Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

Easily Recover Your Instant Messenger Passwords Using MessenPass v1.27

There are a number of different Instant Messenger (IM) services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, ICQ, AOL, MySpace IM, Trillian, AIM, Miranda, PaltalkScene, GAIM/Pidgin, Digsby etc. which are widely used for communicating with friends and family.

In a process of managing so many messaging services, there are chances that you forget the passwords of few of them. However, you do not have to worry about it anymore. You may now recover your forgotten passwords using MessenPass.  This tool recovers the passwords of all instant messengers for the presently logged in user.


MessenPass can recover the passwords from your PC provided you have enabled the option “Remember Password” in every messenger tool. If you have the option “Remember Password” enabled, you need to simply download and install MessenPass on your PC.

Double click on its icon so as to run MessenPass and you will see that it automatically detects all the instant messengers installed on your system. It will decrypt all your saved IM passwords and display them along with the respective usernames. MessenPass works with all the instant messaging services mentioned below.

  • Windows Live Messenger (In Windows Vista and XP).
  • Windows Messenger (In Windows XP).
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger (5.x and 6.x versions only).
  • ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
  • Google Talk
  • AOL IM (version 4.6 or below), AIM Pro and AIM 6.x.
  • Trillian Astra
  • Trillian
  • Miranda
  • MySpace IM
  • GAIM/Pidgin
  • Digsby
  • PaltalkScene

 The below mentioned commands can be used to save all IM passwords directly.

  • /stab <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (tab-delimited) file.
  • /sverhtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file (vertical).
  • /stext <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text file (regular).
  • /shtml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a HTML file.
  • /scomma <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into text (comma-delimited) file.
  • /sxml <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into a XML file.
  • /stabular <Filename> – Saves all IM passwords into tabular text file. 

MessenPass is a free all-in-one IM password recovery tool ideal for people who deal with multiple IM services.

Easily View Contents inside the Clipboard in Windows XP and Vista

Easily View Contents inside the Clipboard in Windows XP and Vista

Most of the times, you might be surprised if you know the contents in the clipboard, before deciding to overwrite on something, or while you’re pasting it into the document file.

Rather than viewing the contents inside via opening the word document or notepad, you could follow the mentioned fast technique that allows you to read the clipboard content by just an easy click.

To show the contents inside the clipboard, you can execute it with running clipbrd.exe. It will display the content inside clipboard when the clipboard is launched. Clipbrd.exe comes along with the Windows XP setup, and it is placed below C:\WINDOWS\system32.

To access this function in quicker technique, you should make a shortcut and place it in computers’ desktop. Following is a step by step process to make the shortcut intended for this function:

  1. Firstly, make a right click of your mouse in the blank space on desktop. Go to New and select Shortcut.
  2. The pop up window named as ‘Create Shortcut window’ will be appeared, type: %windir%\System32\clipbrd.exe, hit Next button.
  3. Give the name for this newly created shortcut, such as: Clipbrd.exe and then click Finish button.

This function is not present in the package of windows Vista. However, you can copy the clipbrd.exe from Windows XP and paste it on Windows Vista under C:\Windows\System32. You then be able to create the desktop shortcut by following the steps mentioned above.

Easy Way To Use The Show Desktop Icon And Quick Launch Alternative In Windows 7

Easy Way To Use The Show Desktop Icon And Quick Launch Alternative In Windows 7

The latest Microsoft Operating System Windows 7 is making news for some of the features of previous OS being absent in it. Though Windows 7 is a level above the previous OS by Microsoft, you shall be surprised to find that the Quick Launch Button/ Bar is not displayed on the Windows 7 taskbar.

The feature is also not present by default. In addition to this the Show Desktop Icon is also absent in Windows 7. Both the features helped users to save time while operating.

The Show Desktop icon is usually present in the Quick Launch toolbar. With the latter being absent you cannot access the Show Desktop Icon. However you can now hack the OS to launch the Toolbar for Quick Launch purposes.

The Show Desktop icon is located in the far end of the right corner of he Windows Taskbar just beside the Time clock and data Icons. For this feature, you need to display the clock system icons.

In this way you can click on this notification area whenever you require using the Show Desktop icon. Besides this unique Show Desktop icon, Windows 7 has a good feature called the Aero Peek or the Desktop Preview.

By clicking on this Icon all the opened windows on the OS desktop become transparent temporarily. This happens when the mouse moves over the Show Desktop Icon on the right far end of the windows taskbar.

Simplest And Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos On PC

Simplest And Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos On PC

The largest well known social networking site in the world is FaceBook. Users utilise FaceBook account for various purposes, however if any of the individuals utilise it mostly to view FaceBook video recordings, then you shall be happy to learn as how to effortlessly download FaceBook video recordings without any other application. 

While viewing your preferred videos through your web browser on facebook, users need to just save it from their computer cache. Possibly most of them would be confused about what this computer cache is. 

Let’s learn to how to save the videos from a cache by following the steps provided below: 

Steps illustrated underneath for users to save facebook-videos either through IE or firefox web browsers: 

1) Steps to be followed by users to save facebook-videos on their PC through IE are: 

  • First of all completely watch the entire-video on internet explorer browser.
  • Now, once the entire video has completed, proceed ahead to save.
  • Now, select the tools option from internet explorer menu bar, under that select the settings option and then select the view files option.
  • Now, users can see a large-sized-file under that option with an unknown type and lengthy-file name.
  • Now, just copy that file and store it any easily reachable drive or folder on your system.
  • Now, provide a name to that file (somename.flv), note the file name should end with .flv extensions
  • Now just play the video through any media tool like VLC-media-player or FLV-player.

