Create and Share Office Documents on Facebook with

Create and Share Office Documents on Facebook with

With FaceBook becoming larger than life, the chances of  finding most of your family members, school-mates, colleagues, buddies, friends, coworkers, university mates, or old any other acquaintance is not too difficult. You could easily share media files with them, but exchanging documents was a problem.

There is a solution for this problem, and it is, a result of joint effort of Microsoft fuse lab and FaceBook. They, together, have been able to provide online document editing suite. In a nutshell, it is an office web application which is customized for Facebook users.

Officially, the was announced by FaceBook founder “Mark Zuckerberg” on the April 21, 2010, which was at the FaceBook f8 conference. By utilizing the strength of “Office web Apps” and inbuilt office 2010, it enables users to create, edit, view and also share the Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, OneNote and PowerPoint presentations. This move brings in convenience for the FaceBook users to start using office documents, and makes it easier form them to share those documents with anyone listed in their contacts.

The application also allows for uploading office documents from the local computers. The saved files and documents will be securely hosted on cloud computing servers, and they can be shared with friends very easily on FaceBook. enables users to mark the files as private documents. Such documents can be managed only by the account holder or by the people who have been assigned with the editing rights. You could easily add more editors by using a button that is available on the right side of the documents.

Docs plug-in with Facebook, also allows users to find the document shared by his or her friend on their wall post. They could also share it further. You can also incorporate a new tab on profile, which will contain the details of shared documents with the friends.

Therefore, Docs are able to take the benefit of common features of Facebook such as hitting “Like” button and comment for public discussions. If you want to use, then you have to first request for permission on FaceBook Docs Applications.

You don’t really have to worry about sharing the documents anymore. You could easily upload them to your profile and use them according to your needs.

We feel that this is an excellent feature by FaceBook. Additionally, you might also want to check on Google docs which allows for similar features but from your Google account. Here Facebook is a better option because it happens in a closed environment, but if you use Google docs feature, there are lot of over heads when it comes to sharing !

Also, we feel that it is better to download the document to your local computer, do your work and then upload them again. This way you will be able to use more office features of Microsoft word / doc,  especially those which are not are not available in their online counterparts. Obviously, Microsoft office in the offline more responds better to your commands.

Mapping the Drive Letter for the Most Used Folders in Windows

Mapping the Drive Letter for the Most Used Folders in Windows

It is very irritating to always go to the frequently accessed folder which is situated deeply inside the hierarchy of various folders. Additionally, searching any folder which is placed deeply inside the ladder of folder structure is a very time consuming job.

Therefore, instead of clicking the folders one after another, you can simply make shortcuts in your desktop to get direct access. On the other hand you can assign letter to folder, so that you will be able to access that folder directly from drive letter. 

General perception of people about drive letter is that mapping drive letter is used for getting folders from other computer by making drive letter. However you will be amazed to know that you can map drive for folder which is located in your computer.

There are 2 basic methods available to create map drive letter for folder:

Through subst utility

Virtual subst utility allows people to create map virtual drive to frequently access folders instantly.


The process is very easy to follow:

  • Select drive letter as you give priority
  • Now click on the magnifier glass to browse for folder
  • You can make that choice if you want that folder to be mapped every time when your computer restarts. If you want it then tick ‘Apply virtual drives on Windows startup’
  • Click on the plus shaped icon (+) option to add ands save drive mapping
  • Click on a cross shaped icon (x) option to delete drive mapping
  • If you want to change drive letter for existing drive mapping, click  virtual drive and select from the list


You can download this utility from the internet on your computer.

Through command line

It is another method in which you just have to use command prompt to map drive letter

  • Start command prompt in your computer
  • §         Subst [drive letter] [folder path] is the syntax of mapping drive for example if you are mapping the G drive for C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My documents\ my music drive, then you have to give syntax subst G: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My music”
  • §         To create list for all drive letters type subst and press enter
  • Subst [drive letter] is the syntax to delete drive mapping

Gmail Feature To change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

Converting feature of Gmail enables users to change Gmail content into Google Doc and online sharing

A little while back Gmail labs introduced new feature in Gmail which helps you to convert contents of Gmail into Google Doc. You can also publish or share it through your own blog.  The main important characteristic of this feature is that it saves your time and effort.  There is no more worry to copy contents and paste email contents into word document and attach in email to share with your friends.

