The Dreaded Blue Screen – The Sight That Is Unbearable For Computer Users


Most of the computer users would have definitely come across blue screen problem, from where the system becomes unusable without reinstalling the operating system, or by changing the required hardware. Once the blue screen appears, your system will keep rebooting and you will not be able to use it. This problem is a very critical issue, and many users often complain and discuss about it on online forums.

Some of the issues experienced by users related to blue screen are:

In one of the tech forums, an individual posted a comment saying that her laptop was showing blue screen for the last few months while turning it on, and she has no clue about what was happening. It often hung showing a NMI parity check. Even after changing the motherboard, formatting the HDD and updating the BIOS, she is still unable to fix the issue.

  • Another regular computer user pointed out that his laptop keeps rebooting after displaying a blue screen after and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Thus, he keeps his system switched off most of the time.
  • One of the users was also facing similar issue with his Dell laptop. Whenever he tried switching his laptop, he was being prompted with a message stating if he wanted his laptop start normally or in the safe mode. On selecting either of the options the laptop was showed a blue screen with a error message “STOP: 0X000000F4 (0X00000003,0X84BA04D0,0X84BA061C,0X81290330)”. He was not sure about what to do like most of the other users facing similar issue.
  • Some computer users have tried reformatting their hard drive to resolve the blue screen issue. While it may have worked for a few, but it just does not seem to work for others. Obviously it looks like the problem does not just lie with the corrupt OS alone.
  • Some of the people have blue screen issue while working on a particular applications or program. Out of nowhere, their systems showed an error message that the system memory is full, and the computer screen turned blue. Many gamers also faced similar issue while playing. When they removed and placed the laptop battery back, the problem seemed to have resolved on its own, but it did create a doubt about the efficiency of their laptops in their minds.

Effective Solutions:

Many users have tried fixing this problem, while some of them did succeed, others were not so lucky. Those who were able to fix it stated that the problem occurred due to the following reasons, as mentioned below:

  1. RAM is not fitted accurately
  2. Less space in the OS drive
  3. Virus has affected the system

You can try troubleshooting the above mentioned issues, but if you are still unsuccessful, you might want to look for more answers in this link. Hopefully, your computer should be up and running smoothly in a matter of few minutes.

Use Drivermax To Check And Download Latest Drivers For Windows Computers

Use Drivermax To Check And Download Latest Drivers For Windows Computers

Now days, there are lots of utilities with which you can verify and maintain your PC with the latest drivers. Such applications are designed only for Windows PC which checks if there is a need to update any driver so that you can use your system with the excellent performance. Ketarin, Free Download Control or RadarSync are some of those applications. However, if you want to try out something a little superior, undoubtedly a DriverMax is the best option for you.

When you start to install DriverMax, all your drivers will be indexed. However, none of Windows configuration will be altered when it starts for indexing. This utility takes just takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete, hence it will be unresponsive in this time. This is a normal condition, and you have to be patient for a while.

You can explore three main functions with this application. First one is nothing but the Driver downloads, it provides some data, with which users can check driver updates online. There will be a DriverMax agent in the system tray, just start it and find out any unknown hardware along with its detailed information. DriverMax agent automatically searches for latest drivers updates using database and displays the information that is obtained from the community.

In addition to this, you can backup and restore your drivers, and to do so just follow the wizard setup. When there is some error or a critical problem occurs, you can then rollback the respective driver by simply directing it into the restore point.

Last and the best one is you may search for the most accepted hardware pieces for example the most excellent hardware used for Windows Vista OS. You can get the well-liked processors and video cards including names of manufacturers for each and ever hardware.

DriverMax gives its best for XP, Vista and also for Windows 7. It works well in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can rely on it for optimizing your PC performance by getting latest updates for drivers.