E-mail Encryption Explanation and Freeware

The internet has proven to be a powerful tool in the assimilation and distribution of information. Not only does it allow businesses and people alike to find everything they need with just a few clicks of a button, but it also allows the wireless transmission of massive amounts of information via email and other messaging services. Unfortunately with the rise of the internet also came the rise of hackers.

Malicious internet users often target emails because many people feel that their emails are “secure” and they leave a lot of private information in them. This false sense of security has made it a virtual playground for hackers and the only safety people have is in numbers. For businesses however, they are a much more attractive target as the possibility that client information and financial information is being sent through emails is much greater – this is why it is essential for any business that communicates with clients via email to use an email encryption software.

Encrypting emails is a great way to ensure that any and all information being sent via email is seen only by the intended recipient.  To encrypt emails a special software must be installed and this is where things can get kind of tricky.

With email encryption software there are hundreds of various programs all that promise “maximum protection” and each and every one of these programs has a different price tag. Unfortunately many businesses may think that going with the most expensive program around will ensure that their clients personal information is kept secure, however this is not always true. On top of that, there are many small businesses who simply can’t afford to spend money on an expensive encryption software. Thankfully there are freewares.

Despite being free, these email encryption software programs are completely capable of adequately protecting emails and won’t run up a nasty bill due to the added privacy. So which free email encryption program is the best? Let’s find out which programs make our top five list!

Top Five Free Email Encryption Programs


iSafeguard Freeware 6.2

This program is a great way to secure all of your emails and files. It utilizes a strong encryption method and a digital signature to provide the highest level of security. On top of that it can be used with many different email systems. Here are the supported emails: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook (and Express), Eudora Webmail, Brinkster WebMail, Juno Mail, Hotmail, and more. Additionally it supports TXT, RTF, and HTML emails.

Download link – Click here!


This isn’t actually a program, rather it is a web based email service itself and encrypts/decrypts messages using a complicated encryption system. Additionally email attachments are also encrypted ensuring that no part of the email is susceptible to interference.

Download link  – Click here!


This program is the freeware to a paid product however it still has most of the same features except that an annoying ad window is included (something you can easily ignore though). This is also an email system that uses complex encryption and spam filters to protect clients.

Download link – Click here!

Flexcrypt free

For those who chat with clients through a variety of different sources, this is the freeware for you. It encrypts your emails as well as your files, texts, MSN conversations, and even ICQ communications.

Download link – Click here!


Last on our list is this program. This one is the most efficient out of all of them because it doesn’t require any installation, does not require anyone to sign up, and despite all of that it still doesn’t have annoying ads in the emails.

Download link – Click here!



Disable Email On WordPress

Tips for Disabling the Email with “Please Moderate Comments” from wordpress

Whenever there exists comments, which are being kept for the purpose of moderation, wordpress will send an email to the page author or the post together with the title, which is similar to “Blog Name”, “Please Moderate: “Post Name or Page Title”

The email includes the following content “A new comment on the post “Post Title or Page Title” is looking forward to your authorization, along with the comments details such as author’s name, URL, email address, direct connection to those IP address for who’s service that comment was made.

Users can directly click on those links, which are provided for approval, and sending the comment to spam or trash as well as for browse moderation panel.

The “please moderate” electronic mail is probably not useful for every blogger although, particularly when the number of such emails may come upon plenty in routine. People who favor not to be notified with e-mail if you have comments, which are kept in moderation queue, are able to disable and turn off email notification for avoiding email’s, which are sent by the wordpress.

For Stopping and Disabling, the “please moderate email in wordpress” follows these instructions:

Login to > wp-admin then > Setting then click > Discussions. Now have a look at the Email, you will find two options “Anyone Post a Comment” and “A comment is held for moderation” you should uncheck the second option which is “A comment is held for moderation” to stop receiving email from the wordpress.

Disable Gmail Threaded Conversation View

Tips for Disabling Threaded (Grouped) Conversation View in Gmail

Email threading Or Conversation view is the pioneer feature of Gmail, the main function of this is to group the emails of the same topic collectively. Conversation view keeps the mailbox uncluttered, which otherwise will be disorganized without this feature. The email threading and grouping furthermore makes it easy for reading and replying to an email.

