Free Multimedia Digital Audio Workstation For Windows And Linux

LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) is a software created for Linux and Windows which does the function of a digital audio workstation. The software is considered as a tough one to learn and use; but the many tutorials and sample songs supplied as part of the software help you in reducing the learning curve and understanding the functions.

Using LMMS one can make music which can play on a MIDI keyboard. You can also do sound synthesizing while creating the music. Other features include bass line editor, sequencers, trackers and synthesizers. While the piano roll window helps in writing MIDI sequences, the song editor organizes the material into proper forms.

The Digital Audio Workstation, LMMS, allows you to add effects on pre recorded audio and you can also import the audio as sample. One can add many filters, use different effects and save the whole file as one track. The specific property of creating samples along with the composition saves a lot of time for the creator of the music.

Editing is very easy using the piano roll by selecting the pitch and inserting the note. Changing the note is also easy by a simple click on the mouse. The absence of undo function could be quite frustrating especially during the initial days while you are experimenting with the software.

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FL Studio – Best In Digital Audio Workstation And Music Sequencing

Fruity Loops, known as FL Studio since 2008, is a versatile software for creating music in a computer. The latest version has many new features and it also has a new trendy look. The software supports many formats such as MIDI, MP3 and WAV and has a whole lot of features which helps you to create top quality music.

Fruity Loops is an excellent software to create music. It has a sequencer, piano roll, very good recording capabilities and many other facilities to take care of your music.

The program opens with a demo music which demonstrates the range of features the software has. Once the demo is over you can start a new project. The menu is user friendly and is easy to navigate through various steps. You can link an external folder by a simple drag and drop. You can select the right sound by just clicking on the same.

The piano roll and drum sequencer are easy to understand and use and you can create the right melodies without much trouble. The software also has excellent features to load VST FX and plug-ins for several instruments. There is also a patter sequencer which again is quite easy to master.

Though recording in general is pretty good, the quality of vocal recording has scope for improvement.

You can buy this software from their official website.

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