Free Download 4Media Photo DVD Maker for Mac

Download 4Media Photo DVD Maker for Mac with Free License Key Code

4Media Photo DVD Maker is the Mac based software, which is designed by 4Media Software Studio.  It is an extensive and easy to use converter for creating DVDs by using the images. It is a cool application with which we can create personalized photo albums by using various special effects. It also gives you the option to select the quality of DVD according to our preferences.

Features of 4Media Photo DVD Maker

  • Converts the images to DVD as slideshows
  • Convert photographs to DVD folder and ISO files
  • Converts photographs with high speed.
  • Numerous photo effects to make personalized photo DVD.
  • Several parallel tasks.

4Media Photo DVD Maker costs approximately $59.9. If you are interested in obtaining this app, then you can get it for free with the promotion offers provided by the company.

To obtain a free copy then visit the promotion page and submit the details, then you will get an email that will have the free license key.

If you have an assortment of wedding photos, this application can be a very handy pool to make nice video album. You could also insert the background music by using this application.

Windows users can get all these features and more with Photo DVD Slideshow Maker software by AnvSoft.  The software is compatible with multiple image formats and can burn the albums on the news media like DVD and Blue-Ray. You could also insert MP3, WAV or WMA from a computer to create background music for the photo albums. You could easily upload the output files to your social networking accounts and share it with your friends and contacts.

However, this application is not free software, but you can get its trial version from here.

Convert Your DVD To MP4 with the Help Of DaniuSoft

Convert Your DVD To MP4 with the Help Of DaniuSoft

As the title of this article implies, DaniuSoft software is an application to convert your DVD to MP4 in both audio and video format such as AVI, AAC, M4V, MP3 and MP4 format. This application is containing the features to convert the multithreading technology with the conversion mode of batch to improve the stability process and conversion speed.

DaniuSoft Software is completely supportive to iPOd, Zune, iRiver, Xbox 360, Apple, and many more movie player. It is a very easy to use and it is very helpful to proselyte DVD to iPhone MPEG-4, iPod MP4, Apple TV Video, and many more things can be done with the DaniuSoft software.

Now it is very good news for the FaceBook fans that DaniuSoft is enabling them to convert their DVD to MP4 Converter (Windows) full version to its FaceBook fans.

If interested to grab a free copy, just follow the few below mentioned steps:
Go to DaniuSoft website and press your mouse button on the FaceBook “Like” button to be the fan of DaniuSoft, then enter your details like your first name, last name and email address and press “Get it Now” button.

Fix the Boot Screen Issue To Restore The Animated Boot Screen In Windows 7

Fix the Boot Screen Issue To Restore The Animated Boot Screen In Windows 7

Windows 7 has a high resolution animated boot screen which is quite dynamic and elegant in contrast to Windows Vista which has an uninteresting boot screen with a black background and green progress bar. Windows 7 users must have noticed that the high resolution boot screen sometimes gets replaced with the dull Vista boot screen.

This mostly happens when you accidentally use a Windows Vista DVD while trying to repair the items in the Startup menu. The main cause behind this invalid boot screen in Windows 7 is a missing locale entry within the boot record. When a locale is found to be missing, Windows boot loader is unable to locate the boot locale folder for displaying the animated boot screen.

For resolving the issue with invalid boot screen in Windows 7, you need to run any of the below mentioned commands in the command prompt with elevated admin rights.

  • bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US”
  • “bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US“

You need to replace “en-US” in the above command with your Windows 7 language version such as es-ES, ja-JP, pt-BR, de-DE, zh-CN, fr-FR, zh-TW, fi-FI, etc.

Once you run the command, you need to restart your PC. Now, you will notice that the animated and dynamic boot screen of Windows 7 is been restored back. To make sure that the locale setting is properly entered, you simply need to run the command “bceedit” in the command prompt with elevated admin rights.

How To Eject / Open DVD / Cd Drive With Mouse ?

Shortcut keys to close or open dvd/cd drive

Everything in this world is getting simpler, smarter and faster. No matter what, everything is turning out to be done is much quicker ways. Nowadays, things like opening a DVD or CD drive has become a click away. You can now click open it with the help of a mouse. Is your curiosity rising to know how this is possible? Then keep on reading the article.

Click and open the My Computer window, and then right click on the cd/ dvd drive. A PP menu will appear where you will need to select the option called Eject. Click on the selected option and your work is done, the drive automatically opens up.

Free DVD Authoring Software – Drag n Drop Clips, Create Background Screen

DVDStyler is the fantastic software for DVD authoring in the Open software domain. Though it doesn’t have all the best features of the commercial software applications, the program has all the necessary capabilities and is easy to understand and operate. You can drag and drop movie clips, create a background screen, add the buttons and the assign the movies to the buttons. When the buttons are pressed, the corresponding movie will start playing.

The program gives all the fundamental editing tools required to make your own DVD. There is also a good tutorial to guide you through the basics, and then you could quite easily import the videos, cut them to bits, prepare the menus, give subtitles, add audio and to burn the disc. There is no need for any great technical knowledge to use this software which makes it a hit with the new users.

The entire application can be customized to your taste and requirements without much effort. There are multiple language options and any image can be used to create the menu. Modification of text can be done easily and menu templates are there in plenty to choose from. The burning of DVD also can be done very easily. All in all, I would rate DVDStyler as comprehensive software to prepare your DVDs.

