Domain’s Demystified

For most people, choosing the perfect domain name for their site/blog is incredibly difficult. A good domain name can mean the difference between a thriving site, and a dead one which inevitably translates to: revenue and no revenue.

So how do you choose a good domain name? How do you increase traffic and ensure that your site is higher ranked on search engines? Well read below for a few tips and explanations on the various features of domains.

Different types of domains – .com, .ca, .org, .net, etc.
If getting traffic to your site is a top priority for you then using a .com domain name is essential. The increased price is due to the fact that many people realize that when someone does a google search the .com domain names are generally higher up in the Google search listing as apposed to others. .org and .net however are two other domain types that fare well on Google.

Where to buy cheap domain names
There are numerous places that allow you to purchase and register your domain name, but finding the best one, at the lowest price, can be somewhat of a hassle. The trick with buying a .com domain is to look for specials that the leading sellers are having.

One of the more reliable sites is They have sales throughout the year and can offer .com domain’s for as low as $1.99. Some other great places to purchase domains are and

My favorite place to pick domains is . Unlike GoDaddy, you’ll not be bombarded with confusing and deceptive adverts, and is very easy to navigate once you are logged in to your account.

Tips on picking an effective domain name
First step to picking a successful domain name for your site/blog is to look at other successful sites. You will notice that most of those domains are short, simple, and something memorable. Long domain names have a huge disadvantage so you want to keep yours as short as you can but not too short.

Another issue you may run into is hyphens. There are some pros and cons when it comes to hyphens in a domain name and you need to carefully evaluate your site needs and see which will be more beneficial to you.
Pros – Your non hyphenated name may have been taken so adding a hyphen means you’ll get the name you want. Also, this makes it easier for Google and other search engines to utilize key words in your domain so it ranks higher.
Cons – How are people supposed to spread your website through word of mouth? Having a hyphen in your domain name will make it really difficult for people to not only remember, but advise for others. If people forget the hyphen they will end up at your competition’s site.

Premium Domains
On sale the cheap .com domains will only be a few bucks, but usually you can find them for under ten dollars at any time. However, when you are looking at domains you will see that some domains are premium. These mean that it is a high traffic domain and will get your site ranked higher up on Google just by the domain name itself. These quality domains can lead to thousands of dollars in revenue but can also cost a pretty penny as well. Here are a few ‘premium’ domain names so that you can get a glimpse at some of the money used to procure a decent domain.


Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

If you have a habit of opening large number of tabs under a single window of Mozilla Firefox, you must have had problems while closing all tabs related to a single website domain one by one but keeping the main Mozilla Firefox window open. The task of closing the tabs individually, one at a time becomes quite irritating if you are in a hurry.

To take care of such situations, Mozilla Firefox has come up with TabCloser 1.03, an add-on which helps you close the all the tabs related to a single website domain with just one click. You do not need to close the tabs selectively, one by one.

Download and install TabCloser v1.03 add-on. Re-launch Mozilla Firefox so that the installation becomes effective. Now, when you right-click on any tab, you will notice that an extra option “Close All tabs” has been added above the option “Close tab”. The moment you click on the option “Close All tabs”, all tabs related to that particular website domain will be closed instantly.

This add-on is very much beneficial if you have opened many tabs related to one particular website and the tabs are no longer required. You may download TabCloser v1.03 for free by accessing the website Here.

How Can I Link My Blogger Blog To My Custom Purchased Domain Without Losing Traffic?

How to have your Bloger setup with your custom Blog without losing any traffic?

When it comes to Blogging, Blogger obviously is the most popular choice. If you have decent experience in BlogSpot and blogging, then you set your custom blog domain for your Blogger account, and then you can easily access your Blogger sub-domains without having to type those long names.

Setting up your blog with custom domain will give your Blog a professional look and that matters a lot. Getting a custom domain setup on Blogger is absolutely free of cost. It’s would definitely look attractive and most importantly you want the losing out on any traffic. Now let us see how we can get custom blog domain.

  1. Chose domain name which suits you best. Make sure that the domain name is quite relevant with the topic of your blogging. The domain name should justify your blogging topic. Try to use the KISS method, which means Keep it simple and short, and at the same time it should be attractive too. Short domain name has lots of advantages since people can easily remember your domain name.
  2. You should register your domain with a domain registrar after you have selected a nice domain name. Make sure the domain registrar you are resisting with is reputed one. You can find lots of reputed domain registrars online.
  3. When you are done with your registering you have make some changes in domain setting, these are normal changes. In your DNS setting make sure it redirects to your blog. Domain Name System is a server which redirects the sites to its desired addresses.
  4. In the control panel page of DNS check for CNAME records and get into its options. Then check if the WWW value of your Blogger exists or not. If it does, then it is fine, or else you have to create one for your Blogger name or your sub-domain name.
  5. The WWW value is configured, which means your address for you blog is created like this: WWW.<Your blog name>. Com. In order to redirect your traffic to your Blog, you have to write in the value field of WWW. Now your domain will consider Google server as the DNS
  6. Any change in DNS doesn’t work instantly. Give it some time it will work but the time it takes to activate completely depends on service provider. It may take 48 hours or may take one minute. In case you DNS changes is not working even after 2 days the contact Domain registrar, if they say that they do not see any problem from their end, then contact you internet service provider and tell them to clear DNS cache.
  7. If everything works fine then, gradually all the traffic that was going to your blogspot blog will be directed to your blog, but to make sure that it redirects to your blog only, you have to make another small configuration change.
  8. After you are signed in your blogger account, go to Settings page, then click on Publishing, then click on Custom Domain and at the end go to advanced setting. In the text box put your domain name, and then save it. Then reload your blog again and the name of your new domain will be replaced with the old one.
  9. That’s it, that is all you have to do to set up your Blogger with your custom Blog

Setting your Blogger with your custom Blog is one way to make sure that you do not lose your visitors, because if they are visiting any of your Bloggers sub-domains, it will not affect their surfing.