All you need to do is just enable Google Doc option in your account by following these steps. Open Gmail account go to settings>labs> create document>select enable to enable this feature.

Now just click on save to save these settings. It is so easy to enable this feature in Gmail accounts.  If you are working on internet explorer then make sure that you are using internet explorer 7 version and above, as old version of IE does not support view labs feature.

Easily View Contents inside the Clipboard in Windows XP and Vista

Easily View Contents inside the Clipboard in Windows XP and Vista

Most of the times, you might be surprised if you know the contents in the clipboard, before deciding to overwrite on something, or while you’re pasting it into the document file.

Rather than viewing the contents inside via opening the word document or notepad, you could follow the mentioned fast technique that allows you to read the clipboard content by just an easy click.

To show the contents inside the clipboard, you can execute it with running clipbrd.exe. It will display the content inside clipboard when the clipboard is launched. Clipbrd.exe comes along with the Windows XP setup, and it is placed below C:\WINDOWS\system32.

To access this function in quicker technique, you should make a shortcut and place it in computers’ desktop. Following is a step by step process to make the shortcut intended for this function:

  1. Firstly, make a right click of your mouse in the blank space on desktop. Go to New and select Shortcut.
  2. The pop up window named as ‘Create Shortcut window’ will be appeared, type: %windir%\System32\clipbrd.exe, hit Next button.
  3. Give the name for this newly created shortcut, such as: Clipbrd.exe and then click Finish button.

This function is not present in the package of windows Vista. However, you can copy the clipbrd.exe from Windows XP and paste it on Windows Vista under C:\Windows\System32. You then be able to create the desktop shortcut by following the steps mentioned above.

Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

Mac Users Can Now Use Staroffice Version 9

The latest version of the StarOffice productivity suite from Sun Microsystems is now supported on the Mac. StarOffice 9 is the first version with native support for Mac systems, aiming to be a low cost alternative to the popular Microsoft Office.

Like the 3.0 which was released sometime back, StarOffice 9 is an open source as well, sharing the same code with the

With this release, Sun Microsystems also added support to read Open XML files which was introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007, but options to edit existing XML files or to save new XML files are missing.

According to Iyer Venkatesan, the Product Manager for StarOffice, StarOffice may add full Open XML support in the future if the market demands it. Beside that, it also has support for other file formats like Open Document Format (PDF) which can be read and edited as well.

The software cost $35 for individuals and $25 for each user inside a business.

PDF Maker Pilot Tool – A PDF Form And Document Creator

PDF Maker Pilot Tool – A PDF Form And Document Creator

Ever seen or heard of a tool which creates pdf documents and forms at a go. Here is one tool which will meet all your requirements. This tool called PDF Maker Pilot Tool creates forms and pdf files instantly on your personal computers. All the forms generated from this tool can be filled in by anyone using Adobe’s acrobat reader.

There are certainly many more tools available online that create pdf files, but these are very exorbitantly priced. This tool is made available for free for certain limited period so that one can try this, and after getting satisfied can proceed to purchase this product.

Steps to fill forms or create pdf documents by pdf maker pilot tool:

  • One needs to generate a form from pdf maker pilot tool. Creating a form is very easy from this tool.
  • Now save this form on the system with .pdf extension.
  • Open the pdf file which was saved from Acrobat reader. The forms that were generated can now be filled in the pdf itself.

An elaborate explanation is provided by pdf maker pilot tool to help users to fill their forms.

The generated forms can be edited directly by filling in the acrobat reader easily. The best feature of this tool is that one can generate pdf editable forms and utilize them on their websites for all kinds of registrations. Pdf maker pilot tool is very powerful for creating user forms and pdf files very quickly.

This great tool is a shareware and uses only 5.1 Megabytes of hard disk space. Download this great tool to enjoy creating new editable forms and pdf files.

Add-On for Converting MS Office Documents to the PDF Format

Add-On for Converting MS Office Documents to the PDF Format

Converting any MS Office document to a PDF format is very easy and free. Now you do not need to spend to get word to PDF convertors. The free plug-ins from Microsoft allows you to convert all your spread sheets, word documents, MS Access file, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote, InfoPath, Visio, and Publisher to the PDF format.

This ‘Microsoft Save as PDF’ is compatible with all the programs of Microsoft Office Suite 2007. The Save as PDF plug-in needs to be installed to avail this feature. You can download this directly from the Microsoft Download Center for free. This is a supplementary tool that is subjected to the license terms of Microsoft.