[ Download DVDStyler ]

Download Free Avi Wmv Dvd Divx Movie Subtitles In English And Other Languages

Whether you are watching an Anime movie, or Greek, Chinese, or Dutch movie or even local language movies like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam, you can now download English/other language subtitles for most of the movies if you do not understand the language.

If you do not know what subtitles are, they are the printed text on the screen that run along with dialogues spoken in a movie or documentary. You may not understand dialogues in certain movies, either because the quality of sound may not be good or the movie may be in a different language, that’s when you need subtitles.

I have listed 12 sites below, from where you can download subtitles for most movies in avi, wmv, dvd, divx format.

1> Open Subtitles

2> SubScene

3> Subtitles – Images

4> Subdb

5> Divx Subtitles

6> Subtitles Box

7> Any Subs

8> Movie Subtitles

9> All Subs

10> Divx Movies Subtitles

11> Movie Subtitles

12> All 4 Divx

Problems With HD, DVD, CD-R

HELP! A disk read error occurred. Press CTRL+ALT+Delete to restart

Argh, a couple of days gone my computer was having issues. First, if I recollect right I entered a CD-R which I ‘burnt’ but could not read, this shouldn’t happen! After that, my PC started replying awfully really slow.

I shut it down and stopped using it for a day. I tried booting it up a day later, and my system was throwing an error message “A disk read mistake took place. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart”. What was funny was, though I was encountering a disk read error, CMOS was detecting the drive!

I searched round the net and forums, and no-one had the precise fix for this problem. Hardware research has the most important consultation on this problem with 171 responses. Some fixed it by the following techniques and some not able to mend it.

1. Changing IDE wires
2. Change the jumper settings and not using Wire Select
3. Use recovery console and type fixboot
4. Use recovery console and type fixmbr

I first tried fixing it by playing around with the hardware but was not able to mend it. Then Idid not have any choice but to use software that may risk loosing my data. I tried running chkdsk but not able to. I also attempted fixboot and no result. Still the system was throwing the same error message. Ultimately I tried fixmbr and it asserts successfully fixed my master boot record. I finally could start the Boot process but still was unable to boot up to Windows.

I could boot up to recovery console, and this time I was able to see the C: drive. When I listed the directory, all the unknown / unreadable characters were listed out. That’s when it struck that my hard drive is corrupted! I had no choice buy but to latch up my system with another PC, run a disk recovery/ back-up program to recover and back-up all my data and reinstall Windows.

The problem did not end there, after reinstalling Windows, I had new issues.

I ran chkdsk and found BAD SECTORS! The nightmare of hard disk. I formatted my hard disk with low level format with PowerMax from Maxtor FOR Maxtor. After doing that, I scanned my hard disk and voila, everything was okay. The problem appears to be due to sharing your Hard disk with CD ROM on the same IDE wire. Reason by Davy Dane. When connecting HD and CDROM / CDRW / DVD for example. To your PC you need to follow these standards.

Lessons I learnt here was – Don’t connect a HD and CDROM / CDRW / DVD to the same IDE port. Connect the HD to IDE one and Connect the CDROM / CDRW / DVD to IDE two unless you’ve got an SATA HD then you can connect the CDROM / CDRW / DVD to IDE one but still never connect a HD and CDROM / CDRW / DVD on the same IDE port. I believe there are now new DVD drives that run at one hundred speed ( DMA five ).

If you have an one hundred / 133 Speed HD and an one hundred speed DVD drive then it’s ok to attach to the same IDE port. When setting jumpers on HD and CDROM / CDRW / DVD drive always set the master to beat ONLY and the slave to SLAVE. NEVER Select MASTER W / SLAVE ( even if you’ve got a slave ) or Wire SELECT or 32 GB LIMIT. Ensure you have the proper speed wire on your HD. You want a 133 speed wire on your HD. It is the thinner wire with the coloured end. The thicker wire for your CDROM / CDRW / DVD only runs at 66 ( DMA four ).

One way of checking the rate of your HD is by going to the device chief / IDE Controllers right clicking on the channel and select sophisticated settings. Your HD should be set to DMA 5 or DMA six ( first IDE ). If it’s DMA four then you’ve got the inaccurate speed wire connected to your HD. Plug the Black end connector of your wire in your MASTER and the gray middle connector in your SLAVE. Never plug the middle gray in the MASTER. That makes sense does not it? That is not the end of my PC issues.

I attempted reinstalling Windows again after low level format, and it kept on giving blue screen during installation. I took off the unneeded hardware such as Network Card, Sound Card, etc one at a time and attempted installing the Windows. Ultimately , i had three RAMs, 512 on slot one, 256 on slot two and another 256 on slot three. I took off slot 2 and three and attempted installing Windows and this time around I had no problem. I used a tool Memtest86+ and ran test on my RAM, and yes indeed there are issues with my second and third ram.

And, for desktop Computer , I might use FAT32 instead of NTFS on drives that contains Windows Operating System. I do not wish to go through all that again. Davy Dane did recounted that most of us think this must be a HD problem but that is not true. I had this problem when I had a bad VIDEO CARD, RAM, and MODEM before. I suspect he is most likely right too. The bad memory might have given incorrect info on bad sectors. DUH!