Do your disks needs clean up? It’s easy with Check Your Disk

Do your disks needs clean up? It’s easy with Check Your Disk

We often face some problems with disk overloading. We generally try to store more files and folders than what our disk can handle. In this case we need to clean up the disk, and this gets very irritating, frustrating and boring, since we have to go through every files and folders to check and clean them up.

With a third party tool named Check Your Disk, we don’t have to find it so tedious anymore. You don’t even have to install the file, just download it and unzip the file. Run the file and results will be shown as pie charts. Even on a quick glance you will get to know about which folder is eating up your disk space unnecessarily.



With the results from the Check Your Disk, you can easily monitor your hard drive, and get rid of the files that are unnecessarily occupying the space. It is a very useful tool for those who don’t have enough time for browsing and searching each and every folder manually and clean them up.

This tool works efficiently and effectively. Version 8.0 of Check Your Disk works on both Linux and Windows operating system.

Just One Lousy Improper Shutdown

Last night I forgot to attach back the AC power cord of the laptop and had left it on all night running Ktorrent and amule, so obviously all the battery drained out and next morning, the laptop’s backlight dimmed out everytime I reached the grub so I could not see what was on the screen, but what’s more was that I got a press Ctrl + D to continue or give root password for maintence and also message about it not being able to read the superblock.

Hunter helped me around, we did the fsck, changed the UUID in menu.lst and fstab, nothing worked. So I had to reinstall, this is the 2nd reinstall Ive done in just 2 days, I can’t help but believe that am cursed about being stable with linux.

Although since /home being on a different partition, I don’t have to worry about losing out on settings, I also set up a /usr this time, so I won’t lose out on the applications.