Download iBook Version For Your Apple Device

Latest iBook Version 1.2.2 Is Available to Download

Unarguably, iPhone users use iBook app to read e-books on their Smartphone devices. The iBook is the best ever app for iPhone users, but recently it has been updated to the latest version 1.2.2 with several other advanced features and operational performance. Apart from the performance enhancements, it allows users to play videos incorporated with iBook from the iBookstore.

Ultimately, the font size display problem is fixed and the application responds more instantly than before. Users can easily navigate to the numerous iBooks from the table of contents, which you can directly download it from the Apps store.

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There are several other applications available in the market that allows users to access the iBooks instantly from their iPhone such as iOS kindle app and Barnes & Noble NOOK app to read eBooks. All these eBooks reading apps are well designed and are developed to support iOS platform. Thus, you can download and install them on your device to enjoy the eBook reading without any interruption.

Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader

How to Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader?

These days everybody is switching over to E-Books and it is very difficult to remember next day at which page you left reading to start again from there. Maximum books are projected in eBook formats and those they contain hundreds or thousands of pages, which could be difficult to remember where you stopped and you could end up turning the thousand pages one by one.

With the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader,” you can read the eBooks, as there is an option to navigate the page from where you left reading last time. However, you might also be wondering that how to reopen or navigate back to the page that you are currently reading before closing and re-opening it without even memorizing the page number.

The following are the steps to follow enable the inbuilt feature.

Open the PDF file in “Adobe Acrobat Reader”

Now go to the “Click” and then pick on Preferences, from the Preferences Tab Click “General”

From the Preference Menu you will find Categories, click on Documents there and then Check the

“Restore last view settings when reopening documents”

 For Save Changes Click “OK”

After completing the above-mentioned steps whenever you will open a particular page after closing, it will always take you to the last opened page.

“Guide For IT Pros For Microsoft Office Apps” An eBook Is Available To Download

“Guide For IT Pros For Microsoft Office Apps” An eBook Is Available To Download

The Microsoft Office app is the online tool to supports word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint, which enables users to instant access, view and edit the files online from personal computer or phones. This office online app is present for the users via windows live and to business professionals with Microsoft 2010 version licensing and documents management solutions.

In order to expedite the usage of this application amidst business professionals on Microsoft shared point 2010, Microsoft launched “Guide for IT Pros for Microsoft office apps” an eBook in PDF, DOC and XPS format.


 The “Guide for IT for Microsoft office apps” is basically aimed to the professionals of IT sectors who use Microsoft apps on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The content of this eBook is the copy of office web technical library contents.

Contents in this eBook are following
• Understanding the office web apps.
• Planning the office web apps
• Deploy the office web apps
• Broadcast slide show of PowerPoint
• Understanding the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Planning the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast site. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast slide show performance. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the group policy settings. (Broadcast Slide Show)
• Manage and organize office web apps
• Activate office web apps feature on the site collection
• Manage office web apps cache
• Configure the open behavior for browser-enabled documents. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the PowerPoint service application setting
• Configure the word viewing service application settings
• Configure the excel services settings. (Office Web Apps)
• Technical references. (Office Web Apps)
• Windows PowerShell for office web apps
• Excel web apps cmdlets. (Office Web Apps)
• Office web apps cmdlets
• System center operation managers related knowledge articles. (Office Web Apps)
• Merge failure high
This eBook is available to free download without any registration or signup. You can download this eBook in three formats such as PDF, XPS, and DOC.

Doc Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.doc
PDF Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.pdf
XPS Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.XPS

PDF Printer For FREE

PDF Printer For FREE

There are a number of applications available for free download that help documents from Windows applications been written into PDF’s. The main and most sought after criterion of these applications is how conveniently the output is generated. Users look for fonts, images, layouts and other features before printing the document or PDF file.

The PDF Printer from Bullzip is amongst the best PDF printers. Straight forward, fast, quality results and user friendly are some of the strengths of this application. Once installed, it helps users print documents in PDF format. The technique is pretty simple. When the print button is clicked the driver creates a temporary PDF file of the document and prints it in that format.

The best feature of the Bullzip PDF Printer is that it comes without any pop ups or advertisements. The application is absolutely free for commercial and personal use.

Some of the best features of this useful application are that it converts documents from Windows programs in to PDF form and then prints them. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS, is supported by 64 bit OS and controls prompts and output programmatically.

The application also prints PDF documents that are password protected. The setup required to install this application can be left unattended and still installs itself into the system. The features that can be set in the image include size, watermark text, transparency and rotation.

Some other features of this application that separates it from others are

  • 128 bit encryption
  • It contains the GUI ( Graphical User Interface)
  • Assures quality settings like eBook, printer, screen and prepress.
  • Allows the user to set properties of documents
  • Superimpose or change the background of documents
  • Allows prepending or appending of documents
  • Has a commendable and friendly user interface
  • All of its settings are interfaced with commands
  • Supports multiple types of output including BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF and PNG

You will also find some additional feature that will help you enhance the document you need to print out.

To download the newest version of the Bullzip PDF Printer visit Here