Best Alternative For Windows In Built Deframenter

Windows in-built defragmenter, lets you to defrag the files and folders and also the whole drives. This is a great option that lets you arrange your valuable data according in a sequence. Though, this software is one of the must have, it has one problem and that is, it is not only slow but also consumes a lot of system resources.

To solve this problem we have other alternatives like Piriform’s Defraggler. Defraggler, a software built for Windows Defragging, is nice and small defragmentation software that allows you to perform all the activities that you can with defragmenter function provided by Windows. Moreover you can perform these functions at impressive speeds and in a manageable manner. This is free software that is developed by Piriform, the makers of Ccleaner, a free trash cleaner tool.

The size of the defraggler is just 1MB, and consumes very less space of your hard disk. You have the option of taking the backup in your pen drive or CD for future use as it is very portable. This free defragmentation program gives its user an option to defrag individual files and folders apart from whole drives. First it analyzes the whole drive for fragmentation and after analyzing a drive for fragmentation, Defraggler gives a complete list of all fragmented files as well as a detailed view of drive fragmentation with color coded blocks. It also displays drive information such as the file system in use, drive capacity, used and free space etc. This allows you to fragment the files, folders and drives according to your use while making folder access easy and comfortable.

This application will only work with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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Where Can I Download A Free Software To Defragment My Windows PC

Every system and network has felt the effects of fragmentation. While most of us have experienced a slow down of our PCs with continuous use, what we do not realize is that the fragmentation of the files is one of the key reasons for it. This is because of the wastage of the precious I/O resources by system while writing fragmented files to cluttered spaces on the disk while you attempt to remove software, install new programs and mobilize your files around the drives.

This entails that each time you move, write or delete your files; the disk becomes even more defragmented, leading to parts of the files being placed in different locations on the drive. Thus loading an application or reading a file is all the more time consuming as the system now spends large amounts of time locating these different file locations instead of reading it from a continuous block.

For a clean, fast disk and to prevent fragmentation, you need to defragment your drive. This not only places the files in a single block by analyzing and reassembling the fragments but also allows large regions of free space by compressing the file systems. So you can experience an improvement in the performance of your Pc as your files and applications are launched at lightening fast speeds. Smart Defrag, a real time defragmentor for your Windows PC may be the answer to all your fragmentation woes. A fast performer and one which uses less of the computer resources, this tool offers manual and automatic defragmentation along with other features such as optional auto shutdown after completion of defragmentation and a power saving mode while running laptop on battery. Moreover this free real time deframentor is simple and easy to use and does not really interfere with the system’s performance.

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Free Software To Defrag Individual Files And Folders

Defraggler is a powerful file defragmenter that allows users to defrag selected files or folders from their system. It efficaciously streamlines the thought process of your system and enhances its performance. When you save a new file or create a new folder, certain portions of the item automatically get saved in the free space throughout the hard disk. When we save numerous files, they occupy random space at the hard disk. This leads to the slow speed and poor output of your system. Defraggler defragments and matches various portions of the file together. It prevents scattered storage and organizes your RAM space efficiently.

This application is free to download. It does not require the installation of any other software or plug-in to access its features. Moreover, with a simple interface, it can be easily accessed by users. All you need to do is run the application, select the file for defragmentation and then simply wait for a few seconds for the application to defragment the file. One of the striking features of this application is that keeps the uses informed on the percentage of memory used and left free for further storage. This keeps the users high on an alert mood to intelligently utilize their storage space. It also gives you detailed information on the number of files that are fragmented in your system. From this list you can easily choose all the files or select a few for defragmentation.

You can direct a scheduler for Defraggler to automatically launch defragmentation operations to maintain the efficiency of your system.

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