Use SharpArchiver To Easily Compress And Decrypt Files

Use SharpArchiver To Easily Compress And Decrypt Files

The utilization of the expensive resources like transmission bandwidth, storage space can be greatly reduced with the help of data compression tool. Generally, you wouldn’t have to use this utility that frequently, but it will be very handy when there is need of it.

The original data is compressed and reduced in size up to 10 times. After the compression of file, it must be decoded technically before using.

You may find lots of file compression utilities over the net. The most common formats which are used for compressing file include Rar, Zip, Ace, Rpm etc. When you get file of above compressed format, you can simply find the exact applications, with which you can decode them. However, the problem arises when you get the files of the formats you have never seen in the past. In such situations a powerful tool namely SharpArchiver will surely help you. You can find it’s source code here.

Released under the license of GNU LGPL, SharpArchiver, is used as an open source utility designed for Windows for file compression. SharpArchiver is pretty useful tool and it uses CAKE3 wrapper to hold 47 different types of archive extensions. You can use this compression utility for free. You can use any of the unique extensions to create, open and extract all the compressed files.

Following are the main features this utility.

1. Supports 47 different types of archive extensions

  • You can build, open, erase, or extract files in format like 7Zip, Zip, Lha,Sqx

2. Open and Extract following file format

  • Zip, Tar, 7Zip, BZip2, GZip, Arj, Asd, Ace, Arc, B64, Mime, Bel, Yz1, Deb, F, Frz, Ico, Cab, Iicl, Lha, Jam, Lzh, Pit.Pak,  Cpt,  Hqx, Lzs, Dmg, Rpm, Wad, MacBin, Rar, Sqx, Shar, Yenc, Uue, Cpio, Xxe, Imp, Ear,  Zoo, Wsz, War, Jar, Wal, Mskin, Bzs, Wmz

3. Supports Shell Extension

  • You can associate various archives with SharpArchiver
  • You can add menu into the windows shell, so that you can create or extract archives just in 2 mouse clicks

4. Tools

  • ConvertArchive Tool
  • MultiExtract Tool
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Tool: This tool gives protection to any file on your computer when you create a sharparchiver encrypted file having .SAF format.

5. Sharp Looking and User Friendly Interface

  • SharpArchiver could be simply used by anyone. This is its main feature because there are lots of good archivers available, but user interface of such tools is very complex and confusing.

You can download this simple and best tool using the download links given below.

SharpArchiver Installer:

How Can I Password Protect Crypt / Decrpt My Files, Videos

When using a shared system you may want to password protect a file. Even on your personal computers you may have saved data that you may not want anyone else to access. Today there are software and programs available which help you do just that.

You could use a program called cryptext. This program allows the user to encrypt and so that no one can access it without the password. IT is a fairly easy program to use. All you need to do after installing the program is to right click on the file and choose the encrypt option It will ask you to set a password and your file will become safe as soon as you do so. When you need to decrypt a file, you follow the same step and choose the decrypt option and you will be able to access the file. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free and can be downloaded from by typing the name as it will take you to the download link.

Another good program is PGP. It is also free and is accessible at Pretty Good Protection International. An interesting and unorthodox way to protect files is to change the header and the extension of a file. It basically involves changing the format of the file. For example if you want to encrypt a bitmap file you can open it in a word pad and remove the first two characters that say BM (the header). You can change the extension as well but while saving the file you may put BM at the start to remind you which program to use for opening the file later. In this way no paint program would recognize the file. This is a clever way of corrupting files which can be restored only by you.