Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Word 2007 has introduced a new default format of file i.e. Docx. It is a format in which it will be saved and it is supported by XML and uses the ZIP compression in order to reduce overall size of file. However, you may don’t want to save the file under docx format, as many people are using Office 2000/2003/XP and Microsoft Office Compatibility may not be installed. So the new format of file is not fully compatible to the existing word versions. In order to change the .docx file format follow these steps:

First click Office button, which is located on left corner in word 2007 at the top. Secondly, on the menu, you should click Word Options as located at the bottom. Then click save as option as shown on the left panel. Then you should choose “Word97-2003 Document i.e. (*.doc).  Then click ok button in order to save that setting.

These simple steps if followed properly will give you file format .doc instead of .docx. I have given some effort for trying to locate these options in its totally new interface, e in order to get more fruitful regular piece of works.

Convert .PDF Files To .DOC Format Easily Using Free PDF To Word Doc Converter

Convert .PDF Files To .DOC Format Easily Using Free PDF To Word Doc Converter

In some circumstances you prefer to convert all .PDF files to .DOC files. In such situations, you look for a reliable .PDF to Word Converter. There are many converters available, but if you are looking for the free and powerful one, then free .PDF to Word .DOC Converter is the best choice for you.

This converter keeps the quality of images and texts intact while converting them from .PDF to .DOC. This is the best tool for those users who have no internet connection consistently for converting their files from .PDF to .DOC online.


Impressive Features of Free .PDF to Word Doc Converter

  • It converts .PDF format files to .DOC format files instantly.
  • It extracts all the graphics, images, and texts while converting.
  • It retains and keeps the files intact with genuine layout of PDF file in Word Document
  • There is an option to choose all .PDF files to be converted or a single file.
  • Interactive user interface and you don’t need to pay for this. It is absolutely free for download Here.

Guide To Convert .Pptx Extension Files To .Ppt And .Docx To .Doc Online

Guide To Convert .Pptx Extension Files To .Ppt And .Docx To .Doc Online

The latest version of Microsoft office 2007 has its own file extension such as .pptx for power point files and .docx for document files. These new version of Microsoft office are no doubt loaded with improved features, but some users find difficulty to open these .pptx and .docx files on their computer, as they haven’t installed Microsoft office 2007 version on their computers.



However there is an option to run these files on your computer by converting them to .ppt and .doc extension files. You can easily convert them online instantly.

There is Zamzar, which is an online converting service, which provides services to convert some major extensions of files to make them compatible according to user requirements.


 Key features:

  • It converts .docx files to .doc, .pdf, .ps, .txt, .pcx, .odt, files
  • It converts .pptx files to .odp, .html, .pdf, .png, .ps, .swf files
  • It converts image formats to other image formats easily
  • It also converts music formats to other music formats.
  • It supports compressed files conversation.

You just need to add the link of this service in your bookmark toolbar. Whenever you need to convert any file’s format just click on the specific link, and the rest of your job will be done by this online service. You can directly avail this service directly from the homepage of Zamzar.

Edit / View Word Documents In Firefox With ThinkFree Document Viewer

Easy Viewing of Documents with ThinkFree Viewer

So many a times while browsing over the internet we come across certain documents that we need to view or edit, but we may not have the Office Suite installed into our systems.

At such the situation seems really difficult as the only solution we then have is to install the Office Suite or download the document into another computer that has the Office Suite. However, these solutions are no longer required as Firefox has a feature known as the ThinkFree Viewer.

The ThinkFree Viewer is a solution provided by ThinkFree that is ideal for situations when the Office Suite is installed in a system. This allows the user to view all the documents that are of the Windows Office file format, directly from the internet. This tool is installed as an add-on in Firefox.

It is very easy to view documents like word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets using ThinkFree Viewer. All you have to do is right click on the link of the document and select ‘View with ThinkFree’ from the context menu and your job is done.

The document will take some time to load in the Firefox Browser, depending upon the speed of your internet connection. Once it opens up in the viewer, you are free to format it in any desired manner. You can also print out the document. The interface of the viewer is built on the grounds of the Microsoft Office which makes it very easy to work on it.

Some versions of ThinkFree Viewer have come up, but it’s still in the experimental stage. New versions are being released every now and then.

[ Download ThinkFree Firefox Addon ]

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