2) Steps to be followed by users to save facebook-videos on their PC through firefox are: 

  • First of all completely watch the entire-video on firefox browser.
  • Now, navigate through c: drive and then through documents and settings option and then select user name, and then select the local-settings, now select the application-data, and lastly select the Mozilla-firefox-profiles
  • Now follow the step 3 and step 6 from above session 

This completes the saving process of storing FaceBook-videos on your computer system with the methods as illustrated above. So from now on you can just follow these steps mentioned above and save as many videos you like to store.


Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

With msn-recorder-max freeware utility tool, users can control their friend’s web-cam live videos on windows live messenger. This tool just not only captures the webcam videos of friends and others, but it can also initiate recording of messenger-written communications.

If you wish to spy on somebody or just wish to tape web-cam videos for future use, then this utility will come handy and also truly appreciated.

This web-cam recording application is simpatico with Microsoft’s windows 2000, windows XP and windows vista operating systems.

A few key features of this msn-recorder-max tool are listed below:

  • It can record or tape msn-messenger webcam videos.
  • It has the ability to secretly record or tape web-cam videos.
  • It can also store or record msn-messenger written communications
  • It has simple and user friendly interface.
  • It captures high-quality web-cam videos
  • Its pretty easy to tape and store videos on computer systems

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

Easy Steps to Add, Insert Or Attach A File In Excel Worksheet

It’s really a time consuming process to attach worksheet and related files separately. Microsoft Office excel allows users to attach important files to worksheet for instant access and better use of both documents. With this feature users will be able to access files directly from the workbook. Users will definitely get access to their important documents via excel sheet without opening other tab.

By adding these files to the worksheet, users make it more presentable and effective to understand thoroughly. It really reduces or almost eliminates hassle process of integrating the two files with each other. If you have any doubts regarding how to insert file in an excel sheet, then simply follow the given steps systematically.

  • Open an Excel workbook. Switch to particular worksheet where you want to insert file.
  • Select and highlight the certain cell where you need to put related files.
  • In ribbon interface or menu bar tap on “Insert
  • Select Object
  • A dialogue box will be popped up showing two options namely, “Create New” and “Create From File”.

  • You just choose “Create New” option for creating new files to add in excel worksheet few certain file formats are such as Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, WordPad Document etc. These above options are just for creating new files then add them to excel sheets. However, here we are going to deal only existing files to add in excel worksheet. So it is better to choose “Create from File” option.
  • Tap on the “Browse” option and choose the specific file to add into the worksheet.
  • There are two more options to add and insert files into excel worksheet:
  • Link To File: Users can insert contents and data into document and create a link to original source file. Changes to source file will be reflected in excel worksheet.
  • Display As Icon:  add or insert an specific icon, which represents contents of the particular file into Excel worksheet.

  • Tick or Mark the respective checkboxes according to your preferences. Until you select or tick the boxes, you will not be allowed to see the options.
  • Optionally, you can change the icon by clicking on Change Icon option. It will happen only when you have selected “Display as icon” option.
  •  Finally, tap on Ok button. The specific file will be added to excel sheet associated with content or as icon.


There is option to shift or move the file in a worksheet. By double clicking on the file, it will open in default editor program. You must adhere to the sequence and the order of this useful tutorial to get targeted result.

Easily Geotag Travel Photos With Gpicsync

Easily Geotag Travel Photos With Gpicsync

It’s a common thing to travel and capture many interesting photos, but when you go back to your home, you forget where you have taken these photos. There are some of the latest cameras like Nikon Coolpix series that has inbuilt GPS receivers features. With this feature you could simply geotag your images and record the site where you have captured these photos.

Now, even if you are using very old camera, which doesn’t enable GPS, then with the GPS logger, you could enjoy the same facility. The thing they should fulfill is a Geotagging application. Here is pretty useful GeoTagging application named as GPicSync, which is absolutely free to use and might surely help you out.

GPicSync does not include a very fancy or wonderful interface. Nevertheless, it has user-friendly interface that contains all the features and many handy functions. EXIF reader has been introduced in this program. You could use this feature to insert geographic site into EXIF header. Besides, you could conveniently put in thumbnail size photo on the Google Map program or Google Earth using KMZ file generator. Popular web services like Picasa or Flickr tend to recognize GPicSync so you could easily post your geotagged photos on such web services.

Recently, the latest GPicSync1-28 has been released by GPicSync. Use the following link to download GPicSync 

Tutorial Here


The interesting features of GPicSync are enlisted below.

  • Geocode your images automatically (in the EXIF header)
  • Multiple selection is possible like you can utilize GPS tracklog in the NMEA format or GPX format
  • Elevation data from the tracklog is supported
  • Visualize directly the geocoded photos in Google Earth by creating Google Earth KML file
  • Easily make the Google Maps file for publishing the photos on the web
  • Associate video or audio files automatically in Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Easily generate Google Earth KMZ file (having your geolocalized tracklog and photos)
  • Write longitude or latitude manually in picture EXIF or photos
  • Integrated tools are pretty handy (rename pictures with date/location, EXIF reader, Time correction tool,  GPX inspector,)
  • Main RAW files format and Jpeg pictures are supported
  • Multi-language support in English, German, traditional and simplified Chinese, French, Catalan, Polish, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Portuguese.

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access:

How to add your FTP folder into konqueror sidebar’s network module

Step 1: Go to /home/<username>/

then go to your .kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/virtual_folders/remote/

Step 2: Right click anywhere, create a new link to URL, type in your ftp address, say mine was ftp://sindhu-s.com and give this link a name.

Step 3: That’s it, hit F9 and click network, click on the + symbol next to the name of your FTP account.

On the first run it should ask you your username and password, so enter it, next time I think it won’t.

So that’s it, works out nice eih? That calls for uninstallation of FireFTP in firefox.