Update Windows 7 Device Drivers

Update Manually Windows 7 Device Drivers

Updating the device drivers of your computer might help you to get rid of error code problem of device manager and some hardware. It also enables you to enjoy the updated features of your device. Updating drivers of hardware for windows 7 is just like updating software program drivers in other windows, although there are some minor differences. Therefore, users who have knowledge of updating drivers in the earlier operating system might understand the below mentioned steps.

Download frequently the most recent version of drivers for your hardware components directly from the website of hardware manufacturer. For instance, if you have built in camera in your HP laptop, the right spot for you to download the webcam driver is HP laptop website.

Several device drivers have the ability of automatic installation, which is done by just clicking run button. Occasionally, this is simply not the situation and in case you are in this scenario then you will have to execute manual updates for you hardware. The following are the steps to be followed for this:

  • Download device driver from the website of hardware manufacturer. Always avoid third party installation like “automatic software detection”
  • Open the device manager from the control panel window.
  • Now right click on the hardware you want to update and select properties.
  • Now look towards properties window, you will find update driver tab, click> update driver.
  • Now a new window “’How do you want to search for driver software” will open? click > “Browse my computer for the driver software”
  • After that, click “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” accompanied by “Have Disk” button.
  • Click>Browse
  • Click>INF button.
  • Click>New Hardware>Next

Scan Hardware Drivers that cause Windows Reboot Suddenly with WhoCrashed

Scan Hardware Drivers that cause Windows Reboot Suddenly with WhoCrashed

Whenever you experience some problem in which your computer displays the windows reboot automatically all of a sudden. At that moment you need to analysis the reason or cause of that problem. Probably the problem problems could have been caused due to the malfunctioned hardware drivers or kernels.

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You can scan it with the WhoCrashed tool. WhoCrashed is a tool that analysis and scan all malfunctioned hardware drivers which are causing that problem at single click. In layman language this tool scans thoroughly your computer and presents all gathered information and details.

This tool relies on windows debugging package. If it is not installed in your computer WhoCrashed will download it automatically. Normally, debugging files are responsible for scanning all crashed and malfunctioned drivers.

However, WhoCrashed can scan thoroughly your computer without having debugging files. It does not require debugging files. All you need is to install this tool in your computer. You can download it here.

Once you installed it you will enable to handle your computer all malfunctioning problems on your own. Once you get notified about the cause of the malfunctioning, you can resolve the problem by selecting best solution for that problem.

Lock USB Contents With Password

How To Lock USB Contents With Password

Few times you want to encrypt or lock your private contents in your USB flash drive from others. Most of people do not know that they can secure their USB files using secret password. Once you protect your files, no one will get access to your contents without entering password.

It is the best way to protect your personal images, documents, videos etc from others. There is a special utility freeware that allows you protect USB files using strong password. Rohos Mini Drive is a freeware and it requires simple installation. You can download it from internet free of cost and use it conveniently.

This is quite simple to use as you just download and install it on your computer (not on USB).  Once you start Rohos Mini Drive it will automatically detect any removable device connected to your computer.

 Now it will create encrypted partition in USB drive and entire data will be stored in encrypted area which is secured with password.  Now it will ask password to open that specific contents and data. Here you have to provide password before accessing your data stored in USB flash drive. There is feature that allows you choose partition size according to your preference.

Solve Synchronizing Problems Of HTC Hero In Windows 7

How To Solve Synchronizing Problems Of HTC Hero In Windows 7

The Google’s android operating system equipped phone is facing troubles in synchronizing with the windows 7, where it is 32-bit or 64-bit system. It may be possible that HTC Hero driver is not properly installed in your windows 7 operating system. Nevertheless, here we tell you simple process through which you can fix this problem instantly.  


  • Initially download (HTCsync.zip) HTC Hero Sync Tool on your system.
  •  Now install it on your computer.
  • Now download HTC Hero Driver for 64-bit/ 32-bit systems.
  • Extract driver Files into specified folders 

For 32-bit:  %SystemDrive%:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x86

 For 64-bit:  %SystemDrive%:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x64

  • Navigate to Properties> Hardware tab to update driver for imperfectly installed Android phone from Devices and Printers menu, by choosing copied driver location.  In case no ADB driver is install yet, then install it by right clicking on .INF file and select “Install”.
  • Now HTC Hero android phone will be shown as My HTC in windows 7.
  • You are done perfectly. Now you can synchronize your HTC Hero Android phone with Windows 7 without difficulty.


All you need to follow these steps systematically in order to enable your HTC Hero Android phone to synchronize with windows 7.

Free Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7

Free Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7

The new Operating System launched by Microsoft, Windows 7 is giving some issues regarding the Bluetooth device of the users. The major issue faced by most users is that there are compatibility issues with the driver for Bluetooth. Users need to install the driver before using the benefits of Bluetooth. But, most users are facing with the driver itself.

The Bluetooth Driver Installer is a tool that can help you solve your problems and enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth. This tool attempts to download and install almost all the Microsoft Drivers for the Bluetooth device. It creates a restore point before making changes in your system. Restore points are necessary because they help you get back to the last settings in case anything goes wrong.


In order to solve or fix issues with the Bluetooth Driver follow the steps given below:

  • Bluetooth Drivers which already exist in your system need to be completely removed.
  • Reboot the system after removing the earlier drives installed.
  • Click on the Cancel button if Windows prompts for the Windows7 driver installation.
  • Select the Bluetooth Driver Installer and double click on it.
  • Wait till the process of installation is over
  • Reboot the system again

Save Backup Of Device Drivers Easily Using Double Driver

Save Backup Of Device Drivers Easily Using Double Driver

It is very helpful to backup all the computer drivers. When you fail to find original driver CD and you don’t have internet access to download drivers, the backup will surely help you. A tiny software utility named as Double Driver could make this job much easier. This utility tool allows you to take backup drivers and save with plain GUI in much efficient way.

First of all, you have to click on the ‘scan’ button for it to examine all the device drivers installed on your computer. When it finishes scanning, a long list of all the drivers will be displayed along with provider name, date, version number, hardware ID, setup section and etc.


All the non-Microsoft drivers installed are selected automatically whereas you could also select to take backups of particular drivers depending on your own choice. When you select particular driver, just click on the ‘Backup’ tab. Once you have done that it will prompt you to select the destination folder to save the backup.

Double Driver is pretty useful tool and takes only 2MB of the disk space. It is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. To download Double Driver, just go Here.

Download Free NVidia Driver From NVidia Official Website

All game lovers, out there, read this for great news! For Nvidia has introduced the most essential Nvidia Graphic Driver to support the Windows 7 beta operating system. This Nvidia drive made especially for Windows 7 provides rich graphics and great gaming experience for all those who possess the Nvidia graphic card. By having this graphic driver in your system, it will enrich the graphic viewing in Windows 7 programs.

The most recent GeForce Nvidia graphic driver release is about 100mb for both the Windows 32 and 64 bit. If you wish to install this on your Windows 7, then opt for the it [32or 64] and move to the Nvidia download page. More of the better advanced version is yet to be released. But currently, the beta Windows 7 user is able t download the links given below.

Download NVidia  driver for 32 bit and Download Nvidia driver for 64 bit from here.