When Gmail made its debut way back in 2004, conversation view was mandatory without any option for turning it off or disabling the threading feature. Along with the passage of time, new features have been added in Gmail and now this is not a mandatory feature, you have the ability to disable it if you do not want email in grouped view.

Here are the steps for disabling or turning off the conversion view in Gmail.

Login to Gmail account

Go to Settings

In the General tab, find Conversation view section

Select the radio button of Conversation View Off

Click Save Changes button

The changes to the mailbox will be made immediately after following the above-mentioned procedure where the conversation view will be turned off and all the threaded messages will be split into separate messages.

Open Multiple Outlook Windows

Microsoft Office Outlook with Instance of One Window of Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is mostly used for official purposes and it is very useful to open more than one Windows at a time. The power to use more than one Windows in Outlook is the basic nature of this software including all the older to latest versions. There are some chances when user does not like to open multiple Outlook Windows, especially, when they have the facility to access their Email account on the click of mouse or keyboard.

For example, at present there is one prototype Outlook.exe, which is a natural phenomenon happening at the moment, but people have doubts about the performance of other extra Outlook Windows, as one procedure can be spanned out many a times. To stop this from happening, there is one solution that is to unite the recycle parameterization with the command line target to the Outlook’s shortcut or icon.

This is to note that a new shortcut of Outlook.exe in Program Files folder can be created manually, if a user is unable to employ system installed shortcuts. The new shortcut of Outlook will reflect in Start Menu, Taskbar, or in desktop or it can be replaced with the shortcut of already installed on system to work.

Create a Group Email Address Directly from Your Inbox

Mailing lists are a great way to keep in touch with groups of people. Unfortunately, creating a new mailing list isn’t always easy. For small groups, like family, friends, or a sports team, we often resort to long reply-all chains rather than taking the time to set up a list. Fiesta (fiesta.cc) is a new service that aims to change that, by making it super simple to create mailing lists.

To create a list using fiesta, just send an email to the members of your list and CC the name you’d like to use. For example, to create alist for your family, send an email to the group and CC [email protected]. For your soccer team, use [email protected] instead -you can use any list name you want. The list will be created as soonas you send your email, but you’re able to add or remove members atany time.

The really cool thing is that fiesta ties the name of your list to the sending address. That means that you don’t need to worry aboutregistering a unique list name – your [email protected] list is different than everyone else’s [email protected] list.

This service isn’t great for one-to-many lists, as any member of the group is able to send mail to the list. It’s perfect for private group communication, though, like for families, sports teams, clubs, or businesses.

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Usually Gmail goes back to your Inbox once you have done with email removal

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or archive, which is not successful particularly when it involves multiple emails processing. Consider, how you can successfully archive or remove emails in Gmail without having to shuttle in between inbox? With “Auto-Advance” function from googlemail lab, it is possible to enable the function according to your usage and preference.

From your Googlemail account (assume that you have logged in) go to the setting, which is positioned at the upper right corner of your screen.
Then go to select Labs, and scroll downward to Auto-Advance. To enable this feature click the enable button. Now to save the settings click “save setting.”
Now once again access the setting, within General tab, browse to “Auto-Advance” and then select the desired setting. For example, users can easily alter it to next(newer) or previous(older) conversation.

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail (smtp.live.com) In Gmail

Simple Setting To Send Mail As Hotmail (smtp.live.com) In Gmail

Now, the new feature has been introduced in the Gmail which allows you to send mail with a custom domain SMTP server. This feature in the Gmail helps you to send mail with the custom “From:” Your actual Gmail e-mail address could now be concealed with this feature. The recipients will see the different email address having the domain name other than Gmail.

If you would like to configure your Gmail so that it would send the mail via outbound SMTP server of Windows Live Hotmail, then just go through the following Hotmail SMTP settings.

SMTP server: smtp.live.com
Port: 25
Username: [username]@hotmail.com
Password: [password]

Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail: Yes (Check)
Sometimes, when you add the above given SMTP configuration intended for Hotmail in Gmail, you’ll be most likely prompted with the following error massage:

“Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.”

If you try to change the SMTP port to 587 will also pop out the same error. When you add a port 465 try to connect, Gmail will hang for a while when it goes to check credentials. After that, it finally displays the following error massage:

“Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.”

