, then right click on it and select Properties. Now, you will find other options called Advanced, click on it, and then tick the checkbox for Encrypt.


The above mentioned process takes much time in completing the tasks and involves many clicks. An easier process for the same purpose is mentioned below, please follow the steps:

  • Open the notepad
  • The string mentioned below, copy it and paste it on the opened notepad window: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] “EncryptionContextMenu”=dword:00000001
  • One thing you should bear in mind is that to delete the double quotation and type it again. When you will save the file name it Encrypt.reg and under Save As option make it All Files.
  • Now on the registry file click twice simultaneously and go along with the UAC prompt and finish the process click on OK.

Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, then you want to encrypt any files or folders, just click on it and an option called Encrypt will be appear.