Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Mostly, we tend to protect the photos, especially when we spend a lot of time to capture an outstanding one. Some of us are very protective on the photos when they work on some great designs. There are lots of ways to protect your masterpiece to spread it across the internet. To protect your masterpiece photo from getting posted on somebody’s blogs or websites , the most effective way is to insert a custom watermark in your digital photos.

You do not have to pay for adding any texts for example your name, brand, URL etc inside the watermark form. This application can not stop others from copying your photos. The detailed source of the photos is prominently acknowledged and displayed in any case. Watermark Tool helps you to do so. Watermark Tool is a free web application with which you can insert a custom watermark into your digital photos.

Watermark tool allows you to add texts. For adding text, open Watermark Tool then upload your file and include whichever text you want. By adding the text you can trademark your digital photos. Lots of texts editing tools are included to customize the font type, text size text color, box color, text transparency, text position and etc.

When you click on the “Generate” tab, the new finalized watermarked image will be generated. This fresh watermarked photo can be downloaded now. Though it is an easy-to-use tool, you can insert watermark only once at a time.

Quickly Resize Your Digital Images With Some Useful Tools

Quickly Resize Your Digital Images With Some Useful Tools

Most of the times, the images captured by the digital camera or scanned by means of a scanner are very large to transfer in the networks or to upload on websites or blogs. You should reduce the image size prior to uploading or posting them.

Large photos take some more time than usual to upload, and if the dimensions of image may be extra bigger to display in the chosen page or frame. However, the ideal way to resize these digital images is using specialized image editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

You have to pay some big money for getting such expert image editor software. Also, the starting stage of such programs is pretty slow, plus it takes up plenty of system resources. However, if you want to reduce and resize your images, then you could also try some other free image editing tools which can carry out the task efficiently.

A plain AIR application named as Shrink O’Matic can perform fast image resizing. You have to drag and drop your photos to Shrink O’Matic application in order to resize them. From there, the resizing tool will carry out rest of the task. The tool is available for free along with some simple features and anyone can use it with no trouble whatsoever.

It operates in both Windows and Linux OS. The only one disadvantage is that it only supports GIF, JPG and PNG image file formats.

Shrink Pic is one more photo editing and resizing tool available for free. When you send the photos via email or upload to the website or blog, the image will automatically be resized by Shrink Pic. This program automatically detects the large photos while sending and performs the size reduction process in the background.

You can choose the automatic resize stages such as low compression stage, medium compression stage and high compression stage. You can resize them into your own custom sizes. The whole thing will be completed in the background. The Shrink Pic resizing tool operates only on Windows.

You can as well make use of image resizing tools online to reduce the dimension of your images. Resizr is one of the online image resizing tools which resize images only. All you have to do is upload a JGP image file to Resizr and then the tool will automatically perform the resizing of image. With this online service, you don’t have to be waiting for a long while uploading an image on the website or blog from your computer, and most importantly you will not have to install any resizing application on your computer.