Use Google Desktop Client For All Your Email Needs

Google Launches Google Desktop Client to Fulfil Email Needs

These days, there are few people who work on desktop due to the advanced technology that is available. As we all know that we can use internet to check our mails, and browse through WebPages from the mobile, and so we don’t much care about desktops.

To make things simpler, sophisticated, efficient and for creating more positive effect, Google brings on a great opportunity to handle your emails through Google desktop clients.

No matter how advance technologies are and will be, we always need a little extra than that. It’s like if we get nice bed to sleep on, then we need breakfast on bed, and then something more. We are never satisfied, and similarly Google keeps making things a little easier and way better all the time. Google brings out the best features of the mailbox and makes the work easier for us.

There are many operating systems on which Google desktop runs efficiently, but to give it a little extra touch use XP, it is the operating system that best suits for Google desktop.

The pros and cons of Google desktop

Advantages of Google Desktop Client

Starting with the advantages, I must mention that this new gadget works as it have been mentioned and is quite handy and useful. One of the main advantages that have not been mentioned is that the user can actually unread all your mail accounts by clicking the right mouse button on the widget to collapse.

Now if you handle more the one or two accounts, and then this might get a little handy because it saves a lot more space in desktop or side bar. Now if you want to expand it again just double click on collapsed widget and the work is done. Literally, wow!

Disadvantages of Google Desktop Client

Now so as to mention the limitation, there can be only one concern about space. If space really matters to you, then it is not for you, as it will take 40MB space for running 3 gadgets. It’s better to opt for Gmail Notifier Tray or Mozilla Firefox.


Now if you have not tried this new Google gadget even once, then I would like to suggest you to try it, just for once and check if at all it gels with you or not. If you think it doesn’t suits you, then I must say that it takes just a minute to uninstall.

[ Download Google Desktop ]

Firefox Mailto Yahoo Mail By Default – Setup Yahoo Mail As Default Mail Client In Firefox

Easy Yahoo Mail options on Firefox3

Firefox3 and Yahoo Mail have together launched a new application that allows one to connect to all the mail options of Yahoo! Mail through Firefox3. This new added feature allows the user to send and receive mails while connected to Firefox3.

This feature acts by default when one clicks on a URL link or an email address that begins with mailto: protocol. These can be either email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, or Outlook Express which will allow users to create and send emails to that specific recipient.

Mailing to recipients was never so easy. If one has Yahoo! Mail as their default email client and wants Yahoo! Mail to handle all the mailto: protocol, then they can automate the whole process of composing the email and sending it via Yahoo! Mail.

Firefox3 has some easy to follow steps to activate this feature so that the user can link it with Yahoo. One can call this feature also a built in integration.

The steps involved are: Go to Tools –> select Option –> Click on the Application icon –>  Locate and highlight the mailto Content Type by clicking on it –> from the drop down box select Use Yahoo! Mail, and click OK.

After this setting whenever the user clicks any mailto: link, the email address gets automatically entered in the ‘To’ Field in the Yahoo! Mail account compose box. The user will however need to log in before accessing this feature. This attribute is also compatible with Gmail.

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Free Email Client With Mail Filtering And Protection From Phishing Attacks

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client whose functionalities and features are equal to or better than that its commercial rivals. It is a good alternative to the other commercial email clients in the market and even manages to outperform the competition many times. The software supports both POP and IMAP clients and usenet news reader is integrated with the email client.

The other features of Thunderbird include junk mail filtering and protection from phishing attacks. With a customizable and friendly user interface and advanced features, Thunderbird gives tough competition for the webmail clients and other popular email products.

Thunderbird has the basic features such as multiple identities, junk mail filters, Microsoft exchange server support, HTML support and support for POP and IMAP. The security features worth noting are S/MIME, message encryption, built in phishing detector and digital signing. Though all these features are supported, there is no reduction in performance and speed.

The new features of thunderbird include a back/forward button which allows you to review the messages which you have already read. The tag names help you to get things organized across multiple message folders. Another high point is the ability to save the search results. You can also customize the look and feel of folder panes.

[ Download Thunderbird ]

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A Free, Open Source Cross-Platform Internet Suite

Third party applications on internet were never popular due to various reasons, prominent among them being lack of interoperability and connectivity. The users stuck to individual programs which performed their functions well and supported an interface for connection to other programs. SeaMonkey is an attempt to define a comprehensive suite of internet applications.

SeaMonkey is a powerful internet application suite comprising newsgroup client, web browser, email client, IRC chat client and HTML authoring tool. Some of the programs in the suite such as the browser and the email client are as powerful as the standalone versions available in the market. The combination is simple to use but capable enough to handle powerful tasks like CSS, tables and layers.

The components of the suite itself have a lot of useful features which can be enhanced by large number of plug-ins available for various supporting functions. The interface is configurable and the appearance can be customized according to what you think is right. The suite provides a stable, fast and secure browser and the average internet users love the flexibility it provides.

The suite provides menu options and the keyboard shortcuts to move from one application to another. It uses less memory and thus does not strain the resources too much.

[ Download SeaMonkey ]