Monitor And Notify Web Page Changes In Firefox – Like Ebay, NSEIndia

Updating of Web Pages using Page Update Checker add-on for Firefox

Internet has changed the way people can acquire and share information. A program that monitors a website should obviously check the website at regular intervals and compare present state of the website with its previous one. Users should be informed about all the updates of the website.

Lets say you are tracking a product on an online buy / auction site like lets say eBay, or following some hot news in real time, the popular way many users adopt to update the web page which they are following is manually pressing F5 button. This process of manual updating has the risk of “forgetting”.

If you want to stay updated of all the changes in favorite website, instead of wasting time in reloading the web page manually there is a better way of updating it automatically.

For users with Mozilla Firefox the best way to stay updated of all the web pages can be achieved through Page Update Checker add-on, alerts you if there are any changes in the web page.

Page Update Checker will automatically display an alert message if there any changes. All you need to do is just right click on the page in Firefox and select “Monitor for Updates” at a frequency.

Features include:

  • Indications through status bar.
  • Automatic alerts
  • A filter that disregards some information while updating.

[Download Page update checker add-on]

Should I Throw Away The Old Components After I Upgraded My Computer

You don’t upgrade your computer often. And once you do, you normally don’t feel the need to keep the old components, and you’ll think about disposing them – errr.. via Ebay for few $$.

Before you dispose your old components make sure you don’t need it in the future. There may be some products, which may be of no use now, but may be they’ll come handy if the new component starts malfunctioning.

Let’s suppose you install a new component and its malfunctioning, you have no idea if it is a technical glitch or some installation problem. In such scenarios, you can replace the new component with your old component ( which you are sure it’s working ), and then check if it works fine. If it does, you can be sure that it’s a technical glitch with your new component, else it most likely will be something to do with the installation problem!