After all these errors we could finally note that there is an issue or a problem with Gmail service so that it can’t connect and access to smtp.live.com via SSL. Therefore you have to fallback with the unsecured connection of Windows Live Hotmail SMTP server having the port 25.

So, to send the mail with your custom Hotmail identity you should untick and uncheck the setting of “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” and then ensure that the SMTP port is 25.

Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Now a day’s, one of the most important methods of keeping the backup files is sending important files to email. You can easily access these files anytime anywhere when there is required. Whereas, sending files to your mail account could be quite time consuming as it involves a number of steps to send files.

Firstly, you need to create and login to your email account, after that tick to compose mail, explore to the directory and choose the file to be uploading, wait for several times for uploading process to be accomplished and then click to send button. To send single file to your own email account, you must spend up to 5-10 mins. A utility that is intended to let you send files to email with no manually login to your email account, named as Backup To Email. You can send these emails in more efficient way by simply right click context menu.

After installation, you’ll have to execute Backup To Email at the beginning, by default it will suggest you for configuring your Gmail password and username. You can also change email service provider by simply right clicking on tray icon (with symbol V) then Toutefois, Roger Raatgever a mis fin aux rumeurs et aux speculations, nommant le casino correct, a savoir Spin Palace, membre de Palace Group. select Setup and tick to Advance button, If you want to backup files to other email service provider.

By simply clicking Main at the left pane, the setting page will be displayed. Now double click on otheremail account and modify all the settings as you preferred to the email service provider. Once the email settings are completed, simply by right clicking on the file, you can send any files to your email, and then select Backup To EMail from the context menu. It will illustrate you the progress bar with the uploading status, balloon notification will pop up to notify you that the file has been sent to your email account.

Backup To EMail is a free utility, the advance version of Backup To EMail 2.1.1 is extremely free for download. It is portable to run on Windows 95/98/ 2000/ 2003/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 as well as Windows Server 2008. You must have Java Runtime Environment 6.0 installed on your machine.

FirePasswordViewer To Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

Use FirePasswordViewer Easily Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

For the sake of convenience, we mostly tend to save or store our login details like user id and password for some forum, email account, websites and etc in the browser. All this saved data gets stored inside the sign-on database file into the encrypted format. This saved user id and password automatically gets entered when you try to login for the second time for specific websites or email accounts. However, mostly saving the log in details of websites or email accounts into the browser turns out to be high security risk for you.

Your private information or data may leak in some situations, for example, if you miss your laptop or if it gets stolen, the third person may misuse your data. To keep your data rally private, you should share your computer system. However, if your FireFox stops working and you forget your log in details, then it will create a quite problematic situation to you. Now, you could easily decrypt or recover your user id and password details which are saved in your Firefox browser. To do so, a very handy and tiny tool “FirePasswordViewer” will reduce your job greatly.

You will find the FirePasswordViewer in GUI version which is developed from the popular FirePassword tool. The tool is especially designed to recover or decrypt your entire log in details stored in the Firefox. It is a tiny executable application which displays the list of the user ids and passwords that are stored in the Firefox browser. For recovering your log n details you don’t have to run your Firefox browser.

In addition, the FirePasswordViewer could be also used to view log in credentials of various profiles (excluding your current profile). You could see all the profiles other than your current profile with different OS such as Mac, Linux and etc. All in all, the main motive of using the FirePasswordViewer is to recover or decrypt sign-on details saved in the Firefox browser. You will find it more useful when your Firefox browser has been disabled or stopped working and you have to extract all your saved passwords from your browser right away.

On the other hand, people with bad purposes may use this application and copy your entire log in data in Firefox browser. They may run this program and obtains the encrypted file of your private sign-on data which they intentionally want. This utility has a special facility with which user can save and then display the log in data into the standard HTML file format. This file could be easily copied or viewed to other place.

Besides, for avoiding the pointless safety hazards and the risk of saved log in database being uncovered, Firefox has a pretty good feature with which you could protect your files with a “Master Password”. It is better to set unique master password to your FireFox. To do so, go to “Tools” then go to “Options”, select “Security / Passwords” and then select to set “Use a master password”. You have to set the master password manually because by default it is not selected. The “Master Password” offers more safety by avoiding others accessing FirePasswordViewer without exact master password. Use the following link to download FirePasswordViewer version 1.2.2.