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Grooveshark comprises of a peer to peer music file sharing group, that helps music file transactions between the members. They charge for the songs exchanged between them, and compensate the copyright holders and users at the same time provide convenient selection of P2P file sharing in an online music community.

All Grooveshark files are void of the Digital Rights Management [DRM] technology, thereby allowing users to play songs they buy on any computer, laptop or digital player.

A true delight for all music lovers !!!!

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EMI Music gives music to had announced sometime back that it would offer free songs to the public in a model that was based on ad sales. Now, it has also been announced that EMI Music has offered licensed music to this ad-supported music website. With this deal, EMI Music has become the second major label on board the startup

The business model is similar to that of SpiralFrog. However, the songs at SpiralFrog were full of Digital Rights Management (DRM) – whereas has come up with a novel way of bypassing this issue. At the press release, stated that it will provide users with DRM-free audio and that the rights will be paid for the advertisers. All the users have to do is watch a short video commercial before every download.

It seems to be a feasible model that could make for a good customer experience as well as chart a new way of bringing the music companies and piracy-addict fans to a common ground. However, it might be interesting to see if this scheme sustains itself – as the advertisers might back out of the whole deal after some time.

Most companies that tried to strike a deal with EMI Music – such as SpiralFrog, Ruckus, and Imeem – had failed; and has certainly managed to get itself a prize this time. Keeping in mind the fact that most ad-supported music agencies find it hard to cover cost and make ends meet, perhaps is all set to start a new trend.

How Do Reset Or Upgrade DRM Utility in Windows Media Player

Errors due to Digital Rights Management (DRM)  constraints in Windows Media Player (WMP) – be it in Vista, Windows XP/ 2000 / 9x / Me – can be quite annoying. This happens particularly if the media file is copyrighted and thus frequently shows DRM license errors. The only solution to this problem is to change the copyright (i.e. DRM) settings of Windows Media Player so that it does not show error messages.

Moreover, there is another problem that can crop up while using the FairUse4WM (FU4WM) – a handy application that removes the DRM component of the copyrighted media that you purchased – and you might get an error message saying:

<filename> does not appear to be licensed to you

This error arises primarily because Mirakagi tool gets started before the license is actually acquired by FU4WM. A simple suggestion is to wait till the Play button is activated before you press the Start button in Mirakagi. However, if you have not installed the copyrighted media’s license key properly, then this error will keep on cropping up and you will have no other option than to reset the DRM license settings manually.

Also, you should know that resetting the DRM settings in WMP is equivalent to re-individualizing WMP. This means that all the media DRM licenses will be cleared and the DRM settings will be reset to a clean original state – the idea being that all errors are undone in the process. In this case, if you want to play the media file again, you will have to go to the site you bought it from, and buy a new DRM license that is valid.

You should read this informative guide to WMP DRM settings if you want to know more about this issue.