The Kindle Fire Lights Up The Competition

The competition for tablets has been fairly one sided so far, with Apple dominating the competition with its famous (yet expensive) iPad devices. Their cheapest iPads cost around $300-400 and from there the prices skyrocket. Thankfully the monopoly has been broken and Apple has some real competition in the tablet world now.

In a stunning move, Amazon announced that the new Kindle, named the Kindle Fire, will be out on the market on November 15 (you’ll find the specs of Kindle Fire)and has a staggeringly low price tag of only $199.

The new Kindle Fire isn’t just heating up the competition with Apple, but it has also crushed the competition between the Kindle e-readers and the Barnes & Noble’s version of the e-reader known as the Nook.

Right after the press release of the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble stock dropped 9% in just one day! This is a true testimate of the effects of this brand new e-reader, and unfortunately for Barnes & Noble the new Kindle hasn’t even hit the shelves yet so it can expect its stocks to continue dropping.

So lets look at some of the sleek new features of this new Kindle. We know that the price tag is incredibly amazing, but will its other features live up to expectations?

– Gorilla Glass coating (chemically strengthen display glass that resists wear and is highly durable)
-Weight is only 14.6 oz.
– Android based operating system with a 7in. color touch screen display
– 8GB of storage
– 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU
– 512MB of RAM

It still is capable of installing all of your favorite apps, while maintaining that e-reading function that most people love. Unfortunately the iPad’s have cameras with FaceTime (You can see and talk to friends and family on Ipad, very similar to video conferencing / web chat), but is a camera function really worth several hundred dollars?

With the Kindle Fire hitting the market in a little over a month, it will be interesting to see how its competition will respond to this bold move.

Kindle 3G – Features and Hacks

Many people believe that the Kindle is a simple e-reader which retrieves its books from However many people are not aware of the unique features that this simple device offers.

On top of just being able to download books and magazines, this device can actually browse the internet. No it can’t handle video’s or any extensive web elements, but simple websites with mostly text on them are easily pulled up. Googling is a snap as you browse about on FREE 3G internet, and other sites work great as well.

Want to find out when the next movie is playing, or search for a great restaurant? Check on your Kindle! Many people underestimate the 3G capabilities of the Kindle and would be pleasantly surprised to see that it can do most of the functions that smart phones can without having to pay the monthly bills associated with them.

What Kindle Should I purchase?

You will see that there is a slight price gap between the Kindle 3G with ‘special offers’ and one without. These special offers are actually ads that appear when your Kindle is not powered on, and for some people they can be quite annoying. If you want to save money, then purchasing the Kindle 3G with special offers is the way to go especially since there is a hack that can remove those pesky ads (as seen below). If you don’t want to deal with jail breaking your Kindle, then purchase the one without ads and save yourself the headache.

What else can my Kindle do?

If free 3G internet access and unlimited e-books/magazines wasn’t enough, then you can satisfy your greedy appetites by indulging in the Kindle’s other features. For one, this e-reader has an incredibly long battery. It’s advertised to have a battery life of two months, but really theĀ  battery lasts for only a few weeks with continuous use, which is still a significant amount of time for any wireless device.

Another unique feature is that you can store/play music files. There are two small speakers on the back of the device and, while they are not the best, they are able to play your music at a fairly decent volume level.

One last feature is that you can put different text files onto your Kindle so that you can read them. This is perfect for college students and others who have tons of notes to study but don’t feel like carrying them around everywhere.

How do I get text files onto my Kindle

There are multiple ways you can get text files onto your Kindle, one of which is explained here. Or you could go to thisĀ site here and simply make whatever you want an eBook that you can then download onto your Kindle.

Many people have found this incredibly useful for school notes, cooking recipes, exam studies, and much more.

How do I get rid of the ads and put in my own pictures?

Those visa ad screensavers will really start to annoy you and I’m sure you’d love to have your own custom black and white photos instead. Unfortunately since you’ve opted into dealing with the ads by purchasing a cheaper Kindle the only way you can remove them is to hack them. Below are two separate hacks, one for the removal of the ads and one for your own custom screensavers.

To view the jailbreak for how to remove the ads and how to add your own pictures as screensavers, view this link.