After installing this plug-in, the PDF save as option gets enabled or added to the save as list. Once this appears you can directly save all the MS Office documents in the PDF format.

Google Docs Updated To Gmailification

Google Docs Updated To Gmailification

The Search engine giant, Google released an update of Google Docs which improves its functionality. With this update Google Docs will have become easier to find, share and organize documents. The update is basically related to improve the page where users select which documents they need to access.

Google has embedded new filters which are especially designed to help users such as private filters and visibility filters in order to navigate to their required documents. Mostly visibility filters allow users to find out their private or public documents separately. Whereas ownership filters make documents searching process easier for users.

Moreover, Google docs has incorporated with a “Priority sorting” filter to documents list. This feature brings the top most unread documents at the top of the list automatically for the user’s convenience.  It is quite similar to Gmail “Priority Inbox” feature which sets the important messages to the tag of priority inbox.

Google Docs is also incorporated with a preview pane at right corner of the page which displays the information of last viewed documents. If the documents are video files or photos then you can see them as full screen slideshow.

The final and last addition in Google Docs is “Home” menu item.  This feature allows users to manage their documents just like managing Gmail inbox. You can archive the unused documents using the home list menu of Google docs.  Google Docs has changed the “Folders “into “Collections”, which again similar to Gmail labels.

This update has been embedded to Google docs in order to make Google docs easier to navigate.  It is quite useful and effective to use updated version of Google Docs. Finally, the combination of priority sorting, Home menu, and filters definitely make your working easier.  This update can easily manage the overloading of documents to Google Docs to provide faster access to documents.

Search Documents In Local Drive Easily Using Benubird PDF

Search Documents In Local Drive Easily Using Benubird PDF

It is an easy task to manage your files and folders when you buy a new PC. You can easily find any document within no time. However, gradually you tend to store more and more data on the local drive and some of the files get misplaced. In such a situation, you need to have a file management utility which can efficiently search a document and open it instantly as and when required.

Benubird PDF is one such software utility that is well equipped with a simple GUI and broad filtering mechanism which allows you to accurately find the related documents in least time. You simply need to select the folders that you wish to be searched.

By default, Benubird PDF comes with a few ‘collections’ and ‘filters’ which are displayed within the left window pane. This allows you to categories the files automatically so that Benubird PDF arranges them in a neat view. You are further allowed to customize the displayed view using options such as preview, list, navigator, thumbnail, etc.


You do not need to learn much about this software utility. All you need to do is, enter a specific keyword in the ‘Search’ ribbon. You can restrict your searching criteria to Title, All, Subject, Author, etc and Benubird PDF will display the list of documents with all the details. To open a searched file, you need to simply click on the file in the search results.

Apart from all this, Benubird PDF possesses an important additional functionality. You can use Benubird PDF to convert various file formats to PDF format. For doing so, you need to simply right-click on a particular file and select ‘Convert to PDF’. Benubird PDF will instantly convert the respective file to PDF format. This software utility can easily be downloaded from Here.

Hide Your Confidential And Important Documents Inside Images Using Firesteg

Hide Your Confidential And Important Documents Inside Images Using Firesteg

For security purpose of your files and folders, there are several encrypting applications available that offer you encrypt your files ands folders option from being viewed and accessed by others. If you want to try something innovative and unique to keep your files and folders away from other’s access, then FireSteg, which is the best alternative available.

It is an add-on for Firefox web browser that hides your files into images so that no one could ever think of searching for your confidential files in the images. It definitely provides certain level of protection to your important and confidential files and folders.


FireSteg is a stenography sidebar add-on, which is powered by java for Firefox. It allows users to hide their files into images and extract them easily in urgency.

Instructions to use FireSteg

  • Initially, install FireSteg.
  • To start FireSteg navigate to View>>Sidebar>>FireSteg.
  • It will be located at side bar. Go to Hide>>Files to Hide in order to hide files.
  • Here browse and search for those files you would like to hide into images
  • Now browse the image file under Cover Images tab which you want to use in hiding your files

Note: FireSteg supports only limited image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and JPG. Therefore, make sure that you chosen images are in the prescribed formats to prevent rejection of the hiding process.

  • Now press the Hide Button to start hiding process.
  • If you want to recover them, click on the Extract option and file will be extracted on predefined locations.